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  1. @Catpone Cerberus When Tinker arrived back and announced himself, Serenity would look up from the sofa "Hey Tinker, did you like the location your shop is in?" she'd ask him, as she put her energy drink can down on the coffee table.
  2. I cna certainly do your kirin, she's adorable. I'll pm you my character I want done soon
  3. If you mean anthro, yes but if it's complex, it'll be a commission
  4. @dsc One Alex pony sleeping adorably coming right up base by:
  5. @Catpone Cerberus Serenity yawned and stretched after ending her stream. She'd go to the kitchen, finding the note and nodding as she went to get herself a drink. After getting her drink, she'd go to the living room and laying on the sofa, turning the tv on.
  6. I hear you, I'm the same way. You just gotta be able to keep up with communication, else you will risk drifting apart.
  7. @Catpone Cerberus Serenity was sound asleep in her room, or at least it seemed like that, due to the fact she had sound proofing panels lining her walls as she played some of her games for fun. She'd be enjoying a fun and easy going stream, playing one of her favorite games, Digimon Cyber Sleuth.
  8. @Illiad Easle "Well you have a point there, but why don't we make a start on getting to know each other?" she suggests "I mean you've been nothing but nice to me, and I know you are friends with two of my closest friends", that's something" she would smile at him.
  9. @Dynamo Pad Sora chuckles and nods "You're right, can't afford to get distracted when driving" she'd say, getting out of the car and smiles "Well maybe not with the full dive, unless the developers have included some sort of streaming function in the hardware" she'd say "but we can still stream other games" she says, stretching before going into the shopping centre, looking for food.
  10. @Dynamo Pad Devin smiles and nods as she goes up the stairs to her and Gentle's room, laying down on the bed and sighing. Scarlet smiles and cuddles up to Dynamo "Hmm ooh wow, they got us Path of Radiance!"
  11. @Dynamo Pad Night would nod and check her schedule "Got the night off, I suppose Luna wants me to be able to be at full capacity during the party" she smiles and nods "And yeah I'm pretty tired, we should probably go to sleep, be ready for the party tomorrow" she'd say, kissing Button as she made her way to their room and got ready for bed. Broken would nod "Oh we could play some games sure" she says "how about Digimon?"