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  1. "Tangled: 50 (I deliberately try to limit that one to keep it fresh)"


    *Rapunzel waiting for 51*

    giphy.gif :P

  2. Because of the effects of COVID-19 and an uncooperative Governor preventing Disney and other Californian theme parks from reopening, I've been laid off from the Disney company before I even had a single full weekend shift. 

    But someday I will return to Disneyland, if not as a Cast Member, then at least as a Guest

    1. Cistbiscuit


      Disney's going to sue the gov and threaten to move the studio to Florida. That ought to wake someone up. 

      It sucks and I'm sorry about that terrible turn of events. Trust me, you'll get back there as a CM. One way or another you'll get your chance. 

      We'll all get back there eventually. 

    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Had I known that this COVID-19 was going to affect my dream job, I would have hoped that Disney didn't first contact me in the first place a year ago until long after the pandemic was safely over but thank you

  3. I see lots of cars passing by. I live in a gated apartment building so there's some barrier between me and any outside view, but I live on the second floor so I can still see enough of it. I used to see the fireworks at Disneyland from my front landing, but not for a while now unfortunately. It's not exactly on my street but just hang a left and you're pretty close.
  4. 100% true! If this movie doesn't twist your emotions into knots, nothing ever will! The first time I watched it I was writhing in agony (the good kind of agony!) And it keeps messing with you right up the last shot of the movie! I also have to say Grave of the Fireflies is pretty brutal, and not in a good way. That one just doesn't play fair at all. And then there's this classic moment. And who could deny it?
  5. I don’t really know one from another, but since there’s a sticker on my laptop that says Windows 7, I naturally put my keen skills of deduction to the task and determined that to be what I’m running on. I’m such a freakin’ tech genius.
  6. ‘Smile’ by Charlie Chaplin, or ‘I See the Light’ from Tangled. My two all-time favorites.
  7. I’ve seen the original Star Wars trilogy 400 times each, give or take. Most if this was when I was younger and watched them every single day; and sometimes more than once a day. Now I only watch them a 5 or 6 times a year, so I can keep the experience fresh. The prequel trilogy has maybe 100 views each so far. The Indiana Jones movies I’ve seen somewhere in the 200 area for the first three, and probably 30 or so for the last one. Aside from these most basic staples, here are a few faves (with approximate numbers): Beauty and the Beast (animated): over 150, Tangled: 50 (I deliberately try to limit that one to keep it fresh), Your Name: around 20, The Incredibles: 50, Far And Away: 25 Honorable mentions go to all the Disney animated movies, Barbie movies and Christmas specials, all of which rank in the dozens each. I watch a LOT of movies and have spent a good chunk of my life staring at a screen, so yeah, they add up. Some people play videogames, I watch movies. What can I tell ya?
  8. The prices will be going up because of the holiday shopping season, but if you wait till the new year you can probably pick one up for a decent price. (go with 'Like New' or 'Open Box' and you'll save some $$$)
  9. I’d go with Twilight without question. The others are okay but I’ve never been among their biggest fans. Sunset and Starlight were more interesting as villains to me.
  10. There’s more to life than mere wiping materials! In a pinch, one can improvise. I mean, even humans managed to survive and even thrive for centuries before TP made it into mainstream use. So, that being considered I’d stay in Equestria even if it meant growing my own little garden of these guys: Mullein plants (aka cowboy toilet paper) are very soft and grow in almost any conditions. Pretty sure they’re septic-safe too!
  11. thanks for following me

    1. Cistbiscuit


      Same right back at ya! ;)

  12. Ponies do have an afterlife. It's called G5.
  13. I don’t think it would work. As soon as someone gets the green light to go with an M rating, they’d inevitably go too far with it, just because they can. If there’s a story idea (befitting an M rating) that’s good and somehow works well with the characters and settings I’d be okay with it to an extent as long as it didn’t become gratuitous. Let the rating fit the material and not write the material to warrant the rating.
  14. I'd be a Dream Therapist; assisting ponies with nightmares, interpreting dreams or helping to shape their dreams in general. It's kind of a niche thingy.
  15. I had the same concern, but I got the Samsung because they were pretty reasonable. Mine cost me $40 bucks on ebay (new in open box), plus postage and tax. It's a lot of fun, I recommend it!