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  1. She nods "Alright love" she says and nuzzles him "How about tomorrow then?" she would ask, still holding him close "We can make it a just us day" she looks at him and kisses him on the lips, her tail wagging happily "And don't listen to the other you, he doesn't know what he's talking about"
  2. She smiles and kisses his cheek, holding his hand. "Did you want to come over after I've been to Rarity's?" she asks "We can cuddle and play more games" she suggests, her tail wagging gently and her ears perked.
  3. Nikita smiles as she takes her treats to the check out and then her bits purse, "I should have enough" she says to herself, counting out the bits that the girl at the counter had asked for "and that's 50 bits" she counts with a smile "Thank you"
  4. She would smile, looking at all the sweets and licking her lips "Hmm, a few slices of strawberry fudge, some chocolate fudge, hmm..ooh some Peanut brittle" she'd say, gathering the sweets she would want "Hmm..ooh chocolate covered sultanas and nuts" she puts them in a bag as well.
  5. "I wouldn't mind checking out the sweet shops, I haven't had something sweet to eat for some time" she would say, after paying for her new clothes and carrying the bags. She would walk close with him and nuzzle him every now and then.
  6. Pretty soon the girls had gotten enough clothes for Nikita for the time being, including some accessories and a shoulder bag for her to carry her school things in. She smiles and hugs Sherem "Alright, we're all good here, the girls just wanna see if any of their favorite bands have some new cds out"
  7. She giggles and kisses him back, just as deeply "I think it suits me too" she says as she holds him close and gives the thumbs up to Sunset who just smiled and went about getting some more tshirts and pants and skirts for her.