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  1. Just watch the Russian Equestria Girl Short and I don't even watch Anime In subtitles. THATS how epic it was :D I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN!

  2. Page 12 is up check it out HERE
  3. Adventure

    Episode 2 "Old Wounds, New Problems" is live for Equestrian City at FimFiction!
  4. Good news. I spoke to the staff and they enabled spoilers for me n.n so I went back and hit all images with it! Does this fix it?
  5. Part of my intent was to keep my project somewhat active. However if it's become to the point you've had to intervene I suppose I've offended someone. I'm unable to use the spoiler function at work via the mobile app so I will need to figure that one out. I hadn't noticed the larger threads having the need for spoiler functions bit I assume were all treated with the same fairness so I'll stop..well...foe lack of a better term I'll stop being so active. Thanks for the post!
  6. New rarity up on my thread n.n 

  7. Heres a peuce i call "Make the worls go away". Its to show the artist i need to find still what mood i need rarity in. A functional alcoholic after watching Sweetie Belle die o.o You'd think that would make ya a little dependent on downers. Still need to find an artist though..
  8. Tie between Extermination for the ps2 and sewer shark for the saga CD. X.x
  9. The puns they burn! They burn!
  10. I personally think this is giving Celestia too much credit. We've recently seen she's very human in regards to insecurities. If she knows everything will play out..she wouldn't be unsure of any move she made.
  11. Now we could take that a couple days. One Celestia has no idea sunset is communicating with twilight..or..its not happening in this reality lets call it..Equestria Prime.
  12. What bothers me is that Celestia tells twilight she could always make her student write her letters. Which sunset has been doing for a while. So I think we're going to have a m ultiverse explosion soon though...that would be good for my story but..bad in general x.x
  13. Well I borrow a lot from poses I look at first. If that helps. I think this..kinda turned out awkward but I hear your own worst critic is yourself also. Today i worked on a new villain im calling Nightmare Tabitha until i van think of a better name.
  14. I disagree. It's clear the first two episodes were more adult based. Self satire and spikes almost bugs bunny like self awareness were welcome additions.
  15. and my thoughts are up and ready for destruction or shunning