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  1. Well Bronies and Pegasisters, apologies for my absence. I have had technology problems and only now have I been able to log on to poniverse. I am so amazed at all the stories shared here. I think it shows what a varied community we are. I think it also shows that many of us are slight misfits and perhaps find answers in mlp that we can't find so easily elsewhere. Today my mother has revealed she no longer wants dogs but a pet bird. None of us have the energy to fight this part of her bipolar and when she finds the bird noises and care troublesome in a few weeks time I'll probably have to deal with it. But hey ho, its less work than dogs! Keep venting and keep sharing! Its cathartic. Genuine help is here in this community. If anyone needs to talk, so many of us are available
  2. Hi OP here. Have been away for a while. Sorry. Had a relevant day today. Mother gushing all over me this morning. Just now slapped me hard around the face for something completely insignificant. Really hurts. But I'm more concerned she's slipping into another depressed state again. Fun.
  3. Wow I will just quickly say this thread is amazing with all your comments!!! I will reply properly asap!! Incredible
  4. My family is a thing I love. I'll declare that now. I don't see my extended family, cousins and all that, so when I talk about family I mean those I am immediately related to. Quite often though, they drive me nuts. I'm 22 but I have a 9 year old brother. He drives me nuts sometimes because he is 9. I live at home with my parents. I love them but they drive me nuts sometimes. My dad can be a bit on the strict side even though I'm 22. This gets me mad on occasion. Right now though, its my mum who is driving me nuts. She has suffered for most of her life with manic depression/bipolar disorder. She takes medication but it doesn't stop all of her episodes. It can get difficult for us as a family when when is in one of her extremes. They would be a lot worse if she wasn't medicated but even so we all have to be at the whims of her emotions. I love her very much and understand it is something which is part of her which she struggles with every day. She often can't remember whole patches of time in her life when she was either manic or depressed. We all remember them and it is especially confusing for my little brother who doesn't understand why mum is in a foul mood one day and buying him loads of presents on amazon the next day. Today really got to me as for the longest time she's been back and forth about getting dogs. We've already got 4 cats and I'm the only one home all day as I work from home. Who will get lumped with all the dog care? I really feel petteed out. I love animals very much but I don't feel its being kind to many of them to squish them together in a small house, especially as our cat group is established. Tonight my mum declared the same. She couldn't devote her time to dogs. Theres no room for them. I'd be having to do all their care. The cats would be stressed... And so on. Next week this will probably reverse, as it was reversed last week... And that's what drives me nuts. Long rant over. I'm just being honest as an opener for everyone else. We've all got things that get us riled about our loved ones... This is a space to vent!!!
  5. Depends which search function you're talking about. On YouTube and Google they are fully on but things creep through :-( Me neither!!
  6. Wow you have a good memory. Years since I saw that. Bit before my time ????
  7. Yes I find filters very ineffective!! You enjoy the nsfw stuff? Guess I can't discuss here though :-o
  8. Hi there I'm sorry, I don't know who Megan is?? I agree that the show over run by humans would have a negative effect. Just wondered if they exist as a species. Zootopia/Zootropica looks fun!!!
  9. Yes it was on NSFW as a subject and how kids can stumble upon it. I've since been contacted by a mod and informed of the clop area after 40 posts. I'm so glad that content is kept out. DeviantART is full of it.
  10. Have just thoroughly enjoyed watching two EPs. One with Tank trying to hibernate against Rainbow's wishes. The other with the Griffins in their run down land... Lovely :-)
  11. Watching MLP :-)

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  12. Thought I was going odd. Pity, as I think it was a good topic!
  13. Do you think we'll ever see a human in the Pony realm? Do the ponies recall travelling to become Equestria Girls? I haven't seen those so can't comment. Many other animals appear in their world so perhaps humans will crop up... Thoughts? :-D
  14. I'm relieved I didn't receive a warning. I had not intended harm so perhaps the mods realised. Anyone else had threads removed? :-D