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  1. Commission for Ubrosis and seperate commission for @Bakugou is my Man hope you like it <3 Thanks for commissioning me and sorry for the mixup ;w; Ubrosis - @Bakugou is my Man -
  2. Check out my commission shop, even if on hold id be more than willing to do it. ♡
  3. Oops, my bad, I didnt notice! Goodluck with your currents!
  4. Wanna take a crack at Smores? Shes a new oc of mine ♡
  5. Meet S'mores, she needs art, I made her, she has no cutie mark, have fun
  6. Dog Update! She was fine, no infection, they gave me some antibiotic ointment to use on her, and I appreciate everyone who helped. <3 If anyones waiting on a comm, AT, or anything I'll have them out by the end of the week! I've just been busy with the kid, dogs, and house.

  7. Oh yes of course, just go to my shop link and pick 2 fullshaded characrers and with the background it should be about $70 or such I think? Idk it will add up when you put what you want in your cart. Thans for considering me!!!
  8. Lol the photo they used was someone elses sona, not theirs, they put it there as an example of what they wanted for their own oc
  9. Youre welcome, Im super glad you like it! Thanks again General for commissioning me!
  10. Thank you for your kind words! I am delighted you like it so much, hope you two enjoy it together!