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  1. I think you should go with frustration free. You can just pull out the figures without any packaging hassle. Saves you time, money, energy, and even the world since you won't be wasting as much plastic.
  2. It all depends on demand, which there is for Muffins figures. She just recently got a blind bag and the 2018 brushable rotation has just started. With Toys R Us closing down it looks like it's up to Target and Walmart to deliver with exclusives this year, but they do seem to be adding her to regular waves of blind bags after all these years of her being considered a "special exclusive" fan favorite character so we'll have to see what goes on with that. Collectability purposes. Also toys are what keep the show running.
  3. I think Flash Sentry's new redesign makes him look cute. Just look at that face, he's boyfriend material I love him
  4. Thank you for that! But yes, please support this film! It's a lot of fun and you guys are gonna love it, trust me.
  5. There were a couple, and there was a scene where Spike lit someone on fire. But nothing too graphic.
  6. The intro serves it's purpose. It just shows Equestria is a really happy place, and I think that's all newcomers need to know.
  7. Surprisingly no. The movie didn't have any narration at all, it just opened with the logo and the soaring pegasi.
  8. No no it's fine! I'm here to answer questions lmao Anyways, there is a scene involving the Mane 6 and Spike that hit me hard. It's towards the end, it's pretty heartbreaking.
  9. Yes! All of them get a moment to shine and contribute in their own little ways...except Fluttershy. She, um, kind of didn't do much. Well this was an early showing, and most of the people there won the tickets or got them from stores like Toys R Us and Target, so it was mostly a family event.
  10. There might have been 1 or 2, but the theater was filled with kids and families.
  11. 1. About a minute. It plays in the background of the establishing shot of Canterlot. 2. The end credits. The beginning is just the logo and then it goes right into the movie. 3. Rainbow fades into the credits first, then Off to See the World plays.
  12. I feel like a good portion of the MLP fandom will enjoy the movie as much as I did! You'll have a great time, trust me!
  13. Howdy y'all! Today I attended an advanced screening of the MLP movie, and boy let me tell ya, it was GREAT! This is a spoiler free review, if you would like me to do a review detailing the plot then let me know. When we got there, the theater wasn't open so we had to wait outside. There were a LOOOOOOT of little kids and parents there. For any neighsayers who think the movie will bomb, the theater was packed with loads of kids, parents, and critics, and this was just an early showing! So I think it'll do well. Once the theater opened, a representative from Lionsgate came out and told us that recording was strictly prohibited, and gave us all free posters and a coloring page, which was a nice touch. 20 minutes later, the movie started! No trailers or nothing, not even the Hanazuki short, which I was looking forward to. It starts off with the Lionsgate logo, and then a small purple sparkle. The sparkle outlines something which is then revealed to be the logo! My Little Pony: The Movie! We're in for a treat today! For a brief moment, the MLP theme song is playing in an orchestrated version, but then, the "Ponies got the Beat" song from the trailer is playing in the background. The movie's special effects, presentation, and animation are on point. The scenes in certain portions are very well animated and everything about it is gorgeous eye candy. The songs are great, I'm a very big fan of "We Got This" and Capper's song. Daniel stepped up his game and it shows. The voice acting is top notch. Capper has a very nice voice to listen to and the Mane 6 and co brought their A game. Tabitha better win a goddamn Oscar. You can tell the VA's had a lot of fun recording. The Mane 6 were perfectly in character, and I would argue this is them at their best...well, most of them at least. This movie brought forth a Mane 6 member at her worst, not in terms of writing quality, but in a character sense. You'll know what I mean when you see the movie for yourself. A lot of supporting characters were there! I spotted Moondancer! And Starlight and Trixie get a nice moment in the credits, I appreciated that. And Discord is in the credits too! All in all, it was a great movie! When it comes to your nearest theater, please support it! And I'll answer any other questions if you want.