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  1. @Jedishy The two girls nodded, resigned to their fate of having to venture back out into the wastes. "We'll be there" Gale would say to the Overmare, as she knew that she and her sister didn't have much in ways of supplies. She looks to her sister, who just nodded. She took half of the energy drinks and made her way to their room to pack, while Gale took half the cigarettes and made her way to the store, as it was better for the more level headed of the two to approach the storekeep. Not six minutes later, they would be at the doors to the stable. Abbey had packed their left over drinks and cigarettes as well the few clothes they had with some weapons they had come into possession of, while Gale had managed to soothe things over with the storekeep, having chosen the diplomatic approach. They waited anxiously.
  2. @Jedishy The storekeep sighed in relief at the announcement and went to the store. Meanwhile, the two sisters were in the Overmare's office. Abbey was looking as defiant as ever, while her younger sister, Gale was actually looking remorseful. "I-I told you that thieving wasn't a good idea" Gale would say to her sister, "W-we should have just found a way to be..productive" she says, then looking up at the Overmare "I-I'm really s-sorry for what we did ma'am, it's just...thieving is all we've known..." she begins to apologise, being shut up by her sister "Shut up! We don't need to apologise to anybody". Gale sighed, "Well I'm sorry, and I will accept any punishment you see fit" After the OverMare had announced that they would accompany Eldritch to the wastelands to find the 'cure', they both looked up and gasped "N-No! P-please, anything but going back out there!" Abbey would plead, "Should have thought of that before you coaxed me into helping you thieve stuff" Gale mutters.
  3. @Illiad Easle She looks up at him "O-oh no, I didn't mean it like that. I meant like that I'm there alone, by myself" she would say "There's other mares, but they're usually with a group of friends or with their partner" she'd smile a little, "As for safety, it's more a personal thing"
  4. @Dynamo Pad Sora would nod and smile, driving towards the store "Honestly, as much as I might miss this place, I miss home more. Those years trapped within the game, it made me realise just how much I miss my family" she would say to him.
  5. I'm so nervous for tomorrow *curls*

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      Lazy Ferret

      Going to the drs tomorrow to hopefully get my refferal to see a surgeon for my SRS... wish me luck

  6. @Dynamo Pad Scarlet would smile and nod, "He's been very proud of how he was elected Commissioner with Mayor Mare's help" she says, and holds Dynamo's hand "and I'm kind of not surprised that what happened to us had become national news" she'd say and then nod "I suppose we will be hearing from Mayor Mare soon, then"
  7. @Dynamo Pad She smiles and nods, "Well I think our friendship is something special" she would say "and I'm all about boosting status for streamers that I like, and you're one of them" she says, closing the car door and locking it, just as her stomach begins to grumble "well then, I think my stomach has spoken, it's lunch time" she would say "So, shall we stay here and just go fast food, or did you want something more like a buffet?"
  8. @Jedishy Soon after Eldritch would see the girls blur past him, a shout could be heard from the direction of the stable's stores. "OH FOR CELESTIA'S SAKE!" the store owner would shout, storming up to where he last saw Eldritch. He saw him "ELDRITCH!" he shouts to him then waited for him to notice him before continuing, "Something has GOT to be done about those two thieves" he would say in a huff, "They just cleared out half the store of smokes and energy drinks..again!" he exclaims "Take them with you next time you leave, and maybe leave them in the wasteland while you're at it!"
  9. @Dynamo Pad Night would smile and nod, getting out her phone "I would like to hear how their trip went" she says, dialling up Broken's number. Broken leaned in close to Dynamo as her phone rings "Hello? Oh hey mom, yeah everything is going well. Dusky loved the zoo, his favourite animals were the little foxes and the bats. Oh yes, he got to meet Pinball, he had a blast with Dynamo's mom at the arcade. Anything you need to know about tomorrow? Nope, nothing that I can think of. Just bring yourselves and your gift. Alright love you too mommy, see you tomorrow. Bye" she smiles and hangs up.
  10. @Illiad Easle "The butterscotch float is actually quite good" she'd smile to him, "I come here usually during lunch time and when it's quiet" she would say to him "At night..well sometimes I've been going to the bar, it's just kind of scary for me though. Being a lone female in a place like that"
  11. Gale could hear the grumblings of the Overseer and quickly turned to her sister "Abbey, the Overseer is coming, hurry up" she says in a whispered hiss, "Come on, it'd be bad enough if Store Keep finds us, but if the Overseer catches us..." she shudders. She'd start getting a little anxious, just as Abbey would show up, her arms and bags full of the goods, "Then we better hurry to our room" Abbey says, making a run for their room, with Gale following closely behind.
  12. @Illiad Easle It didn't take long for Mint to make her order and then make her way to the table that Blu had chosen for them. She would sit opposite him and smile "Did you find anything you would like?" she would ask him. The menu had the typical fare for a cafe, a variety of sandwiches, lunch foods, and drinks from water to juice to milkshakes, hot chocolates, coffees and sodas.
  13. @Illiad Easle Mint smiled as she would lead the way "It's quite alright" she would say and hum happily until they arrived at the cafe. She'd open the door and walk in, holding it for him. She would then go to the counter "Could you please find a table for us while I make my order?" she would ask Blu.