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  1. Merry Christmas man ;)

  2. I want to direct short online animated shorts for youtuber problem is i dont have an animater sure i have a voice actor but thats it. If you would like to make anmations for my youtube channel pm me.
  3. Feel like i wasted most of my day

    1. Nuke87654


      Even so, there will surely be better days for ya.

  4. I feel SUPER thanks for asking! (guess the movie that quote came from)
  5. Post rainbow dash but must cute too Like this for example. Cute isn't it?
  6. Sure you can, nothing wrong with that infact ill probally accept you.
  7. I feel great dude. Pretty great, yeah. Good day today.
  8. All you have to do is send me a video of you doing the following things 1. Say what made you a brony. 2. Say why you love the show. 3. Say your favorite pony and yes it can be Derpy. 4. Show your love for the fandom. 5 And finally say your name. (or fake name) Send a video of you doing the following things to and collab of the videos will be posted at Please submit and ill message you if ya got in.