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  1. Do you have images of the pony monkeys? You know that I'll need various poses and facial expressions, right?
  2. Can you elaborate on your "ponified monkees," please? And how good are your vector-making skills?
  3. I need a set of vector images of my ponysona containing various poses and facial expressions for my YouTube videos. Can anypony help me? If you're up for helping me, I'll message you the details. Thanks. I appreciate it.
  4. It is rather disturbing that natural human behaviors are now being treated like disorders. It's like being human is bad. I'm an introvert, and I don't like being around large crowds or with people I'm not familiar with and/or don't know too well. Someone said I had "social phobia" because of that. That's a bit extreme, don't you know? I don't have "social phobia," I have social anxiety. Also, with every socially awkward kid being labeled as autistic and every kid acting like they were given LSD being labeled as having ADHD, the meanings of those labels are lost, and it gives the impression that typical kid behavior is wrong and bad. Not only that, if a child is "messed up" and/or "misbehaves," is shifts the blame from the parents to the child, saying that the parents are not to blame for the child(s)'s behaviors. Does that make sense?
  5. A week ago, I was diagnosed with:

     Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
     Generalized Anxiety Disorder
     Social Anxiety Disorder
     Major Depressive Disorder

    Yeah, I have a lot on my plate. :worry:

    1. Bastian


      That's so bad.:sunny:

      If you need to talk or anything Im all ears, I'll be glad to help in any way possible.

  6. RIP. Is she the only voice actor for FiM that passed away? And how did she die?
  7. Lately, I've been curious about hookahs, and I might get one. If any of you are hookah smokers, what flavors would you recommend? And should I get my hookah on Amazon or from the store downtown that sells bongs and hookahs? IDK which would be cheaper, price-wise. And before somepony say, "Smoking a hookah is like smoking 100 cigarettes," please watch this: [LINK]
  8. I've recently been curious about trying hookah. And according to this video, hookahs aren't as bad as we were told. If there are hookah users out there, what would you recommend for it? And should I go to the store in my town that sells hookahs and bongs or should I buy my hookah on Amazon?
  9. I actually plan on making a few Robot Chicken sketches of my own, and one of them is of MLP.
  10. Accept my simple follow.:squee:

  11. Speaking of the 90s, does anybody remember the 3½in floppy disks? These: 💾 A few days ago, I ordered some an external floppy drive and a 10-pack of 3½in floppy disks. And who else remembers this?
  12. Thanks for following me.

    What made you decide to follow me? :mlp_smile:

    1. Nsxile


      No problem ^_^ Lets just say we have a common interest :P 

    2. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow


      Let's just say we have a common interest. :P

      Which common interest would that be? :pout:

  13. I do appreciate the offer, but Booker has a Santa hat has provided a list of parts that would suffice my needs, and I found them on Amazon. But when I added the prices of all the part, it was in the $600 range, but I don't think it's that bad, and the $600 isn't including the keyboard, mouse, speakers, and monitors. Plus, I've added a new desk and chair to that list. Yeah, the grand total may be lose to $1000, but I think the end result would be a nice investment. But please do tell me what did you have in mind. BTW, what OS and browser do you use? My current computer uses Windows 10, but I'll be switching to Linux Mint Cinnamon with my new computer. For the browser, I currently use Chrome, and I'll continue to use it when I get my new computer, but I'll be adding Tor, if you know what that is, that is.
  14. I take mine with some cream. And does Starbucks sound like alien currency to you? Plus, there's this.