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    Having to do a hard reboot of my entire life- past present and future- I'm not entirely sure where my interests lie anymore. I'm educated as a historian, I'm a real life cyborg, and I'm trying to save my house and save up for a motorcycle. That's pretty much my whole shtick, I guess...

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  1. SUPER CUTE! I love the expression on Dashie's face. Priceless.
  2. PONIES. IN. SOCKIES. Heart. All the heart. Heart heart heart.
  3. Whenever you start feeling down, just remember that the atoms that make up your entire body are so statistically insignificant in the grand scheme of things that it won't matter at all if you eat the whole cake. It won't stop the heat death of the universe. Just watch out for lime green busts of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  4. I didn't realize that it was YOUR job to decide what other people can or cannot consider racist.
  5. *applauds* Well said! And admittedly much less acerbic than what I said. I guess I don't get why anybody CARES if someone else thinks it's racist. *shrug*
  6. LOL, sorry. Are you SURE it's a regular pony? If it were a tiny pony it'd be SO ADORABLE ZOMG
  7. Oh for Buck's sake. Y'all were SO FLUMMOXED trying to figure out how it could possibly be racist. The Colonial narrative, where the Noble Whitey swoops in to save the day because the resident darkies just can't figure it out is one example. Just ONE possible interpretation that a person may feel denigrates them. Now, since I personally liked the ep just fine, harping at me about how "but the majority was failing too" and "so saying the act of needing help is racist" and all that other whining petulant apologist shit... well look at that, some of y'all found the interpretation I posted offensive. Huh. Interesting. Couldn't POSSIBLY be the point I was driving at about dictating what other people are allowed to dislike or be offended by. Nope.
  8. So your main criticism here is that I didn't factor in ANOTHER constant that would have made the figure you provided even MORE flagrantly incorrect? Really? And you harp at me for assuming unit values when YOU YOURSELF set 2m as a value AND 13lbs of weight as a value? Using the formula for a sphere changes very little, for one (since strawberries aren't spherical and I was nice enough to explain the pyramid to cube ratio, and even gave the figure for it using the arbitrary values YOU GAVE). But you know what? I'm such a goddamn sport, I'm going to do it ANYWAY. Volume of a sphere is V = (4/3)πr3. So, if 2m is the diameter (or 2r, putting r=1), we get: volume=4.19m3. Water has a density of 1000kg/m3, so we plug that in, and: a sphere with a radius of 1m would have a mass of: 4,190kg. Or, 9,237 lbs. Now, for YOUR math to be correct, that 13lb (or 6kg) strawberry, with a volume of 4.19m3, would have a density of: 1.4319809069212 kg/m3. Which is about a THOUSAND TIMES less dense than water (1000kg/m3), and only slightly more dense than air (about 1.225 kg/m3, depending on elevation and temperature), which means YOUR strawberry would be an actual balloon, but wouldn't float in air. YOU YOURSELF said it "weighed" 13lbs, so harping at me about mass vs weight is ridiculous, for two. And you mixed up units in imperial and metric and length and volume and mass and weight, for three. Not to mention, your claim includes ZERO formulas or sources. I provided formulas, links to verify said formulas, and the stated values in question. Now, I did use simplified ranges, since the difference between water's density (which, being the base measurement for ALL SORTS of metric unit standards) and the posted density of a strawberry (hey, look, a source I PROVIDED) is negligible. And crunching 25cm is much, MUCH easier than trying to find an average value for a strawberry length (since YOU, YOURSELF, IN YOUR POST used length, not volume). I didn't feel like rushing to the store and buying a pack of strawberries so I could measure them, then trying to determine if I should use mean, median, or mode average figures, THEN measuring mass and volume with a kitchen scale and a measuring cup. Math is easier. Want me to walk you through the calculations again? Want me to explain the square cube rule again? Because regardless of what "perfect shape" you use, there's NO FREAKING WAY 2m in any direction of mostly liquid water in any shape of container weighs (oh wait, has a MASS OF) 13lbs. Shall we really go into the difference between mass and weight, even though on Earth's surface under standard gravity the difference is basically semantics? I'll do it. I will pump so many goddamn numbers into this thread about a tiny horsie pushing a strawberry it'll look like a fucking Physics proof. For the record- it's OK to say "I was wrong" and leave it at that. It's a life skill. Getting snarky is only gonna bring more snark. Oh, and OP? Love it. I can't decide if it's cuter as a tiny horsie pushing a regular strawberry, or a regular horsie pushing a GINORMOUS strawberry. Which did you have in mind?
  9. Not sure if teeny pony, or GIGANT0R strawberry. Both are good. Sorry, your math is off. Square-Cube law (or allometric scaling, to be specific). For example- let's say we have a cube where each side is 1 inch, and it has a volume of 1 cubic inch and weighs 1 lb. So it's density is 1lb/cubic inch. Now, let's scale it up to each side being 2 inches. It's not just twice as big. It's volume is now 8 cubic inches, and to keep the same density it's mass MUST be 8 lbs (m/v=d). Okay, let's go a little further. Each side is, say, 12 inches. Volume is now 1728 cubic inches, and that means it's mass is 1728 lbs. So it's not 12 times bigger, even though each side is. Now for our hypothetical 2 meter tall strawberry... This neat website ( lets you search food items and pulls up their volume, density, and mass. That's helpful for number crunching. :-D So let's use nice, easy set of numbers. A good strawberry would be between 1-2 inches long or so, or 16-32 cm. Let's just say, 25cm. That's about right. So a strawberry 2m tall, would be 80 times taller than our original. So it's volume would be about 512,000cm3 (or 803)- which, being almost all water, would give it a density roughly the same as water (1g/cm3), so 512,000 grams. Which is the same as 512kg, or just over 1,128lbs. That's the actual mass of our 2m strawberry. What about our 13lb strawberry, you ask? LEt's find out! :-D For something 2m (6.5ft) tall to have a mass of 13lbs (or about 6kg), we'd need to know it's volume or it's density to finish number crunching. This handy site ( lets you plug in any two values (mass, volume, density) to calculate the third- to make things easier, we'll just pretend our 2m strawberry is a 2m cube of berry goodness (so total volume is 8m 3). Plugging in the values, we get- 0.75kg/m3 which in g/cm3 converts to 0.00075g/cm3. Water is 1g/cm3. Room temperature air at sea level is 0.001225 g/cm3. Which means, the 2m tall strawberry weighing 13lbs is about 1.63 times LESS DENSE than air. Now, a strawberry isn't a perfect cube of course. It's more like a pyramid kind of thing. Using "perfect geometric shapes" numbers, a pyramid with a square base has the same volume as 1/3 of a cube where each side is the same as the pyramid base. That would put our "hypothetical strawberry" at a density of 0.00225g/cm3. Which, while denser than air, is still 444ish times less dense than water (which is about what a strawberry's density is). So, whatever that 2m tall, 13lb object is- it's not a strawberry. It could possibly be a strawberry balloon that is too dense to float, maybe. :-P
  10. Dogs love everyone, especially the ones nice to them. "crush" isn't really a good term for it.
  11. Very true. I am a huge animation nerd to begin with, and I encountered it days after I was (briefly) killed, so I totally get it. Only if you believe the false narrative. The reality is, we're doing pretty awesome. And not just "we" as in the US, the whole human species is actually doing pretty amazingly well, when taken as a whole. Not unless you live in Syria, Yemen, Moldavia, or sub-saharan Africa. Sadly this is true- though now China is starting to get onboard with the whole "let's not all die" thing. What country are YOU talking about? Because in most westernized democracies, job growth is actually pretty strong- and in the States, the last few months have been RECORD-BREAKING in terms of employment growth. There is also tremendous good and positivity and optimism and hope. You just have to know where to look. I'd say part of the appeal is just how close to reality it brushes. An episode about literally not judging a book by its cover, where a character is ostracized and treated like a pariah and outcast who just HAPPENS to be of a species from AFRICA? That's not addressing racism, not at all. Episodes with pre-adolescent characters trying to figure out what they are meant to be? That doesn't remind you of puberty? The characters have disparate personalities and hopes and fears, and they confront them and adapt and grow as the show progresses. That's pretty awesome, and that's what people go through as they age into adulthood, too. I'd say it offers a different perspective on the sort of interpersonal struggles we all eventually face- though with colorful cartoon horsies that sing and dance and do magic. :-D Well sure, but that's true of anything. Some people get really into something and forget about everything else, just sort of how people work. :-P
  12. "It's a few days away still. I certainly hope it is entertaining and informative, that is the goal. I'll add you to the email list if you are interested. Every student has a university email address for official purposes, that's where all correspondence is sent," Kerrigan said politely. "Now then, my office hours begin in a few minutes. I will see you in class. And Tyra? Don't be afraid to speak up," Kerrigan said. *** Kimi had enjoyed breakfast with Blitz, though he seemed the more quiet sort. Her classes had gone fairly smoothly, no surprises thus far. She made her way across campus, trying to decide what to do with a chunk of free time in the middle of her day. She had not, however, expected to see a Tiger student. The campus diversity program was clearly working exceptionally well. "Wow, for once I'm not the tallest person on campus," Kimi said, smiling. "Name's Kimi Matozi. What's your handle?"
  13. That's what I said.... I don't know how there is supposed to be an RP if ALL WE ARE DOING IS SEARCHING OUT USERS TO BATTLE. I don't feel much like repeating myself. Have fun y'all.
  14. I like Pokemon, but I'm not sure how this would be an RP if we are just searching out users and battling them.