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  1. @Illiad Easle The stallion looked at him "Listen, I tried, but corruption runs deep" he would say to them "That, and...I received plenty of death threats. I had to stop trying to get it investigated or risk having a hit put out on me" He would say "as for what I might know, I have a feeling that the one that killed my employee, may have been involved in organised crime. I did a little digging on my own" he'd move to a trunk next to his bed and opens it, bringing out a couple of folders "This is all I have"
  2. @Jedishy Tranquil nodded and held him close "I feel the same way, I might have some things we need, depending on what Father Sunrise finds out" she would say "Other things..I suppose I could see if any of my contacts have anything or know of anything we'd need"
  3. @Illiad Easle Enigma was also suspicious of the stallion, how did he even know exactly what they were there for, and why was he so open. She would glance to Hard before looking back to the stallion, allowing him to answer their questions. The stallion sighs "I can sense both of your apprehension about me, and believe me, I understand it" he would say, and then nodded "I had tried, multiple times, but the police at the time were..not only rather biased, but I suspect paid off by someone to not investigate, that and the fact they never seemed to take me seriously enough to investigate"
  4. @Dynamo Pad "You can call me your princess, dear" she'd say, nuzzling him and then kissing him before closing her eyes "Well it's late love, we can get some well deserved sleep and rest and discuss our plans over breakfast and coffee tomorrow" she would say, snuggling up to him and then falling asleep.
  5. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir would nod as they continued the drive towards the shops "Well hopefully things will change for the better. With us being closer to her now, so hopefully she will no longer have those nightmares" he'd say and smiled a bit, looking out of the window. Charlene smiled a little in her sleep.
  6. @Dynamo Pad Broken would smile "I'm sure we can do that, as I am pretty sure having a couple of PPR machines in the arcade would certainly bring in more customers" she'd say, hugging him and then looking over to see Dusk and Gentle bonding over the hoops game, she smiles "Well it would seem that our son and your mom is bonding quite nicely, which is really nice" she would say, giving Dynamo another hug "so, I chose the game last time, what would you want to play this time? or perhaps we join in on the hoops and skeetball?" she suggests Dusk smiles "thank you nana" he'd say as he'd then throw the ball and landing it in the net, he cheers quite happily.
  7. @Dynamo Pad Mayor Mare nodded "Please take care of yourself too, Gentle" she would say as she waved to the two as they left the office. "That..went better than I anticipated" Devin would say to Gentle, getting into the passenger side of the car and buckling up. "I guess Mayor Mare must have seen the posters before we did" she then looks to Gentle "We're going to need to talk to the kids about this, I just hope they didn't see the posters already or anything advertised on tv or the internet" she says and reclines the seat back a little before closing her eyes.
  8. @Azure Acrylic @Blitz Boom Thunder would smile and blush a little at her compliments, then even more as she would brush his chest fur "Thank you Azure, not sure how snuggling would work though, I wouldn't want to squish you" he'd chuckle, then turn to Shell, "Ah yes, those kind of blinkers, I call them blindsiders, but blinkers works as well." he'd say then nod "Well from what I know of Kelp when I met her, she isn't too bad, but you do need to weed out the weaker ones from the strong ones, that and weed out the ones who aren't really there for the right reasons" he says and then chuckles "Aaand no pun intended on Kelp's name"
  9. @Jedishy Tranquil gave Iron Feather her congratulations before she moved over to Winter. hugging him from behind and resting her chin on his shoulder, she'd look out of the window "Something on your mind love? Are you thinking about what Father Sunshine said?" she queries, nuzzling him lovingly and gently. While she was enjoying the party, she couldn't help but feel a tinge of fear well inside of her.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Mayor Mare sighs "I completely understand, Devin and Gentle, believe me, I do" she would say as she'd sit behind her desk and rub her temples "Unfortunately, there are so many ways to abate the permits" she'd say "For one, is going straight through the television studios" she'd say, looking to them "How-ever, that is only if they plan to air it here, if they plan to actually record here, then they have to go through me" she would say, then look to them "Devin, you look exhausted, why not get home and get some rest." she then looks to Gentle "Gentle, I'll keep you updated, please get Devin home safely"
  11. @Dynamo Pad She would think for a moment "I think they sell other things, but it's been quite a while" she says, nuzzling him "As for the whole princess thing, you are sort of right, I just don't like the title" she giggles "As for Skystar knowing Pinkie...I think they already know each other" she chuckles a little.
  12. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir nods "Well no, we didn't move around a whole lot, it's just she would want to go to her friends' houses for sleep overs, but would always start feeling homesick" he would say but then smile "and I am glad you have been able to be there for her, and you are right, we did raise her to know that we are always here for her, and that we are just a call away, no matter how late or early it is" he'd say and smile some more "I bet, your mother seems like a wonderful mare, I can tell Tabby is going to get a lot of her attention and affection"
  13. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nods as she would hold onto her own handles behind her and begun to dance to the song. She would look over to Dynamo and smile at him, as she was really enjoying the day. Dusk would nod and thank Gentle before taking the basketball, he'd hold it up and frown "Nana, c-can you hold me up, please? I can't see the hoops"
  14. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir would nod and smile at what Dynamo would say, but when he mentioned what Scarlet had said about her nightmares, he would nod "I would say they were borne out of home sickness" he'd say "She was always like that, ever since she was little" he'd nod "Yes, whenever she would go on a school camp or even a sleep over at a friends, she would always call up to say goodnight, so she wouldn't feel so homesick"
  15. @Dynamo Pad Sora smiles a little and nods " parents are quite nice, they own a quill shop" she smiles with a chuckle ""Premium Griffon Quills" is what it is called, though they do sell quills from other birds, but Griffon Quills are quite popular" she says and nuzzles him lovingly "As for siblings, blood related nope, but as I said before, I was pretty much adopted into Princess Skystar's family" she giggles