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  1. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Okay! So I think I got the last spot I needed filled. But... I haven't maxed out the room to 3 guests, I have 2 at the moment. So, it is possible to negotiate one more, if someone really needs a spot in a pinch. Thank you, ponies.
  2. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Hay ponies. So I just had one pony confirm they will be returning, so I'm looking for one more. If the first post with the description looks appealing, let me know.
  3. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    I only think as time gets closer, more will be relieved. Though it is getting pretty close. I would believe there will be more guests of honor. I think BABS was mentioning at their last Yay and Neigh they were aiming for a higher number. Personally, I would really love Cathy to be there. By the way, ponies, I am still looking for at least one more spot.
  4. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Yay! Thank you Deer Admin, Sir!
  5. An old thread I started that is still active for me and I'm still using, was moved to the wrong convention and only just now noticed.
  6. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Hay! That's wonderful so far! I'm still a go too. That makes 2 total. I have 2 others that are undecided, so I just need one more definite yes (if my top post looks good to them) and I would be okay with at least 3.
  7. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Hay... Heh. I was expecting the old posts to be cleared by now, but I'm still here and still feel free to leeme know if anypony is interested in planning early. Everything is still good on my side.
  8. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    I have a reservation booked, for 4 nights; check-in May 29th and check-out on April 2nd. Anyone else that would like to stay 4 nights, let me know. One spot is already taken, but still have two more spots open.
  9. 2018 BABSCon: Spots full

    Hay everypony! So right at the end of 2017 years BABS, I've already made reservations at the Hyatt for 2018 BABSCon. I have at least one person that will be returning with me. I am still looking for one more spot with someone that would be interested staying for four nights. The reservation is for check-in on the day before the event (March 29th) and check-out on the day after the event (April 2nd), by noon. This will be my third year and so far the room share situation has worked out well. Ideally I add 2 extra guests, which seems to work best and not over crowded. The maximum is 3 guests, making 4 total. So I will take who ever is interested and sounds like a good fit for what I'm looking for. So with a full room, it's really important for me to find people that are clean, quiet and respectful of other people's property and would be looking for the same as well. I wouldn't want any drinking, parties, smoking, or things of the sort. I'd prefer just to keep the room for the people on the reservation. If there are some other needs, let me know. Sleep is also important to me, I like to get to bed early, ideally 11-12 and get up around 7-8am and would be ideal to have roomies that like sleeping around the same hours. I should also mention when I first check in the room, though the rooms have been cleaned, I still wipe down surfaces with a sanitizer, to keep from catching bugs and has worked out pretty good so far from preventing con crud. So sharing with persons that could appreciate that and also wouldn't mind helping do their part would also be appreciated. Thanks everypony.
  10. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    Hay ponies, just to let you know I'm still here and any ponies looking for last minute spots, I still have one, but check out my first post on this thread to make sure that this room sounds good to you and another thing to consider is I will be having one roommate that will be sleeping during day hours, so noise needs to be kept at a minimum.
  11. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    Sorry for the late reply. I do still have one spot, are you still needing one?
  12. Looking for a room from 14-16

    I sent a message as well and my reservation would cover the days you're looking for and with one more spot open.
  13. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    Awesome! Well if the description for the room sounds okay, sure, I could get you a spot.
  14. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    Okay, see you there, ZeBronyCaptain! Hay ponies, I had one space on hold, but I now have one spot open!
  15. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    That one spot is still available if you want it.