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  1. New map update for a game I like to play and a new jojo episode thiz weekend. Things are good.

    Morning yall

  2. Seeing meteorologists act like kids in a candy store over warm water and taking it as an indicator of a strong hurricane season infuriate me

    Tips for aspiring meteorologists: Yes, warm water does contribute to the formation of hurricanes. No, warm water alone does not form hurricanes.

    You need the right kind of pressue, you need moist, wet air, and nothing that could hinder circulation (such as jet streams)

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    2. Ninetales


      @Kyoshi I guess after failing several "predictions" i guess theyre thinking "maybe well get it right this year!" 

    3. Kyoshi


      I think it is them begging for them to be right. Big storms means big news coverage that they can do.

    4. Ninetales


      colorado state universjty is suggesting 16-8-4. (16 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 4 major)

      A little more reasonable, but i do want to see NOAA's prediction.

  3. Y'all, ive been working on a project for something, and i'm going to do this. I've decided to make a discord server, i'm very nervous aboutr showing this off, so j'm putting it in a spoiler tag.

    i want to keep it on the down-low, hence the spoiler tag. Hopefully things wont be too bad.





  4. "Ugh, the past three months have been an absolute nightmare, hopefully the rest of the year isnt too bad. "



    1. TheAnimationFanatic


      First plagues, then storms? 

  5. Tmw you can't stick to a fursona design to save your life. It's just like I spend time into it, get a picture of it, and then I end up hating it. maybe i should just put it on hold.


  6. "You currently have 897 cases of corona"


    "We will get 1000 cases of crona by tonight. "

    More nonsense?!

    "We currently have a strong thunderstorm." 

    you're kidding me?!

    "The thunderstorm will have tornado watchs and high wind adviseries."


  7. I like how selling a game at $60 is greedy but selling a fifth of the game at $20 while putting a majority of content behind paywalls isnt.

    Looking at you, Microsoft.

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    2. Ninetales


      Minecraft PE, which was relativly fine until a few years ago.

      As for games by nintendo, rumor is theres a bunch of mario games coming out this year.

    3. Kyoshi


      I dont know, the Minecraft stuff all seems optional really. I see the point though, Modern Warfare's store only has cosmetics but they are all horrendously overpriced. 

    4. Ninetales


      Yeah, i can agree to that.

  8. SO, i watched a video of what a coronsvirus testing looks like.

    I suddenly no longer resent being told to stay at home...

    Seriously, that looks extremely uncomfortable. :sealed:

  9. Whew, been a while. Maaybe i ahould get back in tou h with a couple of friends

    maybe i shouldnt, probably not a good ideas, BUUUUUUUUTTT i've never been one for good ideas.

    (Also 4K notifications im not reading those)

    1. Deae Rising Shine~
    2. Tacodidra


      Welcome back, my friend! :rarity:

      (That's understandable... :adorkable:)

    3. Princess of Hearts ❤️❤️
  10. Maybe i should free up the username "ninetales" since this account is pretty much almost abandoned. should i?

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      I'm not sure. If you don't feel like sticking with the name, then maybe. It's up to you.

  11. Star wars critics really frustrate me sometimes. EHh, who cares? Nothing wrong with liking things.

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    2. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      My favorite animated movie was a flop with critics, but eh, I don't care whether others think it was good or not. I still love it.

    3. EpicEnergy


      Same here, I think some critics are very hypercritical of the new star Wars. It bothers me when they point out small and insignificant errors, and when they constantly talk negatively throughout their review.

    4. Cash In

      Cash In

      Star Wars may be somewhat divided nowadays, but people should be able to like what they want to.

  12. Neeeeeeeeewsss and other theeeeennngs spoooilers =w=


    So it looks like Chick-Fil-A is gonna stop donating to anti-LGBT organizations, and the "Twitter has to bake me a cake" crowd are upset.

    I guess some people are unpleasable


    1. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      Anti-LGBT organizations are NOT cool. Good riddance to them

      LGBT are people too who have a right to love others, regardless of sex or race. Especially when the love is mutual.

  13. I wonder what hasbro has in store for what comes after G4, cant wait to see!

     "Pony life!"

    *i n t e r n a l s c r e a m i n g*


  14. I kinda have mixed feelings about Disney+. Disney has been pretty good, and i like what theyve been doing with marvel.

    Thhat being said, i dont like what they did with Star Wars, and disney moves just dont really... "Click" with me the same way then did about 10 years ago, but I guess thats just me.

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    2. Ninetales


      Easy my friend, i'm not taking shots at disney or going around accusing of disney of ruining star wars, all i'm saying is that due to my tastes being different then from what it was when i was younger, i am unsure if disney+ is right for me.

    3. Will Guide

      Will Guide

      No problem. I was just making it clear that if anyone tries to force me to change my opinion on something, they'd be wasting their time. 

      I respect that you have your reasons for not liking Disney as you used to. Simply don't buy it if you're not interested. Simple as that. ;)

    4. Ninetales


      You dont have to change anything about yourself, will.^^ However, i will say I do like what disney is doing with marvel, I cound endgame to be an enjoyable experience.

  15. Decided to decrease my discord break from two months to two weeks.

    Why? Because i need social interaction and if i dont get it and i'm going to go crazy.