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  1. Hearths Warming Contest

    Sweet, sixth place sure is something ^^ Thought it wouldn't be that good tbh. Seems that Dwhite's not much of a hardcore fan.
  2. Hearths Warming Contest

    Aw man I missed the event!
  3. Ooh, lemme know how this turns out soon. :3
  4. Hearths Warming Contest

    Yusss, Ice bear's body is ready!!
  5. Ice bear's also here for any music you need.
  6. Hearths Warming Contest

    Ice bear also can't wait for the results as well >.>
  7. Haha, screenplay writing is pretty awesome! :3

  8. Huh? where did you see this at?
  9. What episode does that quote come from? Although, I may have to agree with some of the stuff C. Thunder Dash had posted (I noticed that you say "Ok." in lots of posts when giving critique >w<). Oversampling can be quite chaotic. Also, while using reverb, lower the dryness level and up the wetness a bit to give things an atmospheric feel. :3 Other than that, it's a pretty good remix I have to admit. ^^
  10. Hearths Warming Contest

    Didn't actually think not many would participate in this tbh, i thought it'd be around 30 or so.
  11. Hearths Warming Contest

    Best of luck to everyone participating :3 Totally not expecting to be in the top 10 though cause i'm not that good. xD How many participated btw?
  12. Hearths Warming Contest

    Clearing cookies and cache didn't work. Might as well send the song through PM. :/
  13. Well, made a remix of a mlp song that HASN'T been remixed yet :D

  14. Hearths Warming Contest

    Agh, I'm actually getting problems trying to "log in" to to upload my track for this contest when i'm already logged in. Even tried logging out and logging back in and problem still not solved. What should I do before time is up??
  15. Hearths Warming Contest

    Aw thanks, I really needed this. Hearths Warming is Here Once Again, here I come!