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  1. They made a playlist for her vlog but the newest episodes have all the previous episodes added to them.
  2. I might as well share my assumption about the denial because nobody wanted to sign the petition, but I don’t know if it’s true… I am assuming that Hasbro is rejecting the idea of My little pony ice cream bars, because when the ice cream melts, they might get nightmares about the Mane 6 melting…
  3. Are you saying that nothing we do will work? Not even contacting Netflix or Hasbro?
  4. I’m going to search for that and check it out right now! Wait never mind, that wasn’t a thread, It was a topic.
  5. I don’t like cuss words either, but in some discord servers and/or communities of any kind, we have to deal with it.
  6. Eventually I will have three computers. Essentially, I will be using all of them for the same things like Minecraft, videos, music, and more. That involves projects made with text to speech voiceovers from 15.ai.
  7. It doesn’t work on my phone, not to mention I have another computer, so I might either try it on one of them, or wait until I get the other one back.
  8. Well, I lost my computer and I can’t get the voices to work, so… Imma check that out!
  9. There is a site that has text to speech voices based off of My Little Pony. They can be found here, but keep in mind that sometimes the site is under maintenance.
  10. I’ve been waiting forever and it never happened, therefore somebody might have to contact Hasbro and/or Netflix.
  11. I made a petition for this.
  12. It’s missing in southeastern US as well…