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  1. @Dynamo Pad Chocolate looks at Candy and she nods, "You know, having a extra pair of hands working at the shop will definitely help, not to mention, it'll be good for your mom to know that you've got a job now" Chocolate would say with a small smile "How about you two enjoy the rest of the night and we can discuss your work here in the morning" he suggests "oh and as for your dad's old friend, he old friend of ours from school, and well, your father would have felt you all thought he was joking if he told you he knows the Flight Instructor for the Wonderbolts"
  2. @Dynamo Pad Devin smiles and nods, holding her close as they watched the classic movie. After a bit, the movie ended and Devin stretches with a smile "Ah still a good classic" she would say as the end credits rolled "It's getting late, did we want to pull into a diner soon or have dinner at home?" she would ask, going to put the empty soda cup and popcorn box in the bin "but I know how you feel, I do worry how Scarlet will feel, how-ever..she is used to same gender relationships, due to her aunts" she then smiles at Gentle "Your son is a good boy, he will understand I am sure"
  3. @Dynamo Pad Devin giggles and nods "That is true, well it'll be a nice surprise for them" she would say "And you are right there, Gen" she'd say, watching the movie as they cuddled close "I love you" she whispers.
  4. @Dynamo Pad Broken smiles and nod, nuzzling and hugging Dynamo back "That is true, it's new for us too, though Dusky's seem to has taken to the idea quickly, which is good" she would say and nod "I think we can let it be a surprise, so we'll drop by on the Bakery on the way to picking Dusk up" she says with a smile and finishes her dinner. "I have a couple of songs, let's see there's.. .calc for one and Terra's theme"
  5. @Dynamo Pad Chocolate smiles "Everything is fine Dynamo, she was just asking how you were and asked me about an old friend of mine and your father's" he says with a smile "Would seem that he found some of your father's things at the Wonderbolt HQ, and brought them over" he'd say, looking up from his work "It's nothing to worry about though" he'd smile and go back to his work as Orange went into the kitchen and grabbed some snacks and drinks.
  6. @Blitz Boom Thunder would stand and listen patiently to the Coastal Guard as she gave him the spiel and rundown of what her unit was all about. When she finished, he would smile "Well you certainly make a good point for your unit, and to be honest with you, I want to be a guard to protect ponies, whether that is taking down a threat to the land or just making sure a creature doesn't get too far from the forest..or sea" he'd say with a bit of a wink. After thinking on it a bit more, he'd smile "You know, the Coastal Guard does sound like a beat I could dance to" he'd say "why don't we walk and talk, you can tell me more about what it is you do, and I'll make my decision by the end of the day"
  7. OOC Thread here It was an early afternoon in the small town of Ponyville, when the bunny known as Scarlet Rose was sitting inside of a small cafe, looking at the screen of her laptop with a sigh. "After so long of promising I would never return, here I find I am" she says to herself with a sigh and looks at an old photo of herself with a group of friends. What happened all those years ago, a gruesome murder of all her friends save for herself and one other friend, all linked to the airing of some strange TV show that was apparently impossible to record and only children remember it, their parents only saw static. "Candle Cove.." she whispers to herself before closing the laptop and thanking the waitress who had arrived with her drink and food. She looks up a little and begin to drink her cherry cola soda and nibbling on her cheese and ham croissant before sighing once more "If only my..investigations, didn't bring me back many old wounds not wanting to be re-opened"