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Blog Entries posted by Kronos the Revenant

  1. Kronos the Revenant
    Verse 1:
    I can’t help but to constantly feel
    This pain that you won’t allow me to heal
    My will to live diminishes every day
    From the mean spirited comments you always say
    Why do I feel as if I can never think?
    Why do I feel like I’m always clueless?
    My will to live will always shrink
    As long as you keep making me feel useless.
    Verse 2:
    I feel so alone, like no one understands me.
    I feel as if my mistakes and failures are all they see. 
    I no longer feel any fear or anger or any kind of emotion, whatsoever,
    Cuz my feelings have always been suppressed, always told I should never
    Put my feelings ahead of anything that they feel is important
    But what good will all of that be when you’re all ignorant?
    You only see my undoings, failures and mistakes
    That I never get the chance to show you that I have what it takes
    Verse 3:
    Why do you expect so much of me
    When I’m not even at the point of my life where you want me to be.
    Like I said, I’m slowly losing my will to
    Live as long as I have to always hear you
    Screaming and shouting vulgar things at me
    Just because things aren’t the way they’re supposed to be
  2. Kronos the Revenant
    Verse 1:
    My heart's been broken far too many times before
    I used to think romance was just an uphill war
    But then you came along and turned my world around
    I used to think I was always lost but now I feel found
    You seem so out of reach, you seem so exclusive
    I wanna reach out, but I get shy and reclusive
    Whenever I'm near you, I start to quiver
    My skin starts to shake, my bones and muscles shiver
    But when you're near me, my brain begins to thrive
    Whenever you smile at me, I start to feel alive
    Verse 2:
    I've never been much of a romantic guy
    But I wanna be the one who catches your eye
    Whenever I lay my eyes on you, my mind gets so hazy
    I can't stop thinking about you, I think I'm going crazy
    Verse 3:
    Now I can't seem to find the right words to say
    To tell you how much you've lead my heart astray
    But every time I see you make that special smile
    I makes me feel warm all over and makes my efforts worth all the while
  3. Kronos the Revenant
    All My Fault, by Xavier "Prince KXK" Limos
    (Verse 1)
    I never asked to be right here
    My directions never seem so clear
    You look at me and things seem fine
    But inside my heart, I feel like I wanna die all the time
    Mother, I know you wanted what's best for me
    Brother, I'm sorry I'm not what I'm supposed to be
    My face makes me look like an emotional vault
    But I still feel like this whole thing is all my fault
    (Verse 2)
    Mother, I wish I had your perception
    I guess that was lost during my conception
    Speaking of which, I still think my father's a deadbeat
    For leaving all of us to follow some new meat
    (Verse 3)
    Brother, I'm sorry for not living up to your expectations
    I'm not crying for help, just stating my revelations
    I know I'm a huge screw-up and a behavioral jest
    But I hope you know I'm doing my best
    (Verse 4)
    Dad, you left us all a huge cross to bear
    When you left us literally out of nowhere
    Oh, you weren't happy? I'm so sorry.
    Every time any of you guys get mad, it all seems because of me
    What did I do wrong to deserve this cross to bear?
    Was I too much to handle, too much for you to care?
    I know I have issues with making friends and talking to others,
    But at least I try to state how I feel to my aunts, my uncles, even my grandmothers.
    Was I really that big of a burden to you,
    when you saw that all my behaviors I learned all from you?
    You're so blind to see how you're tearing us apart
    Because all you seek is the fulfillment of your own selfish heart.
    Mother is at the verge of flogging herself to the point of death
    My little brother is angry at all of us, he's such an emotional mess.
    And me? What would you care about how I live, I ought
    To be the one who knows that it's all your fault!!!