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  1. @Blitz Boom Thunder would shake his head "Can't be a guard on an empty stomach" He would say, making his way to the coffee machine, grinding up the coffee, replacing the filter and then putting the coffee on "There you go Lieutenant, some fresh coffee should be available soon" He'd say with a bit of a shake of his head. He would then look to Shell "Well, lets get it cleared then we can head over to Twilight's to see if he can get us to Cloudsdale"
  2. @Dynamo Pad Cobalt looked to the young couple as they walked to where the celebration is going to be held "I don't know, maybe you are right Kyubuki, I am wondering if Carter was one of the ones who were able to pull through, or perhaps what he means is those that did, may be in a coma or something" he'd shrug "We can only wait and see when the time comes for us all to log out" he'd mention. Sora would nod, "So, we going ahead with meeting up at our usual spot for celebratory drinks?" She would ask, as Cobalt nodded, "Great, Kyu honey, I'll message you where we meet up and when the celebration will be when we log off later"
  3. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir nodded and smiled a little "We are also glad they found something special in each other" he would say, looking to his daughter who was mingling with Dynamo, "Your son is a fine young man and I am sure he will treat Scarlet the way that she deserves to be treated." Scarlet smiled as Finn hugs her, she hugs back "Heya Finn, glad you guys could make it." she'd say, then waved to Blissy "Hey Blissy" she'd say with a big smile, as the small skittlecorn would come over to her "How's my favorite Skittlecorn?" she'd ask. Blissy smiles "Hey Scarlet" she'd hug her back then look to Dynamo "Hey Dynamo, how you enjoying the guitar you won at the auction?" She'd ask with a grin
  4. @Dynamo Pad Broken would smile "Lizards and then lunch, that sounds good to me" She would say with a nod before looking up to Dusk "What do you think champ? Wanna see the lizards and then have lunch?" she would ask. Dusk would nod and smile "Yes mama" he would say
  5. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet would smile as she would go over to Dynamo and nuzzle him "If you could please carry the boxes, that'd be great thank you honey" she'd say, giving him the boxes, then smiling at Cheese and Pinkie "See you three soon, and they miss you guys too" she'd smile, paying for their treats and then leading the way back to the car. She would then get in and sigh "Nearly home, then it's time for some good old fashioned r n r"
  6. @Illiad Easle She would nod, "Good to hear, not that I'd mind sharing a room, but privacy is also a good thing" she'd say, looking around and smiling "should be enough room" she'd smile and begin to set up the gear she needed "So, any idea on what you want to order for dinner?" she would ask, plugging all her equipment in.
  7. @Illiad Easle The rest of the drive was pretty uneventful. As they arrived at the motel, she would gently wake Hard Line up "Alright Hard Line, we're here" she would say with a smile, "Lets get to our room and set up, then call it a night after ordering some food"
  8. @Dynamo Pad Fenrir nodded "Scarlet has gone through a lot, she's had other bad relationships, but that was certainly the worst, and with her fragile emotions, I did not believe she could handle having her father in prison" he would say, shaking his head a little "She needed both Charlene and myself there to help support her and help her heal" he would say, as Charlene would nod. Scarlet smiles "You'll see" she'd say as they then got up and started to mingle again, the first one he would see would be Chill, and as time went on, he'd come to see that Jasper Pie and his friends also came.
  9. @Dynamo Pad Cobalt would nod "I hear ya, and it's alright, we all knew you two would want to stay out of the final boss fight, after losing Carter" He'd say as he looked to the loving couple, as Sora would sit down and cuddle up to Dynamo. Everyone growled as the figure appeared "Congratulations, through thick and thin you all stuck together and pushed through every trial I shoved your way" the figure would say, "And now that you have bested me" he would say, looking at the raid party, who knew that he was the final boss "I will now let you all leave..on one final note.. Not everyone who died here, died in real life" he would say, "And now, if you will, the log out button has been reimplimented" he'd say and disappear. The entire crowd that was there cheered and all started heading to plan out a major celebration, Sora looked to Dynamo with relief but then she asks "W-what do you think he meant by "Not everyone who died here, died in real life?"
  10. @Illiad Easle She'd nod and cover a yawn, starting to munch on some of her food she had bought "Go for it Hard Line" she'd say as she would continue the drive "Pleasant dreams" she'd whisper and smile.
  11. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet would smile "You forgot shows like Chip n Dale, and movies like Rescuers Down Under" she'd remind the two and smiled more "But I think it is wonderful you use cartoons as family time, I've met so many parents who would just use the television or computer as a babysitter of sort" she'd say, shaking her head "But I can tell that you and Pinkie are wonderful parents to Cupcake" she'd say, then look to Dynamo "And I'm a hundred percent sure, that when the time comes, Dynamo will be the best daddy to our own child" she would say and then took the boxes "Thanks Cheese and Pinkie, hope you guys can visit at some point, I'm sure Milkshake and Chocolate would love to play with little Cupcake"
  12. @Dynamo Pad Broken would smile and nod "Exactly, like little flying foxes" she'd say with a chuckle, and then Dusk would look to his dad "I wanna see the lizards next!" he giggles as he claps happily, Broken smiles "Okay champ, we can go see the lizards next, then the rest of the reptiles and then maybe go see the cuddly animals" She would say "Or perhaps we should have lunch after?"
  13. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet would smile and hug him back, looking to Cheese "Oh yes, Dynamo and I would always watch a lot of those mystery crime shows and cartoons" she would say "We'd always try to solve the case before the lead character in the show or cartoon would" she'd giggle "Half of the time we got it right, the other half..well we got it wrong, but what mattered was we always had fun"
  14. @Illiad Easle Enigma would shake her head "Normally a demon's name would come to me in a dream or trance" she would say "Unless they slip up somehow, and let it slip" she'd look to him "It also depends on the demon, sometimes it's something short like Zozo or Malek" she'd sigh "As for when we'll get there, should be another couple hours, and we will start in the morning, no use starting an investigation on a empty stomach and a tired mind, right?"
  15. @Blitz Boom Thunder would nod to the Sergeant before he felt Shell's embrace, hugging her back "It was a tough time indeed, but they are indeed kind ponies, I mean they raised Fluttershy, the very element of kindness after all" he would say with a smile. "I'm sure if you have the time, why not come with me?" he'd ask "so you can meet them?"