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  1. No, dont do that.

    Thats a bad atlantic.


    (The orange x marks a possible cyclone formation)

  2. I'm going AWOL for today.

    I have my reasons.

    Anyone who cares, you know how to contact me

  3. Hey friend.

    Hows everything?

  4. You aren't going to make people like you if you b----- about members in the form of status updsates.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ninetales


      @Key Sharkz because i think you are an insufferable asshole who cares only about themselves.

      To put it bluntly. I reallg dont like you. You remind me a lot about Equestria Daily's LostSanity but worse.

    3. Key Sharkz

      Key Sharkz

      That’s fine, you can not like me all you please, doesn’t bother me or make me lose sleep.

      i at least respect that you have the balls to say it to my face.

    4. Ninetales


      I will.try not to.

      its not that i dont like you. I dont like the things you do. However you dont like the things i do.

      And im usually brtually honest. Whenever i see someone i dont like, i prefer to say it upfront.

      Enjoy the rest of your date mate.

  5. I'm off for the night.

    Re-designing sonas are fun, bens getting a redesign. Thinking of a wolf-pheonix-dragon hybrid. Now that would be an interesting combination. roleplayers do not worry, i have no intention of beinging ben to the everfree rolepkay. In factz he isntt even associated with the brony fandom to begin with.

    Also, some people like to date, males. Some like to date females. ME? I like both. Offers more potential for a soulmate. 

    Dropping hints like kanye drops platnium albums. Have a safe night.


    1. The Recherche

      The Recherche

      Alrighty then~! Have a great night, my dude~! :squee: 

    2. SwitchGuy2018


      Good night my friend, I would love to see something like that wolf-phoenix-dragon hybrid sometime

    3. Johnny1226


      Good night ninetales 

  6. Welcome to the Salty Spitoon

    How tough am I? i post unpopular opinions on the internet.
  7. >chancellor neighsay says a bunch of controversial things that could be compared to a certain someone, but i wont connect the dors

     "No. Nothing wrong here. Just a dude who is blah or something."

     >two female ponies exchange gifts and hug


    that is all

  8. Maybe i should do some more writing.

  9. Hey kyoshi. How are ya?

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    2. Ninetales
    3. Kyoshi


      Ah. I think that is the best word to describe myself actually. Already I am not sure I feel like doing anything because of the tiredness. Didn't get to sleep until 9am or so.

    4. Ninetales


      Honeatly i should get a mental healtb evauluation.

  10. Interesting fact:

    According to the nhc, Florida is the state that has experienced the most hurricane strikes, with 110 hurricanes. Out of the 110, 35 have been reported to be Category 3 or higher.

    So, if you ever wanna come down to Florida, bring an umbrella.

  11. Turns out i wont be playing kingdom hearts 3.

    the game systems are just stupidly overpriced.

    Cheapest one is $299 where i live.

    so i dant play the game i want to play because the game stations it comes out on costs my god damn kidneys.

  12. What Is Your Opinion on Occultism?

    I'm completelt fine with witchcraft. i dont live in 1600's salem, if you choose to practice some ancient magic that is completely fine by me, as long as the intent is not to physically or mentally harm another living being.
  13. Hey crystal.

    You good?

    1. CrystalBloodMoon


      Yeah. Just realized my last status update was not as funny as I thought it was gonna be. The problem was, people were taking the joke seriously. It doesn't matter, what's going on with you? o3o

    2. Ninetales