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  1. @Dynamo Pad Charlene smiles and chuckles "That sounds about right, I can imagine she'd be shy at first but then want to cuddle in your arms and not let go" she'd say and then nod "Sure, that sounds good to me" she would say after thanking Fenrir for her drink and a slice of cake. Golden smiles "Hey Dynamo" he'd say, chuckling at Dynamo's excitement about the guitar, while Key spoke up "We're really enjoying it, I never thought I'd see any other wolves other than the doc" she'd say with a chuckle "It also seems your little sister is quite the cuddly one, she's found a way to make Blissy look even cuter than before" she laughs then nods "You're quite welcome, I do enjoy hearing when others like my artwork"
  2. @Dynamo Pad Devin would smile and nod and was about to drift off in Gentle's embrace, when the sound of the car pulling into the driveway jolted her awake "It would seem they are home now" she would say, covering a yawn. Scarlet would smile as she'd park the car and turn the ignition off "Home sweet home" she'd say and stretch as she got out of the car "Thanks for coming with me Dynamo, it sure made the trip less boring"
  3. @Illiad Easle She would nod, finishing her second slice "How-ever, magic does certainly make doing a lot of things, a lot easier" she'd say, "For one, I can tell what others are feeling and thinking easier and quicker than I could when I was a human"
  4. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles "I am sure that the zoo has precautions to make sure that that doesn't happen she would say, as they spent the rest of the morning going through the reptile and spider exhibits,learning about both venomous and non-venomous spiders and snakes. They then made their way to the eating area, where there were plenty of places to order food from. She would them smile as she saw Gentle "Dusky, nana Gentle has to go for a bit, she has an errand to run, but I'm sure she'll be back before we finish lunch"
  5. @Dynamo Pad Sora would smile as she eats her food and nods "Mmh" she would say as she swallows a bite "I'm curious too, perhaps maybe he is in a coma" she'd say, "As horrible as that would be, it would be better than him being dead" she'd then sigh a little "I know what you mean dear, I am going to miss you, but we do have each other's numbers so we can always text and call each other" she'd smile at the return kiss.
  6. @Blitz Boom @Rainbows2424 Thunder would nod "Well it is nice to meet you Azure Acrylic, but perhaps you ought to have said hello to Shell as well" he would say, having felt and seen his companion's discomfort "It would only be polite" he'd smile.
  7. @Illiad Easle She'd shrug "We did things with our hands and minds, but we also built machines to help us" she would say "The car is one example" she would say "Needless to say, magic does make some things a lot easier to do" she'd smile
  8. @Illiad Easle Enigma brought the pizzas over and set them down "Yeah, demon and ghost hunter was my profession back there" she would say, picking up a slice "Honestly, while I believed in the after life, the supernatural and paranormal, I never really believed in magic or portals, but now..well that's all changed"
  9. @Blitz Boom @Rainbows2424 Thunder would smile and shake off the effect, though he was feeling a little whoozy, "Y-yep, this is..." he was about to say Cloudsdale, but the tiny pony landed on his nose and he'd blink a little "O-oh my.." he would say and then looks down at the tiny pony and smiles "Hello, I'm nothing special, just your regular pony" he would say then "My name is Thunder Rush, and this here is Shell Tooth, She is a guard with the Coastal Guards, I'm a recruit" he'd smile " are?"
  10. @Illiad Easle She would smile "I might be, and we'll have plenty of time during this investigation to get to know each other" she would say "And what time brings us, we shall come to see" she'd say just as the pizza arrived and she would go to pay for and collect it.
  11. @Illiad Easle Enigma would look at him "If I could and wanted to, perhaps, but I have made some good friends here, more than back on Earth" She'd say "and i understand that friendship is something that is very special and cherished here" she would then smile at him and gently place a hand on his "and who knows, perhaps I might even find a love in this realm, something I seemed to fail at back home"
  12. @Illiad Easle Enigma would nod "You are right about that, I got so sick of what was going on, I needed a way out, and I somehow stumbled upon a portal to here during one of my investigations" she would say "I am very glad that the vetting process for my kind coming here is as hard as it is" she'd say "I'm starting to finally relax and begin to call Equestria home" she would say with a kind smile "I would hate for this world to be..tainted"
  13. @Illiad Easle She would nod, "Rules of countries would wage full on wars, kill many innocent people, and ugh..are just horrible. There was this one dictator, he was obsessed with the notion that his country was the most powerful, it started the second world war, where many innocent people died. There were even war camps, were people of certain races were held and then either lined up to be shot or sent to the gas chambers to die" she would say "And that was only 90 years ago" she'd say "To this day, rulers still wage wars over land and resources, of course many use the guise of religion as a front for the war" she'd sigh, "Then there are 'normal' people who just very criminal ways, going from petty thievery to murder and mass killings"
  14. @Illiad Easle She'd chuckle and rub the back of her neck "Honestly, the vetting for my kind is very rigorous and long" she would say "My kind can be pretty bad to be honest, worse than yours, worse even than..well the worst villains you can think of" she would say.