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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. KEY EPISODES A CANTERLOT WEDDINGqueen chrysalis invades Canterlot in search of food for her subjectsTHE CRYSTALLINGchangeling flying towards crystal empire without a disguiseTHE SADDLE ROW REVIEWpinkie pie clone discovered in manehattan diner changeling-clone theory secret agent theory Theory CRYSTAL EMPIRE IS DISCUSSING CHANGELING FOREIGN POLICY, OR CHANGELING FOREIGN POLICY HAS ALREADY BEEN DISCUSSEDambient love emitted by crystal heart may be a reason changelings are pursuing better relations with the Crystal empireEQUESTRIA IS NEGOTIATING CHANGELING FOREIGN POLICY AND INTEGRATIONcelestia allows changelings into her secret agency in hopes of utilizing their abilities, offering vocations, and hopefully integrating them into equestrian society in the future attempting to prevent a second invasion Thoughts? Hybridization of headcanons is always fun.
  3. Wld fl vry wrd nd sd. How do you think Equestrian magic would work from a scientific standpoint?
  4. Are you in one? Yep. Been in a serious relationship for about a year and a half. Don't see it falling apart any time soon. Do you want one? Most definitely this one. Before now, I never really saw that much value in having a relationship, but now that I'm in one I want to keep it until I die. How do you feel around other couples? I feel fine around other couples. I've actually had a couple moments when I've been all "daww..." around them. Makes me look a little creepy, but what can I say, I should probably own a UPS truck by now. How many have you had? I've only had one relationship that has lasted more than a couple months, which is my current one, so that is the only serious one I've actually had. But in total, around 5 relationships, 3 of which were short lived and 4 of which I was not very invested in.
  5. Twilight Sparkle: Dark Night Glitter Butt Fluttershy: Tree Pinkie Pie: Ponker π Rarity: Diamond Horse Rainbow Dash: Sonic the Hedgehog Applejack: Applemaster
  6. My father found out when I was watching PONIES: The Anthology without any headphones, and he's caught me watching a couple episodes as well. He doesn't mind it. I told my mother (subtly) during a lengthy discussion at dinner one night. It was an interesting one afterwards. She's fine with me being a brony/pegasister and all.
  7. My biggest goal is to be happy and fulfilled. Another goal is to reformulate Einstein's field equations to extend to all scales and all force fields.
  8. Basically how I'd react. In utter shock and disbelief.
  9. Doesn't matter for me how long it goes on as long as they retain quality and finish everything they started.
  10. Warning. Questionable conversation topics.
  11. Yes I am in a relationship, and I intend to keep that relationship going. :3 As for how I feel around other couples, I don't really mind them. I've had 2 really serious relationships and 3 ones that didn't really last that long.
  12. Wow these are all great things. I have some faith in humanity again.
  13. Nah, we don't really need disease. Limited resources would put a cap on our population.
  14. I would do that too. I miss her a lot. Hmm, that's interesting! I mean the whole energy thing. Personally, if I had power over something like that I'd up the amount of nuclear power, considering its very productive and clean for the environment. The thing is though, the majority of the nuclear technology we have is 80 years old-ish so I'd probably invest in newer and safer nuclear technology.