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  1. Well said n.n
  2. 1) the same could be said about fire arms. It's fairly easy to get a fire arm. By your example it's entirely alright to allow anyone and everyone such a right when they could not be qualified to handle such a device resulting in ..issues. 4) let's pretend that first part is not an issue. Who decides what proper? What offends one person may offend another. With sexual Itty, just as politics and religion, you've got both extremes and the middle ground. How do you intend to maintain a sensitive subject like that in a way that satisfy everyone. Or are you simply saying you want this section and someone else has to be responsible? Cuz thatsounds rather selfish J) while again I personally would enjoy a deep and convoluted area to discuss why (redacted) is putting his (redacted) in fluttershy while Twilight reads (redacted)...I cannot see how this would be a draw except to a handful of intellectually gifted perverts x.x consequently, I can see this idea driving people away. Less people means less traffic less traffic means less hits less hits leads to less ad revenue and less income for things like upgrades and new pipelines. In the end, the few people who would sit down and discuss this by all accounts in my opinion legitimate analysis section, would not outweigh the disgruntled of the many and our inevitable descent into being just another pony porn site :/
  3. Sorry I was recently classified as "Demented Fanfiction Writer"
  4. How colorful.
  5. See. They get it
  6. Clearly were all missing the fact that Chrysalis is an alicorn corrupted by dark magic.
  7. Clearly we needed the least...intellectual...pony for 28 pranks later. Seeing as Pinkie Pie couldn't be caught unaware of a prank, it was Rainbow Dash or no one. Personally I liked 28 pranks later save no one actually got hurt at the end. We needed to have Dash learn a harsh lesson to ensure she wouldn't try this stuff again. Sometimes you just gotta tie your friend to a tree and leave them there for a few hours to prove a point. Or...was that just me? Come to think of it that was a while ago...huh..
  8. No one is saying it's hard. We're mainly discussing the ethical and long term ramifications of adding a taboo like section that can A) be accessed easily by lying (who lies on the Internet right? 2) be viewed as a step backwards to a seemingly fun filled and family friendly enviroment. (Let's be honest some people still think mlp is for girls and kids) And D) be a discouraging factor to some users vs he ones who absolutely must have it (because we don't have clop anywhere else in the entire web) No mention of hard is there. Though how you've missed that makes me wonder a few things.
  9. As constructive as this is, you all may want to consider this point. Along with those you may may also chase away that a viable concession?
  10. See this is what I mean. You can even just ask Google to find you clop. You don't even have to type it x.x This seems by far just a reason to not have an additional tab on your browser open.
  11. The irony is not lost on me, believe me. I'm told I write rather dark. The issue remains that I do not see the purpose aside from" I want this" as the reasoning. Would it being in more revenue? Make the site unique? Or would it just be a lazy persons tool to find clop because they can't type in rule 34s address? That's my main issue not that could we but..why would we? We already have the stereotype that most adult fans are idiot man children or creepy old men, now were almost reinforcing that by asking for trouble. X.x Wed be sacrificing class for cool.
  12. I didn't realize we were still doing things "cuz they are cool". I was hoping we did things with a clear head and an objective view. To use emotions to make any decision is dangerous when it affects so many. :/
  13. I stand corrected then. It seems clop is being tendered on the floor for vote x.x Keep in mind the stigma and the consequences of the actions. It would be very easy to make this an unsavory site in the eyes of the public. We all know how far people are going with their beliefs and such in this electronic age. I'd hate to think with the end of Internet privacy coupled with this your employers can now look up your net history and find a clop section. Imagine the damage that could do to more conservatives..employers...
  14. You must however acknowledge that the topic can be off putting to certain groups. How could you ensure the proper people were allowed in and not minors? How could you safeguard such things. There are laws in some countries and nations against minors being exposed to such materialit leaves in an...actionable position. Discuss it to your hear tr s content bit you don't see Disney with a r34 section x.x cartoon network doesn't have spoonge forum... As much as I can respect the actual artwork and clopping fiction itself ( and let's be honest alot of it is just horribleno real motivation or character development no real structure:/ ) being discussed for the sake of literary and possibly even discussion group fodder I personally can't see this forum system allowing such if it wishes to remain mainstream. And mainstream keeps us afloat. Honestly why not make your own site? then your vision can be untarnished and your goals unobstructed for proper discussion and dissection of the subgenre that is Clop.
  15. Ohh I wish to pay in gum!