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    I am NOT socially awkward. It's Socially that's awkward to ME.
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    Having to do a hard reboot of my entire life- past present and future- I'm not entirely sure where my interests lie anymore. I'm educated as a historian, I'm a real life cyborg, and I'm trying to save my house and save up for a motorcycle. That's pretty much my whole shtick, I guess...
  1. SUPER CUTE! I love the expression on Dashie's face. Priceless.
  2. PONIES. IN. SOCKIES. Heart. All the heart. Heart heart heart.
  3. Whenever you start feeling down, just remember that the atoms that make up your entire body are so statistically insignificant in the grand scheme of things that it won't matter at all if you eat the whole cake. It won't stop the heat death of the universe. Just watch out for lime green busts of Napoleon Bonaparte.
  4. I didn't realize that it was YOUR job to decide what other people can or cannot consider racist.
  5. *applauds* Well said! And admittedly much less acerbic than what I said. I guess I don't get why anybody CARES if someone else thinks it's racist. *shrug*
  6. LOL, sorry. Are you SURE it's a regular pony? If it were a tiny pony it'd be SO ADORABLE ZOMG
  7. Oh for Buck's sake. Y'all were SO FLUMMOXED trying to figure out how it could possibly be racist. The Colonial narrative, where the Noble Whitey swoops in to save the day because the resident darkies just can't figure it out is one example. Just ONE possible interpretation that a person may feel denigrates them. Now, since I personally liked the ep just fine, harping at me about how "but the majority was failing too" and "so saying the act of needing help is racist" and all that other whining petulant apologist shit... well look at that, some of y'all found the interpretation I posted
  8. So your main criticism here is that I didn't factor in ANOTHER constant that would have made the figure you provided even MORE flagrantly incorrect? Really? And you harp at me for assuming unit values when YOU YOURSELF set 2m as a value AND 13lbs of weight as a value? Using the formula for a sphere changes very little, for one (since strawberries aren't spherical and I was nice enough to explain the pyramid to cube ratio, and even gave the figure for it using the arbitrary values YOU GAVE). But you know what? I'm such a goddamn sport, I'm going to do it ANYWAY. Volume of a sphere is V = (4
  9. Not sure if teeny pony, or GIGANT0R strawberry. Both are good. Sorry, your math is off. Square-Cube law (or allometric scaling, to be specific). For example- let's say we have a cube where each side is 1 inch, and it has a volume of 1 cubic inch and weighs 1 lb. So it's density is 1lb/cubic inch. Now, let's scale it up to each side being 2 inches. It's not just twice as big. It's volume is now 8 cubic inches, and to keep the same density it's mass MUST be 8 lbs (m/v=d). Okay, let's go a little further. Each side is, say, 12 inches. Volume is now 1728 cubic inches, and t
  10. Dogs love everyone, especially the ones nice to them. "crush" isn't really a good term for it.
  11. Very true. I am a huge animation nerd to begin with, and I encountered it days after I was (briefly) killed, so I totally get it. Only if you believe the false narrative. The reality is, we're doing pretty awesome. And not just "we" as in the US, the whole human species is actually doing pretty amazingly well, when taken as a whole. Not unless you live in Syria, Yemen, Moldavia, or sub-saharan Africa. Sadly this is true- though now China is starting to get onboard with the whole "let's not all die" thing. What country are YOU talking about? Because in most wes
  12. "It's a few days away still. I certainly hope it is entertaining and informative, that is the goal. I'll add you to the email list if you are interested. Every student has a university email address for official purposes, that's where all correspondence is sent," Kerrigan said politely. "Now then, my office hours begin in a few minutes. I will see you in class. And Tyra? Don't be afraid to speak up," Kerrigan said. *** Kimi had enjoyed breakfast with Blitz, though he seemed the more quiet sort. Her classes had gone fairly smoothly, no surprises thus far. She made her way acr
  13. That's what I said.... I don't know how there is supposed to be an RP if ALL WE ARE DOING IS SEARCHING OUT USERS TO BATTLE. I don't feel much like repeating myself. Have fun y'all.
  14. I like Pokemon, but I'm not sure how this would be an RP if we are just searching out users and battling them.
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