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  1. Millennium Shadow

    The Gate Of Tartarus Opens...

    What do you mean? —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Damn. Hey, if you're interested, we can discuss our MLP fics. —————————————————————————————————————————————————— My "minor," are you saying that the censored thing in question is basically something that literally everbody has seen before and has no problem with?
  2. Millennium Shadow

    The Gate Of Tartarus Opens...

    @Darkness Void, is that your ponysona and your DA? If so, what happened to your horn? What's the "removed" bit about?
  3. Millennium Shadow

    The Gate Of Tartarus Opens...

    Welcome! /) I'm a creative guy myself. We can discuss our MLP fics, if you're interested.
  4. Millennium Shadow

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    Nice. Thanks. Why do you ask?
  5. Millennium Shadow

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    I'm usually busy, and I don't have a car. Is MTGA free, and what all does it require?
  6. Millennium Shadow

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    We can discuss FTM, if you're interested. The main reason is, I don't have anypony to play with me. Also, I don't buy the cards much anymore because they're expensive, and since I don't have anypony to play with, buying the cards in the first place ultimately pointless. I do have Magic 2014 - Duels of the Planeswalkers, a game I bought on Steam, but that's the only way I can play Magic. Now, I could play my by self, but that's no really that easy; since you're playing against yourself, you already know what each "player" is gonna do, which makes it rather awkward...
  7. Millennium Shadow

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    I'm just about done with the template. When I'm finished, I'll make some sample cards. I have figured out the play styles of each color, or Element, in this case because you get mana from the Elements of Harmony instead of Lands. Plus, there's 6 instead of 5 colors.
  8. Millennium Shadow

    Gaming Any MTG playing Bronies out there?

    I still play it, but not as much as I used to. Nowadays, I'm more of a collector, really. I have an MLP version of MTG idea called Friendship: The Gathering. It's basically the same as regular Magic, but instead of getting mana from Lands, you get it from the Elements of Harmony themselves. I based the playing styles of each Element (color) on the personalities of the Mane Six.
  9. Millennium Shadow

    What year did you first start watching MLP?

    Why stop watching the show after your cousin called you gay? That only shows that you're insecure about watching it, or rather having others know you watch it because you're scared of being judged for it.
  10. Millennium Shadow

    Is the show made for bronies now?

    I know that literally every MLP character has been shipped with every other MLP character. But why haven't any of the Mane Six and Spike been allowed to have relationships, though? I think that'd be a great opportunity for some characters development for all 7 of them.
  11. Millennium Shadow

    What year did you first start watching MLP?

    I started watching it somewhere in 2013, either before or after the release of the first Equestria Girls movie. I forget when in 2013 it was I started. And I remember my very first episode was All About Time.
  12. Millennium Shadow

    Is the show made for bronies now?

    Has anypony noticed that the show has took attention away from friendship and is now more focused on the lore and world-building for quite some time now? I started to notice this after a few years I became a brony. When I started binge-watching the show from the start to the current episode, the show did start out focusing on personal relationships and social skills. And even though they did add a few new things now and again to further explain the show's universe for either as a plot device or as a way to help with character development, world-building wasn't the primal focus. But nowadays, world-building and lore is now the central focus on the show and friendship lessons are now in the background. And if you have watched the Analysis Community's videos, you'll see plenty of them discussing and theorizing about the lore of the show, usually from the latest episode(s). Even the episode Slice of Life didn't have any story and was just fan service. The episode was literally just the writers jiggling keys in front of a baby (the brony community) to distract it. This just shows that the brony community is more interested in the lore and the show being our personal sandbox for fan works and headcanons, rather than a story. And the writers referencing things the brony community had made up supports this, such as Derpie, Dr. Hooves, for example. As I said, it's these references are just the writers jiggling their keys in front of a toddler because they know that the bronies will eat it up. And I wouldn't be surprised that the writers has realized that they have our attention, and that we're practically obsessed with lore and world-building of MLP, that they deiced to make the show about just that with friendship lessons as a mere supplement. But in the early seasons, they were about friendship with the lore and world-building as a mere supplement. This reversal was rather sudden. Also, has anypony noticed that show these days is so obsessed with having its School of Friendship, that it has forgotten that it was one in the early seasons? So, do you think FiM is just a sandbox now or something else?
  13. I'm back 

    leaves out a plate of cookies and milk*

    1. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      -accepts the milk and cookies-

      Thanks. :fluttershy:

    2. flueryheartlove


      Ive been gone a few weeks,getting back to being more active on the forums

  14. Hello, everypony! Can any of you draw several vectors of my OC, Millennium Shadow, with difference facial expressions and in different poses, please? I want to do some YouTube vids, and I want to use Millennium for them. Here's what he looks like: His Cutie Mark: Don't do the crown or the Alicorn Amulet. Instead, draw him with a black hoodie, black beanie (use the beanie in my avatar as a reference), and this necklace. (It's the Millennium Ring but in a gunmetal color.) Also, he's lightly taller than Celesatia and his magic aura color is purple. If you need any other details, let me know. Don't use the Millennium Ring image, draw it, please. And please show me the WIP pics so I can check for any errors. Thank you!