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  1. I agree. That behaviour definitely seems… suboptimal, to say the least.
  2. Thanks! Good to hear it's all working well. @Hieroklicious That's a good muffin. Kinda buggy though!
  3. 2018-01-11: Did a routine upgrade of the forums. Everything went quickly and smoothly, without issue, both in the VM and here in production. "So this is what it's supposed to be like…" I also added cron job to the VM, so it should actually do its background processing tasks now. Set the default editor to Vim.
  4. Hi everyone, I've upgraded the forums to the latest version. It should be much smoother this time, but as always let us know if there's any issues! Thanks!
  5. Just randomly popping over to say thanks for doing all you do for us user-class mortals. Y'all sysadmins are the best. :muffins:

    1. DDR


      Oo! Just saw this now - Thanks, Duality! ^_^

  6. Maybe add attachment by clicking the "choose files…" link at the bottom of the editor might work. Yeah; same here. @Feld0 is working on it, but we're not sure what's causing the issue yet.
  7. ~some chaos later~ 2017-12-20: Well, the forums are upgraded. I started the day trying to get my dev environment to display the admin control panel. It had insisted that it was going to, come hell or high water or the three switches I flipped - force an https link. I didn't have https set up in the dev environment, so it didn't work. It turned out to be surprisingly simple though - I uncommented two lines in the Nginx config file, added an exception in Firefox, and the page loaded like a charm. And I was worried! @Feld0 renewed our ipBoard license, and a few addon licenses, and I upgraded all the things. This broke some of the things, as you may have read about. The core forum upgrade took about 40 minutes. Other than scaring our ops team when mlpf went down for the upgrade, things went quite smoothly. It took about 40 minutes total, and another 5-6 hours to deal with the aftermath. The forum had some glitches which were quite worrying to see, although I think I've patched things up fairly well now with some horrible, horrible CSS. I was assuming the upgrade would be quieter, so I actually ended up spending a lot of time telling people what was going on while it was still ongoing. One thing that did take us by surprise is that the new ip.board reaction system installed enabled. We had assumed we'd have to check a box somewhere to enable it when we were ready. Work on the reactions system, probably to replace the brohoof system with something more meaty, is ongoing. I figure that if no major bugs crop up, the next thing to look at are the character pages. This is a bit of a long shot, however, as it's currently broken and I don't understand at all how that part of the system works. But nonetheless, worth a look.
  8. Ah. Thank you. Yes, that makes sense. Honestly? Maybe. 😬 I'm not that familiar with the forum software yet, but we'll see what can be done. You raise some good points. Thank you. One solution to the frown reactions problem we were considering was to simply remove the negative reactions entirely. It is a blunt yet effective approach, don't you think? ----- Anyway, I'm going to have to get some rest now. Catch y'all later!
  9. Technical Issues Site looks weird

    I think I've fixed the worst of it. (In horrible, horrible ways.) Let me know if anything else is obviously broken, please. I'll fix it soon, but I *need* to sleep now.
  10. @Lektra Bolt I don't think I was around back then; I don't know the formatting style you're thinking of. If it's gone, I doubt it's coming back - we're largely at the whims of IP.Board for that sort of thing, and I haven't heard of news around that. Sorry. It can be, now that we're back on a proper update track. I don't know what character pages are - I'm kind of new here, and my predecessor didn't leave very many notes I've been able to find. @VengefulStrudel Nothing too big. Some minor bugs should be fixed. The reaction system is getting a pony theme, and will be back. (tbh we assumed it would be off by default, and it enabling itself sort of took us by surprise.)
  11. @Nature Tune Could up attach the video? I'll try it here. ----- Yay! I'm glad to hear it's working, because I had absolutely no idea how to fix that one.
  12. That is… troublesome. Very troublesome. That absolutely shouldn't be. What browser are you using? What field are you trying to paste things in to? ---------------- Also, just a heads-up, but I'm going to update all our addons now because updated things are nice and hopefully not broken.
  13. New site look December 2017

    Haha, yeah, I'm actually kind of digging the blue background myself. It makes everything more cheerful. We'll fix it back to where it was, if we decide like the colours we can put them back in right.
  14. Hey everyone, some early info on the forum upgrade. I thought it was going to be a lot quieter than it was. :P

    1. Snow


      Do you think it is possible to trim the sides of that white bar up the top so it is inline with everything else? looks wise I think that is the only major problem, not really a bug or anything I know, but it does look rather untidy.

  15. Hello, everyone! We've just upgraded the forums to the latest and greatest version of IP.Board. This update has fixed several security issues, which we wanted; it has also introduced some new features, which we didn't want. For example, our likes system seems to have been replaced with some sort of reaction system, which we don't want either. We also need to fix our theme now. We hope to get it all sorted out quickly. If you notice anything broken, please let us know below. Thank you!