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  1. Hi. I love your avatar. Yay, another alicorn! /):pinkie:(\

  2. Millennium Shadow

    S8 E4: Fake It Till You Make It

    I really loved Fluttershy's alternate personalities she uses on the customers, and I was most amused with her stereotypical goth persona.
  3. I bought my first camcorder and microphone a couple days ago! :pinkie:


    Image result for Sony camcorderImage result for Snowball microphone

    I don't know what I'll do for my first vids, but I'll think of something. :P
    I have a video-make program (Sony Vegas), but there are a few other things I need to get, though, like lights, green screen, etc.

    Hey, does anypony out there on this site make videos? If so, do you have any advice? :P

    1. Rikifive


      Yay, good luck! :yay: 

      My videos are limited to some 8-bit covers only, so no advice I could give I suppose. :P 

  4. Millennium Shadow

    My MLP Conspiracy Theories #1: Friendship is Indoctrination (updated)

    Both. But I wouldn't put it past Celestia to have a couple of agendas. I mean, who doesn't have a secret agenda, right? That's exactly what got me to make this theory in the first place. Makes it seem like friendship is more of a religion, don't it?
  5. Thanks for fallowing me. :pinkie: /) -hugs-

    Any particular reason why you decided to fallow me? :P

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    2. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      What kind of vibe? :sunshower:

    3. Applebloom Feri

      Applebloom Feri

      I liked the looks of your profile and the posts you made... (◔ ε ◔)

    4. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      Thanks. -hugs- /) :P

  6. Millennium Shadow

    How do you feel about this creature?

    Thanks. The Schwarzschild was named after the Schwarzschild radius.
  7. Millennium Shadow

    How do you feel about this creature?

    Thanks. The Schwarzschild is actually from my MLP fanfic that's a part of my The Ponicle series.
  8. Millennium Shadow

    How do you feel about this creature?

    1. The Schwarzschild doesn't have much of a role in the story, yes, but what little part it has will be important. 2. The Schwarzschild is a character in my main MLP fanfic, which is a part of my The Ponicle ("pony" + "chonicle") series. It's a separate MLP universe, but it does share some elements (no pun intended) with the official MLP universe (even though it's "official," it's still a different MLP universe), but some may have been re-purposed, redesigned, given a different origin story, etc. In this case, the Tantabus in my fic isn't the same as FiM's Tantabus, and it's not Luna creation like the Schwarzschild was. 3. It's more like a "each room tests the Elements in a different way" kind of deal. Both Celestia and Luna would each take 49 rooms solo to test all 6 Elements, and for rooms #50 and #100, they team up and use the Elements together. I like how you compared the Schwarzschild to a boggart. The Schwarzchild is similar to a boggart, but Luna designed the Schwarzschild to mimic one's "darker" side. By that, I mean, it reflects your more selfish side. Put simply, The Schwarzshild was made as a test of one's character, as Luna describes it as a "mirror that reveals and imitates your inner darkness." The main reason why the Schwarzschild took Spike's shape is because he noticed he was in possession one of the Elements of Chaos, the Element of Betrayal, specifically, and it how it influenced Spike intrigued it. The Schwarzschild tested Spike the first time in the 100 trials when he accidentally fell into the Canterlot dungeon and reawakening it. 4. After the Schwarzchild escaped the Canterlot dungeon, by disguising itself as Spike's shadow after he completed all 100 trials, it continued to "play shadow" for a while, but it would wait to test Spike when he gain one of the Elements of Harmony, the Element of Unity. After that, the Schwarzschild was now purposeless because Spike had passed the tests, and with the Canterlot dungeon destroyed and having no place to go to, it disappeared after wishing Spike luck in fulfilling his mission, never to been seen or heard from again...anypony from Equestria, that is... 5. Thanks. 6. Fixed. 7. What's a "Greple"? The Schwarzschild isn't an evil creature, it was designed to teach you how to conquer your inner darkness. And in this case, it was a literal metaphor and face-to-face. And as the card says, only Luna knows what the Schwarzschild really looks like, what its true form is. BTW, I love your avatar. It's of Magical Ghost, right? You a Yu-Gi-Oh! fan, too?
  9. Millennium Shadow

    Is Flurry Heart an unnecessary character?

    How do you know that alicorns have such a high status on their own? The "alicorns are royalty and all-powerful" stereotype is something the fandom came up with, not the canon sources. I do believe alicorns can be natual-born, but they're simply a rare species, is all. I posted an article about alicorns and why they're hated so much. Do check it out, if you like. [LINK]
  10. Millennium Shadow

    Is Flurry Heart an unnecessary character?

    Dose anypony think that Flurry Heart didn't need to be added in MLP at all? I mean, she doesn't seem like she'll add anything to the series. She doesn't really do anything, she hasn't had much screen time or character development. In fact, I don't remember when the last time she had an appearance was. FIM it's at it's tail end with only 2 seasons left, and it's a bit late to add any new characters, unless an episode's plot demands it (in that case, the new character(s) will probably never show up again, beyond their debut episode). So, they'd better so something significant with Flurry. Otherwise, adding her would've been, put simply, pointless. In The Crystalling, Part 1, Flurry seemed more like a plot device than a new character debut. Also, making her an alicorn wasn't even necessary; they could've made her a unicorn. So, how do you feel about Flurry? A nice addition to the cast, or an unnecessary addition?
  11. Happy New Year, everypony! :pinkie:

    Any plans for 2018? :)

    And let's be honest, nopony fallows their New Year's resolutions for no more that a week or so, if they do at all. :P

  12. Millennium Shadow

    Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    For the past 2 week, I've been praying (not in a religious manner) that net neutrality will survive and live. I'm still gonna have hope that that it does, even though that the final vote will be tomorrow. As for the wisdom tooth thing, I was under anesthesia for that. But earlier this year, one of my fillings fell out, and it had to be replaced. So, my dentist gave me something to numb the area. Yes, they had to inject (with a needle) it into my gums, but they first numbed the area with some gel. I only felt some slight pressure where the needle was, but, after that, I literally felt nothing! The rest only took about 15 minutes.
  13. Millennium Shadow

    Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    I know the benefits have having NN, but what are the benefits of not having NN?
  14. Millennium Shadow

    Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    So, what's the difference between having and not having NN? Seems like you're saying that there's little-to-no difference, and that NN is but a security blanket or something like that.
  15. Time is short, and we need to act now if we're gonna save net neutrality. Doug Walker (aka Nostalgia Critic) has made a video about it yesterday. Go to where the vid is on YouTube and the links he mentions are in the description. Please hurry! This is our last chance to save net neutrality!