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  1. Is Flurry Heart an unnecessary character?

    Dose anypony think that Flurry Heart didn't need to be added in MLP at all? I mean, she doesn't seem like she'll add anything to the series. She doesn't really do anything, she hasn't had much screen time or character development. In fact, I don't remember when the last time she had an appearance was. FIM it's at it's tail end with only 2 seasons left, and it's a bit late to add any new characters, unless an episode's plot demands it (in that case, the new character(s) will probably never show up again, beyond their debut episode). So, they'd better so something significant with Flurry. Otherwise, adding her would've been, put simply, pointless. In The Crystalling, Part 1, Flurry seemed more like a plot device than a new character debut. Also, making her an alicorn wasn't even necessary; they could've made her a unicorn. So, how do you feel about Flurry? A nice addition to the cast, or an unnecessary addition?
  2. Happy New Year, everypony! :pinkie:

    Any plans for 2018? :)

    And let's be honest, nopony fallows their New Year's resolutions for no more that a week or so, if they do at all. :P

  3. Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    For the past 2 week, I've been praying (not in a religious manner) that net neutrality will survive and live. I'm still gonna have hope that that it does, even though that the final vote will be tomorrow. As for the wisdom tooth thing, I was under anesthesia for that. But earlier this year, one of my fillings fell out, and it had to be replaced. So, my dentist gave me something to numb the area. Yes, they had to inject (with a needle) it into my gums, but they first numbed the area with some gel. I only felt some slight pressure where the needle was, but, after that, I literally felt nothing! The rest only took about 15 minutes.
  4. Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    I know the benefits have having NN, but what are the benefits of not having NN?
  5. Web Last chance to save Net Neutrality (ACT NOW!)

    So, what's the difference between having and not having NN? Seems like you're saying that there's little-to-no difference, and that NN is but a security blanket or something like that.
  6. Time is short, and we need to act now if we're gonna save net neutrality. Doug Walker (aka Nostalgia Critic) has made a video about it yesterday. Go to where the vid is on YouTube and the links he mentions are in the description. Please hurry! This is our last chance to save net neutrality!
  7. Thanks for fallowing me. :fluttershy:

    And, yay! Another alicorn! :pinkie: /)

    1. Marco the alcorn

      Marco the alcorn

      I bestowed apon the friendship!

  8. Web Help save Net Neutrality! (URGENT!)

    Yeah, something so important to literally everyone will not go down so easily. I'll pray (not is a religious manner) that net neutrality will survive and live. Sadly, it all comes to money. You know that society has its priorities backwards and misguided when money is the only thing that gets shit done and has a bigger influence than an actual person.
  9. Web Help save Net Neutrality! (URGENT!)

    Companies don't care about the customers, only the money, and they'll do anything and everything to get what they want while completely disregarding the voice of the people and our given rights.
  10. Web Help save Net Neutrality! (URGENT!)

    I think there was a few, but not much. But, yeah, this is a dead serious threat against our right to a free internet.
  11. Web Help save Net Neutrality! (URGENT!)

    For those who don't know, net neutrality is under attack again. This time, it's more serious; the greedy chairman at the FCC, Ajit Pai, wants to terminate net neutrality in favor of cable companies. This a rights violation and it will affect every since one of us since everyone uses the internet daily. Pai believes that the internet companies will make more money if net neutrality is killed off, but they will, in fact, lose money because the majority of internet users won't be able to afford it. Back in the '90s, the internet was a luxury, but now, it's a necessity. The final vote for whether net neutrality lives or not will be on Dec. 14. So, we don't have much time left. Go and have your voice heard! Net neutrality is our right, and it will not be taken away from us without a fight! Getting rid of net neutrality will make the internet companies how cable TV is now. Here are some links you can use to have your voice heard and to protect net neutrality and your right for a free internet! Also do go on YouTube to hear more about net neutrality and why it's important. [FCC contacts so you can voice your concerns] [Comment on the Net Neutrality repeal proceedings directly] Additional link provided by Alex2002ita I do have hope that net neutrality will live because the internet is too big of a voice and the people have more power than you know. So, who will win, millions of people or just 1 greedy guy? Let's all spread the word and save net neutrality and keep it the way it is now!
  12. Season 9 the last season. Yes or no.

    I hope G4 MLP will have at least 10 seasons and at least 200 episodes.