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  1. Commissions / Gifts/ trades and just overall recent art Commissions open Trades are not open I am not taking requests! Enjoy the art!
  2. Shop still open 1 slot only!
  3. Hello hello? No, I have banana phone. I can talk.
  4. Commission done for @Lucky Bolt Thanks for commissioning me!
  5. Of course! DM Me!
  6. Some recent art I did! I'm getting better guys!
  7. Ezzy

    Art Trade

    Awe thank you its really cute! Great wink!
  8. For those who dont check commissions shops I have one commission slot open!

  9. Ezzy

    Art Trade

    Either is fine, whatever youre comfortable with
  10. Ezzy

    Art Trade

    Im glad you love it She was fun to doodle
  11. Ezzy

    Art Trade

    I had some trouble with the cutie mark since, therefore didn't add, I hope you don't mind. But here's my half, I was in a hurry, but hope you like it anyway!
  12. Ezzy

    Art Trade

    Yes she is, sorry thought it sent through lol but guess not?