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  1. Want a mlp fim fan minecraft server?! Well look no further come check us out at Mc.Squarehorse.com <-- 

    If you'd like to see more about it, here's the website link, we have equestria, freebuild, lounge (creative) and much more! 


  2. Some recent art, I've been trying new things and attempting to improve myself!
  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Happy Birthday! :D

  5. happy birthday

    1. Ezzy


      Thank you ❤

  6. Your Ponysona is SO cute!

    1. Ezzy


      Awe thanks ☺

  7. Father Daughter time.
    1. Kyoshi


      Empty statuses strike again. :lostit:

    2. Ezzy


      O_O Awe stupid site T.T I was saying I have a ych available in my commission shop XD

  8. https://www.deviantart.com/ezzy-artz/art/25-YCH-OPEN-1-Slot-only-801911734 One slot only, full body price, any pony race, any gender, plush can be a puppy or a kitty if suggested , you can pick the color of the blanket on the bed. Anyway if anyone is interested, quote this and say you're interested and we will discuss details in note
  9. Excuse me, but by friend, @TheRockARooster, said you do requests.

    If you do requests, can you do one for me, please? Thanks. :)

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    2. Ezzy


      I am on DA and do accept points and by pony maker redesigns I take ugly pony maker ponies and do art of them so people have their character brought to life but my DA is Ezzy-Artz my commission journal is there and I do indeed take points

    3. Millennium Shadow

      Millennium Shadow

      I don't have a Pony Maker take on my OC, but can you draw him if I gave you the details?

    4. Ezzy


      Note me on DA

  10. your OC looks so happy:yay:

    1. Ezzy


      The happiest floof pone 

  11. My half of a trade for @Kyoshi
  12. Commission done for @Dazric
  13. Wow :o you have a great touch with the e ink! :D just checked out your DA page! Very nice work :ph3ar:

    1. Ezzy


      Thank you! I appreciate it!

      Thank you! I appreciate it!