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  1. A wild Carl Poppa appeared!

    1. Meemayfox


      I'ma get you!

  2. Why doesn't anything make sense? :/

  3. Shocked and apalled. I don't understand why stuff that doesn't affect others is such a big deal to them.
  4. I'm just here to get on everyone's nerves. In seriousness, I joined because I like the show and wanted to make more friends, so why not? So that's what I use it for, to meet and talk to new prople.
  5. @@SugarfootWillie I have always felt that there are some mysteries that science can still help us to understand that have yet to be fully explained. It's a bit silly to assume we have a firm comprehension about the way the whole world works, after all. So I wish you luck. I'd certainly be interested to hear what conclusions you reach.
  6. You're the 3rd or 4th other person on here (that I know of at least) who is from TN.

    1. Carl Poppa

      Carl Poppa

      Yeah there's not a large number of people in these parts who join sites like this.

  7. For me, as much as I love The Lion King, Mufasa's death doesn't get it. There are two scenes in animated movies that never fail to bring a tear to my eye: -Widow Tweed leaving Tod at the game preserve in The Fox and the Hound. -Andy giving up his toys at the end of Toy Story 3. This scene is emotional enough on its own, but before I ever saw the film my young cousin whom I had grown quite close to loved the first Toy Story movie. "You Got a Friend in Me" sort of became our song. Then at one point, my aunt decided to stop bringing him to our place due to disagreements with my sister and it really looked like we'd only rarely see him after that. I'd been helping take care of the kid daily for years, so that had a huge impact on me. My aunt did eventually bring him back and things returned to normal, but the relationship between Woody and Andy has always had a deeper significance to me for that reason, and so the end of TS3 has an even stronger effect than it normally would have, especially since I've helped to take care of this kid and know that one day he'll grow up and move on with his life.
  8. Extremely tired and frustrated. I was going to go to bed hours ago, but as usual, if I'm not being struck by insomnia, some crazy random happenstance has to keep me from my slumber. To say the least, waiting for my bedding to go through the dryer TWICE, because it wasn't dry the first time, does not make me a happy camper.
  9. Why do I always end up having to deal with the total weirdos? Oi.

    1. Scrubbed user

      Scrubbed user

      Because you're on the internet.

    2. Carl Poppa

      Carl Poppa

      Lol, I suppose you're right about that.

  10. @@Midnight Scribbler Actually, no, "atheistic" is the right term, thanks. Atheists in a broad sense have nothing against spirituality, and the definition of "atheist" is very simply, "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods." Agnostics believe that gods may or may not be real--I do not believe in any gods. By default, this makes me atheistic and not agnostic. I see no reason why others can't believe in a god or gods if that is right for them, but for me, the existence of a God or gods is not a comforting or good thing at all and I simply do not believe in their existence. I'm totally cool with those who believe in gods, but it's not for me, and that's all atheism is, is not believing in deities. Stereotypes can lead one to believe that it's a complete lack of spirituality, but that's not it at all. :3 Most forms of Wicca actually follow a Goddess, some a God, and some are very organized while others are looser and more up for interpretation. Atheistic Wicca isn't the most common subset, but it is existent beyond myself and I did not coin the term, actually. It's just followers of the mandate I mentioned who have some spiritual connection with the broad faith but do not believe in the Goddess or her counterpart. :3 I do believe in spirits and magick and in the ability of humans to consciously manipulate energy in an attempt to change things. I believe most of this is outward manifestation, as the world around us is influenced, directly and indirectly by what we do. Spirits may just be manifestations of things that exist in our minds--fears, hopes, sources of comfort, warnings, etc. I don't think they are necessarily ghosts or what have you. I also find that certain places, typically in nature but sometimes within civilization, have auras that are capable of bringing us great senses of inner peace and serenity, as well as places that can do the opposite. This doesn't really directly relate to theism or atheism and can exist alongside either in one belief set. @@TriMara I don't really meditate, no, though I probably should. As for what led me down this path, well, in honesty, my parents did. They taught me some of their Wiccan beliefs growing up, and while I don't necessarily agree with everything they taught me, they were always very open and accepting and fully encouraged my siblings and I to be our own people. For a little while I denied all spirituality, because, as I said, I don't believe in gods. I live in an area where just about any deviation from the norm is met with extreme resistance and people think that Wicca is the same as Satanism and they automatically assume that's evil. So I'd just make things simple by identifying myself as "atheist." A term that's not inaccurate, but that omits a part of it. It's not the only part of myself I denied, and during the biggest turmoil of my life, I found myself in a place where I needed to be honest with myself and with everyone; with that came embracing the spirituality I'd already had all along and exploring it further. With that came a greater understanding of why people turn to faiths I don't fully understand and a greater acceptance of different beliefs. I am very firmly against judging a person based on their religious/spiritual beliefs and in general believe that diversity is not only healthy, but necessary (perhaps in part because I've always been quite different from other people) and that all people should be respected equally unless they are not respectful, in which case, you should do your best not to waste your time or theirs interacting with them. I've kind of rambled, but I hope I answered your questions.
  11. I'm not super spiritual, nor do I spend much time seeking out the spiritual or researching existing faiths; I do this kind of thing occasionally, but I tend to believe that whatever spirituality a person has, whether it connects to a religion or not, is something that is found within. It's what you believe, and as such the preconceived notions about religion and spirituality held by most organized religions seem kind of... stifling to me. A lot of people are influenced without finding their own path and I find that to be quite sad. Not saying that those religions aren't the right path for certain people, just saying that each person's spirituality is as unique as that person. No two people worship/etc. in the same way. Personally, I am an atheistic wiccan. I do not believe in or follow any gods, though I do see the appeal of some of them, and instead I find spirituality in nature and magick. The magick in question is not spells or black magick in the way people usually think of it, though. It's more like there's a force that connects all life and flows around us. It is not sentient, but it is benevolent; however, it is also manipulated, directly or indirectly, by the actions of all that life, creating an ever-changing force that surrounds us. I've noticed that it's very easy to tell when a place has been positively or negatively affected by those who were there, and my family (myself included) have had encounters with things that seemed sentient that I assume to have been spirits; some of them benevolent, others downright evil. Whether these things were actually "real" or not is irrelevant, to me, as they all served some purpose to those who observed them or met with them. I also do the occasional tarot card reading (though they can only make educated guesses, as the future changes every time we turn down a different path) and firmly follow the one mandate "If it harm none, do as ye will." Dreams do seem to have significance for me oftentimes, though the afterlife is a bit of tricky area for me; I don't really believe in one at this time and never really have. I lean more towards reincarnation, but I'm not all that positive about it either. Then again, death being the absolute end doesn't really bother me too much, so it's not all that big of a deal to me to decide about that kind of thing. I'm sure as I grow older I'll have more definitive thoughts on the subject.
  12. Back in 2012 when I took a test I got a 125, if I remember right. It's probably lower now as my general brain functionality has deteriorated since then, but whatevs lol.
  13. I agree with the popular opinion that Mexicolt sounds better. It just rolls of the tongue easier for me and sounds less forced.
  14. Heroes always get remembered, but you know legends never die

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      The Mint Pone

      And if you don't know now you know

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      Le Bee will never die.


    3. Carl Poppa

      Carl Poppa

      *brohoofs Froggit*


      @Captain Squeels... Le Bee is legend so yes. Never die, Le Bee.

  15. Look alive, sunshine.