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  1. Happy birthday! :)

  2. KikiTwilight

    I'm new here!

    Welcome and enjoy your time here!
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    Finding your next best friend

    Name: Kristina Age: 23 (soon 24) Gender: Female Country: Serbia, Europe Likes: ponies, Disney, Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries, travelling, chaos, randomness Dislikes: people who take advantage of you, accord , crowded places (parties included), too much social interaction, running (any sort of physical activity that isn't random jumping around, thanks), people who dislike (and especially abuse) animals Hobbies: reading, watching anime/cartoons, drawing, playing with my cat, acting, listening to music, chatting with my friends, photography Other Info: I'm vegan, definitely more childish than I should be for my age, I'm a teacher's pet usually, somewhat nerdy and mostly just odd xD
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    Ask Kiki

    Not really, I prefer not having more contact with humans than necessary
  5. 2012, somewhat after 2nd season was over.
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    A to Z of A to Z Games

    A to Z of fictional characters
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    Ask Kiki

    I'm actually kind of glad you asked this because... yes and no. I usually say she is, but it's mostly out of sentimental reasons because I used to relate to her a lot when I started watching the show. In reality, while she's definitely in my top 5, it's hard for me to decide on one. I love her, but I also love Luna (probably even slightly more than Twi), Pinkie and Rainbow.
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    Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

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    Ask Kiki

    So, go ahead and ask me pretty much anything you want . I'll be glad to answer (mostly) all of your questions!
  10. Morals are an important part of the show. Actually, with Fame and Misfortune I think that's exactly what the creators were trying to tell us: "Fuck off with all the pointless complaining and focus on the lessons, that's what the show mainly is!" (just to make it clear, I don't agree the lessons are the only or even the most important aspect of the show). But they are an important part. Actually, most of the episodes have a good morale that's applicable in many real-life situations. Some of them are light hearted and fun, some are surprisingly dark (Luna's self-harm episode or Tanks for the Memories which is obviously planned to show how to deal with death), and that's one of the aspects I enjoy in the show. I actually even liked when they did the lesson in a more explicit form (letters to Celestia) because they were a nice way to summarize what happened in the episode and give a nice conclusion. And even if the letters were sometimes cheesy (I hear you, Spike), they were mostly heart-warming to hear. And they used to remind me of how much I appreciated having my friends in my life. The show makes you feel so far from the real life but still connected to it. And you can apply what you learned alongside those ponies you love so much. Geez, now I'm getting cheesy. That being said, I don't really agree with "let's talk to everyone" conclusion, nor do I think that was the show's intentent. Yes, Pinkie enjoys it, but she's pretty much the only one in the group. Twilight and Flutters are obvious introverts who don't like being bothered by anyone outside their inner clique, and even they sometimes point out that Pinkie might be over the top with the whole thing. Sure, be nice to people if possible, but "being friends" with everyone just doesn't work... for everyone.
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    Last thing you accidentally did to hurt yourself?

    I bit my toungue pretty hard yesterday while I was in restaurant with a friend. Luckily it didn't bleed but it still somewhat hurts. A few days ago I accidentally kicked a bed.
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    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "Don't do this to me while I'm drinking tea!"
  13. Despite wanting to say something really smart and touching here, I guess the simple reason is... It makes me feel good. Yeah. That's it. And believe me, that is a big thing. Since escaping into world that isn't that depressing and lonely as real one is something I always need. The world of colorful ponies that learn about friendship is a great way to do so. Apart from that, the story is incredibly well written (especially considering the target audicence; though honestly I have a feeling that later seasons are more "mature" than earlier ones), it's fun and almost each episode has a good life lesson (I still pretend Yakity-Sax didn't happen lol). Characters are well-developed, and even though they appear somewhat one-dimentional at first glance they really are not, and it's amazing to see how far they've come so far. The stories are often multi-layered and some of the topics they touched are actually really deep and even dark (Luna's self-harm for instance). Animation is nice too.
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    Favorite fan songs?

    [YT] [/YT]
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    FiM Short - Ail-icorn

    It was fun to watch and had an interesting premise. Actually, I think something similar to this would be fun to see in an actual episode. Twilight was adorable, and the random spells were hillarious. Side-effect... let's say - poor Spike.