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  1. I'm going to leave the MLP Forms for a while...

  2. I don't want to say something in case I say something and I don't want to do something in case I do something...

  3. How do you say something without becoming a complete idiot?

    1. SaraEH


      Just say it?

  4. Achievement Acquired! Make a Fool of Yourself: +5

  5. Within the past weeks, Scott has released a teaser for his latest project, which turns out to be another FNAF game, but different. What do you think this game is going to be about? For me, I believe that it's going to take place in another restaurant, but that's as far as I've gotten.
  6. Dubstep... Nuff said. If you are a really big fan of electronic music, then you should know Monstercat. That is something I'll listen to till the day I die.
  7. Ratchet and Clank has been one of my favorite game series since I was no more than 6. I've always enjoyed the destruction the games brought and loved the many weapons it had to offer. The movie is something I'm looking forward to see, if it be in theaters or on DVD. I just can't wait! My only wish is that when they release the remake of Ratchet and Clank, they would have it for the PS3 as well.
  8. My head is hurting... My body is tried... And I'm still smiling!

    1. SaraEH


      Happy to hear you are smiling ..

      My head hurts too!

    2. RavenTheGhost


      I'm sorry that your head is hurting as well... Hope you'll feel better soon! ;)

  9. RavenTheGhost

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    Did you lose your O's? You can some of mine if you did.
  10. RavenTheGhost

    Ponyart by SaraEH

    I love the first one of the new set. The detail in the frame and the smudges make it look really cool.
  11. Becoming Pixelated

  12. Freaking awesome! I love it and I want one!
  13. RavenTheGhost

    New Styles

    I've been working on transforming my art into digital. Does it work? Or is it bad?
  14. That is really cool Hope you keep it up!
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