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  1. He wasn't talking to you, he was talking to me. And 28 Pranks Later isn't written by G.M. Berrow. Fluttershy Leans In. I've discussed at great length in the past at least twice why it's my least favorite. The short version is that everything about the plot feels half-baked, rushed, and unfinished.
  2. "Bronies are some of the kindest, generous, most wonderfully fun people on the planet." The only thing that warms my heart more than that is respectful comments here proving her right. She's not my favorite writer on the show, she wrote my least favorite episode of the whole show, and I would in no way say she's above criticism. She seems like a very nice person though and I see no reason why we shouldn't be returning the kindness. At least give her last episode a fair shot before you judge, the synopsis sounds very promising with the implication of consequences.
  3. Not fan-made, this is going to be published by an actual company, Seven Seas Entertainment, and put in a store. Manga and MLP, two of my favorite things coming together. I am definitely not going to pass on checking this out when I do my regular run to the bookstore in June.
  4. Imagine attending church on Easter only to be killed by terrorists, these madmen. I don't mean to fear monger, but this raises some suspicion about the recent Notre Dame fire as well, which very well might not have been an accident.
  5. I used to sleep with a bunch of plushies, all sorts of stuffed animals, when I was little. Don't actually sleep with them in the bed anymore, but I still like keeping the few plushies I do have close.