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  1. And now your daily dose of wtf


    With that, I leave you goodnight.

    May the embers of hope burn on

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    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Watermelon - my favourite .....vegetable?:blink: Anyway good night!

    3. Sione


      I like watermelon.....that is all. Goodnight Fluttershy-sama

    4. Fluttershy Friend
  2. Equestria has lovely ponies, and a calm tranquility.

    Earth has a linkin park

    Don't make me choose

    1. Sione


      R.I.P. Chester Bennington


  3. As much as equestria is all nice and pretty (heck, they even have ponies that can fly and use magic!) I just would immediately leave. Equestria (combined with the fact its been almost taken over or destroyed maybe 5,6,7 poissibly 8 times) just simply lacks modern convinces I enjoy. (I love my rock music, fight me).
  4. I checked my notifications, I checked my PMS, I checked my recent posts, but I still feel like I'm forgetting something

    1. Sione

      Sione're forgetting A HUG (hugs you*). Don't leave home without it


  5. I'm gonna draw a pony!


    If only I didn't shrug off those art classes in high school.

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    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Do it again and again. Believe in yourself as I believe in you! :)

    3. Ninetales


      "Just try it again"


      I've been trying to three years, I can't get it right.

    4. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      I feel the same

  6. 600 brohoofs.

    That'll be tree fiddy

  7. *puts tablet on charger at 68%*

    *checks tablet in morning*


    Well, I know what I'm saving up for now.

  8. Your reviews and what you're saying here is giving me two different messages.
  9. So do comics, characters, reflections, ext. i mean, the other problem is that some of the episodes were reviewed too politically.
  10. My favorite color is orange.

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    2. Nature Tune

      Nature Tune

      Well, my favourite color is blue.:rarity:

    3. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      Mine is either purple or magenta

    4. Flutterstep


      Yes! Magenta is beautiful :fluttershy:

      I prefer magenta and orange as an accent colour. Blue goes with pretty much everything.

  11. "second best season" dark, don't lie to me, I'm seeing more f's then my best friends report card.
  12. I'm off for the night, fire pone has had an eventful day, and im burned out.

    Goodnight sentients, and may the embers of hope burn on!

  13. *boop*

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    2. Ninetales


      Nine tailed fire pony?

    3. Mesme Rize

      Mesme Rize

      do you have a reason to boop snekpone, nine tailed pone?


    4. Ninetales


      Well, other then to simply see how you were doing?

  14. Once again, a militant fan gets away with posting a hostile topic

    Really doubting the comitemptcy of the EQD staff

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    2. Totally Lyra
    3. Foxy Socks

      Foxy Socks

      I remember I posted on a topic and it caused a huge argument that got deleted on here. It was certainly fun.

    4. Ninetales