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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'm not sure what to think of this two-parter, it's all over the place. I'm not sure it if I like it, love it, or am indifferent to it either. It had many moments where it made me chuckle, and I loved how Discord's trolled the mane 6, but with the best interest in his heart. And the speech he gave them is just heart-warming coming from a former villain. And yes, the whole "they normally do nothing" part is priceless. Because it's true. But as someone already mentioned, the pacing was... off. I expected it to be the case as soon as I saw the number of villains it had, but it was even weirder. I can't explain, it just felt off. So, I guess the other villains will work from behind in the future episodes? It's an interesting set-up for MLP which usually didn't have villains unless in specific episodes (usually two parters + that Crysallis one). PS Cozy Glow was just adorable. Not in her usual way, either xD
  3. Amethist gigled at the comment. "Yeah, I see. No worries, I'm barely any less clumsy than you are," she added, while awkwardly looking around the house. "Once, I spilled soda on my aunt, when she came visit. My mum was yelling on me for hours after that," she said, blushing, but she smiled. She hoped sharing that story would make her new acquaintance feel at least somewhat better. "You know, unicorns are supposed to be elegant and all that bullshit." "There's a job to be done here, ha?" she added, finally seeing how messy the place was. She nodded at the mention of a restaurant. "Yeah, I'm totally for it. Where is that restaurant? And it's not a... crowded place? If you know what I mean." She looked nervous while saying this.
  4. Amethist was quite nervous herself, but seeing Emerald tripping over a box made her chuckle a little. "Sorry," she said after that. "I shouldn't have laughed, that was rude. Are you hurt?" In reality, she was mostly amused because the clumsiness of the awkward pony she met reminded her of herself. "We might actually get along," she thought, not aloud. "I'm so tired from a journey. Are you for a cup of coffee?" she asked, assuming that's what would be polite to ask.
  5. Amethist Melody had also just arrived to Ponyville that day. It was early day of spring and she had just receieved a full-time job in Ponyville school. She was kind of nervous as she entered Ponyville for the first time, leaving the train. "This place looks way different than Canterlot does", she thought as she looked at the map trying to figure where the house she rented her stay was. She looked around, making sure she doesn't catch eye contact with anyone. The place seemed pleasant, but she was always unconfortable around new ponies. And most of the old ponies. She was unconfortable around ponies. That's why she decided to work with children, they are far better than their adult counterparts. She sighed while thinking about this. Lost in thought, she realized she came to the place she was staying in far quicker than she assumed she would. "Huh, this place is so small! Going from one part to the other in Canterlot would have taken ages!" She didn't realize she said it aloud so she screamed when she heard Emerald Leaf. "Oh... sorry... it's nice to meet you. My name is Amethist Melody," she said.
  6. Oky doky loky Here is mine: Name: Amethist Melody (just Amethist for anyone she doesn't utterly hate) Age: 21 Gender: Female Species: Unicorn Appearance: Pale blue unicorn with wavy mane that's mix of dark and pale purple. Her tail color matches her mane color and her eyes are pale green. Cutie mark: *still thinking about this, any ideas? * Personality: She's somewhat socially awkward and often has trouble expressing herself. She loves animals more than ponies and usually finds it easier to communicate with them. She adores those ponies she does manage to open up to, however, and can be quite chatty and outgoing with those she cares about. She's somewhat careless and forgetful and dreamy. She tends to say things before thinking which occesionally leads her to trouble, after which she often overthinks. She likes children, books and travelling. She hates parties. Backstory: She grew up in Canterlot and hated it there, because of all the glamour. She was an only child and grew up having everything she needed but deep down she was always lonely. Her best friend was her pet cat, Arthur, who died 2 years before this story. She had only one pony friend whom she truly trusted and she still hears from her sometimes though less and less. She never had emotional support from her parents and always hated them for pushing her towards being popular and having lots of friends, while all she wanted to do was read. She also has tons of relatives but ignores most of them. Prior to moving to Ponyville, she was working as a part-time teacher in Canterlot and liked it - so the idea of full-time job in calmer area seemed like a dream come true. She was a bit nervous about meeting new ponies though.
  7. Hello . So, to sum up the plot. Our characters move to Ponyville to start their jobs. Yours starts working at Sugarcube Corner (is he a regular employee or an apprentice btw?) and mine to be a teacher, alongside Cheerlie. They are roomies. What's next?
  8. I don't feel like it's just a dream per se, but I definitely see where you are cominng from. I mostly feel... odd. Not even conventionally sad, more like melancholic and solemn. Like I finally realize how much ponies mean to me. I've been waching the show since 2012 (!) and all along was able to look forward to the next season/episode as it was about to come out. It's been 7 years. It's not typical for me to stay obsessed with something for this long. I mean, it's pretty typical for me to BECOME obsessed with something, stay for some time and then drop it for quite some time. But it didn't happen with FiM. Of course, my level of obsession varied, and there were times when I was totally "ponies are awesome, you should watch them!" and times when I was just semi-quietly enjoying the show and even times when it slightly annoyed me but I was still drawn to it for so long. Seeing it come to end... I feel like I'm losing part of myself. I hope G5 justifies high expectations.
  9. What's Kiki?

    Also, you don't seem to post much and like to fly ride under the radar.

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  10. Happy birthday! :)

  11. Welcome and enjoy your time here!
  12. Name: Kristina Age: 23 (soon 24) Gender: Female Country: Serbia, Europe Likes: ponies, Disney, Harry Potter, The Princess Diaries, travelling, chaos, randomness Dislikes: people who take advantage of you, accord , crowded places (parties included), too much social interaction, running (any sort of physical activity that isn't random jumping around, thanks), people who dislike (and especially abuse) animals Hobbies: reading, watching anime/cartoons, drawing, playing with my cat, acting, listening to music, chatting with my friends, photography Other Info: I'm vegan, definitely more childish than I should be for my age, I'm a teacher's pet usually, somewhat nerdy and mostly just odd xD
  13. Not really, I prefer not having more contact with humans than necessary