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  1. That'd be nice if Icould do that, but I have a problem with falling for people easily..
  2. It's kind of complicated.. I suppose a mix of all of them to be honest.. It's also to have a womanly touch when in a relationship
  3. *points to Pony Life* not sure about Woke but garbage it already is
  4. Ah well I guess I'm good then? Well yeah, kinda not kinda looking for a gf lol.. (Though I am actually seriously, online/ldr are fine with me (actually kind of preffered) and I am in an open relationship.
  5. @Illiad Easle Mint would smile, listening to him still and then nods "A letter and a gift from your new home may be the thing that you need to mend the bridge" she would say to him with a soft smile. She then smiles "I can make it as dark as you'd like, or as dark as she'd like" she would say, getting up and looking to him "I can put it in a special delivery box, which will keep it cold and make sure that it won't melt"
  6. I'm honestly at a bit of a loss as to what put here hehe.. i mean.. what can I say? I'm shy to say things i might regret..
  7. FiM hands down. I feel like Pony Life would be okay if it was just a youtube series, like the EQD shorts, but I guess Hasbro thought differently
  8. @Illiad Easle Mint would sit and listen to him. "I see.." she would say "I'm really sorry, I don't know what to say as I'm not experienced in this sort of thing" she would say, rubbing the back of her neck "But from what I can tell, is that you were worried and scared she would end up like the others who had tried taking care of you" she says "So you chose to go out on your own" she would say, reaching out to take his hoof in hers "As for not saying goodbye, perhaps you could write her a letter, explaining things and to say goodbye then?"
  9. @Illiad Easle She looks around "Well you came just after opening, and it's still pretty quiet for a while until later in the afternoon" she would say "I'll be right back with your hot chocolate, and semisweet this time, got it" she'd say, making her way to the back, where she made her goods and then would return ten minutes later. She'd place the mug and saucer on the table in front of him, on it were the usual two marshmallows, but also a complimentary mint white chocolate. She sits down opposite him "So Blu, what's been on your mind? I hate to see my friends feeling down"
  10. @Illiad Easle Mint would be happy to receive the tip and smiled "thank you Blu, I'll be sure to have improved more when you come back" she would say, smiling and waving to him, though she could see the distant look in his eyes and begun to worry. Her worry on worsened when he hadn't returned until 3 days later, and he looked like he hadn't slept at all. "Blu" she would say softly, going over to him from behind the counter "A-are you alright? You look absolutely exhausted and like something has been bothering you"
  11. Aaw she's cute. I'd be happy to do art of her if you'd like