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  1. Yeah, I was a drama queen edegebitch back then, so I deserved it.. I'm glad to say that I've matured and mellowed out a bit since then
  2. One would wish that the whole 'Millennials are entitled" thing is just a insult, but when you see someone who flew right off of the rails about a simple thing such as an assumption that millenials don't eat cereal, you have to wonder, just how true the entitlement thing is true..

  3. So, it is time I do a request thingy.. I have just bout this girl on Deviantart and would love to have some more art of her, please. her name is Twilight Sepultura, she is also a vampire.
  4. @Dynamo Pad She smiles a little "One reason I love ragdolls, is if treated right, they are just so relaxed and friendly" she'd nod with a smile "And it is a large family of fluffy love" she would then smile as she felt him touch her shoulder "and that is true, you'd think being a popular streamer, I'd have a lot of friends, but I've always had trouble making friends, due to issues I have"
  5. @Dynamo Pad She would nod and take out the groceries from the trunk "Zeppelins are even more dangerous than trains" she'd say "With zeppelins you have to worry about thunder storms and wild winds" she'd say "Too easy to crash, hence why I'm not too keen on that mode of transportation, especially for long distance" she'd say and then nod "Think you can get our luggage? Also, I've asked a friend to pick up our car and look after it until we can get it to Mt Aeris"
  6. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet would nod and smiles "I mean there is also Zoara, I believe they can talk in some way" she'd say and watch him play, giving him hints "Remember to look all over the map, sometimes you may find a chest or a hidden object" she'd suggest to him.
  7. With everything that's been happening with Netflix as of late, I am begining to wonder if it is worth keeping my subscription

    1. TheRockARooster


      I’m not sure, Scarlet.

      I’ve not used it for a while.

    2. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      I'm keeping it for Carmen Sandiego, Series of Unfortunate Events, Bojack Horseman, and Mako Mermaids

  8. It is indeed still open and I can surely do that for you