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  1. Merry Birthiversary!


    I want to leave my mark on this wonderful fandom, so creating a tumblr for my health advice...working on a logo...thoughts?


  3. Just thinking...

    The final year of Gen4 ponies is quickly approaching...and I've barely contributed to the community I love so dearly, this is my favorite fandom... 1f62d.png😭

    I still hope people make pony content, and theres still gen5...

    Im just sad in realizing that next year will be the last bronycon (i couldn't attend this years cause of family stuff) and how many bronies will go down in history as the best reviewers, artists, etc. and I've loved them as well as the show...but haven't done anything myself or shared my thoughts in the community (im trying too lately with reviews but they're few and far between) with only one year+ left, I dont want to feel like im riding the coattails and hope the brony community will transfer well over to gen5...I doubt there will be a downgrade in quality after this generation of ponies...

    I hope (at least some of us) will take this as a transition rather than an ending. 

    1. Pathfinder


      I know the feeling. Just continue doing what you feel most passionate about and don't worry about what you have done in the community. Just remember the good times you've had in it. ^^

      Though I should state; the end of BronyCon is not the end of the brony fandom. There are a number of other conventions out there. :)

  4. Hi there everyone! I wanted to share these posters I have made for DisneyFanatic's audio drama/fanfictions Bride of Discord and Daughter of Discord. Finding time to review them soon. (I STILL HAVE NOT SEEN EPISODE 8 OF DOD SO NO SPOILERS PLEASE!!!!) Daughter of Discord probably took me the longest - lots of photoshop and my program crashed 3 times make me start over from scratch! I don't think she'll ever see them but at least they're somewhere. Would love to hear your thoughts - do you like it or it is lame? Thanks!
  5. Finally finished my posters! (Phew, took me two days with my programs crash!)



  6. Updated my season 8 episode ratings page friends!

  7. Hmmm okay, is there any MLP bloggers in the community? As much as I love youtube, I'm much more into the blogosphere and I don't really see anyone else in the MLP community in that niche, they all seem to be on youtube.
  8. What do you think is the most popular method, in terms of reviewing the show? Blog Video (Youtube)
  9. I made a list of my ratings for the episodes so far! It's a bit inconsistent, I know but I'll even it out eventually :)

  10. *internal fangirl freakout intensifies*


    giphy (1).gif



  11. This season is starting off reealllyy weird, my friends...

  12. Hey guys!!!! 

    The shop is now open - currently houses my photography, but will be adding more as I dig through my projects folder for downloadables! :D

    I've also connected my redbubble! Check it out!

    {Photography} Wren [2013-04-28] (6).JPG

  13. Hi friends! Review to come soon but I live-tweeted my first viewing of The Maud Couple!!

  14. Hey guys, I'd love it if you checked out my thoughts on the season 8 premiere! :)