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  1. Scarlet giggles and purrs as she then brings up some treats for her and the other two kitties. Astral giggles "Aaw is mummy a kitty now?" she asks as she begins to pet Scarlet who was purring.
  2. Private

    Both Allan and Helen were sitting on the sofa when Helen sees John "Hello dear, i see you like the capes, I'm glad you do, they were quite challenging to sew, how was your sleep?" she asks then smiles as Scarlet walks in, covering a yawn.
  3. Scarlet was also awake and smiles "That sounds great, and wasn't my dream just so cute and sweet?" she asks as she then transforms into a kitty and climbs onto his back and curls up with a loud purr "And look, I'm a kitty now" she giggles as Muffin and Maggie, curl up around her, keeping her safe and warm
  4. Luna nods "Those were bad times, but rest assured, she is now happy and let's just make sure that she stays happy, especially with the Gala happening later tonight" she says then notices them fading "Ah looks like that she is waking up now.
  5. Private

    Scarlet then nods and smiles as she soon opens her eyes in the waking world and cuddles up to John "Mm time to wake up dear" she says softly "I want to see if mummy and daddy are still wearing their capes"
  6. Private

    Scarlet giggles "She is so fluffy in my dream isn't she?" she asks as she too snuggles up with Muffin, who was purring happily "I'm so happy that Muffin likes me, I love kitties, especially a fluffy kitty, and look, Princess likes her too"
  7. Private

    Scarlet smiles again as she brought the kitties into her dream and giggles, pawing over to them and nuzzling them, Princess immediately recognizing her and begun to mother over her.
  8. Private

    Scarlet giggles and turns herself into a kitty, still wearing her cape "look, I'm now a kitty cat like Princess and the kittens!" she says and roils around in the grass "This is so much fun, oh it'd be perfect if Princess, the kittens and Muffin were here"
  9. Private

    Scarlet giggles and st arts to playfully bat at John's cape, purring like a kitten "This is so much fun"
  10. Private

    Scarlet smiles and nods, nuzzling him "Indeed, shall we play with our capes?" she asks as she begins to watch it flow in the wind for a bit before pretending to be a kitty.
  11. Luna nods "That was one of the worst times for her, she just couldn't understand why you would send her away and then forget all about her"
  12. Private

    Scarlet smiles "Ooh good idea, our Ocs" she says as she then turns into her own OC Celestial Flight, wearing her massive cape "And look at our capes dear, just like the ones that mummy made for us"
  13. Private

    Scarlet smiles and closes her eyes for another brief moment "Ooh hold on, this is a dream, which means I can do anything" she giggles and looks up at him "would you like me to be a kitty cat?"
  14. Scarlet continued to purr in her restful and peaceful sleep. Luna looks to Techno and smiles "if only all her dreams were like this"
  15. Luna smiles with a nod and curls up closer to Scarlet "shh, it's okay Scarlet honey, you sleep and dream happy dreams, everyone here loves you and will protect you" she says softly and licks Scarlet's nose.