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  1. Very glad I'm far from the only one saying never. What hateful fans are saying, could I give a frick less, no, I couldn't. It's the quality of the show that matters and while everyone has the right to their opinion, I should be focusing on why I enjoy the show, not what other people think.
  2. The PC version of Final Fantasy V, since I've kind of been on a Final Fantasy marathon lately to celebrate the upcoming FFVII remake.
  3. A celebrity on Twitter who normally doesn't like Trump actually thanked him for helping the homeless. 

    Arnold Schwarzenegger is already one of the few Hollywood celebrities I respect, so this is extra gratifying. :love:

  4. I like LyraBon, the other gay ship touted as "confirmed canon" from the finale, but I don't care for AppleDash. Reasons being my dislike for the stereotype, I've always been on the side saying that just because girl characters act tomboyish in kids shows, that doesn't mean they're gay, and my dislike for Mane 6 x Mane 6 shipping as a whole, since I've always strongly felt that the Mane 6's relationship as friends was a large part of their identity. However, that's one man's opinion. A fact supporting my reason for not considering it "truly canon" is how quickly things can change with implications in shows. We've seen this happen in the show before with the implication of Discelestia in the Season 4 finale being refuted.
  5. I am pretty sure I played my first computer games on a Dell desktop and a Dell laptop. I have a Lenovo laptop now and still have a soft spot for Dell.
  6. As part of my yearly tradition. I'm a weird guy.
  7. Thank you all for helping me reach 3,000 likes in time for Valentine's Day! :pinkie: 


    I didn't think I could love you any more. :nom:

    1. Tacodidra


      Congratulations, my friend! :rarity: Happy Valentine's Day! :fluttershy:

  8. Sonic the Hedgehog. Despite having a fairly derivative family film plot, I was pleasantly stunned at how well this captured the spirit of the games.
  9. Just got back from watching the Sonic movie. Was it bad?

    "Jeff Fowler? More like Jeff Fouler!"

    Nope, it was good. Jeff Fowler is Jeff Baller, this is easily one of the better video game adaptation movies I've watched. :squee:

    1. Tacodidra


      I'm glad you enjoyed it, my friend! :D Based on everything I've heard, they improved a lot from what they showed first. :laugh:

  10. Horses. I don't see who wouldn't want their own pet of their favorite character. Maud isn't my favorite, but it would be great to watch a pet-sized version of her giving me a blank stare.
  11. Media in a nutshell. 


  12. Part of Twilight's story arc in Season 9 was realizing that they didn't need the Elements because "the Elements were just symbols". That's a quote from her speech in the final special episode, which was a big part of the show's finale.
  13. @CloudMistDragon Hello my awesome friend! Hope you’re doing well today!



    1. CloudMistDragon


      Hugs. :fluttershy:


      I'll be busy with forty hours of work this week, but I'm glad to have you as motivation! :BrightMacContent:

    2. DivinePony1000


      @CloudMistDragon You can bet I’ll be there to help brighten up your day whenever you need it! :yay:

  14. Well she does have Pinkie sense (and the Power of the Fourth), understanding something beyond Twilight's scientific explanations, so I wouldn't doubt that.
  15. I'm pretty sure even Rob Walker was joking when he said, "IT IS OBJECTIVELY BAD!". You're not alone, I am sick of people complaining about that episode like it was an attack on their soul.