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  1. Welcome to the forum (or maybe the herd)! MLPforum has a friendly community and i'm happy to see you become a part of it!
  2. BUG?? where???????? (screams and runs off) Sorry, couldn't fit a party into my partying schedule, and that party was yours! What do you mean? That would be HORRIBLE Teehee! you win a junior pinkie pie ribbon!
  3. Hey guys im bored so i'm wondering: What do you wish your job was? I'll start: i wish my job was working as an ice cream taste tester. wouldn't that just be awesome,getting paid to sit around and eat ice cream? I would never miss a day of work. Okay, somebody else's turn to answer
  4. 7/10 Glasses w/ that haircut? Clashes a bit, don'cha think?
  5. why. why would you post this topic? Almost every time someone posts about religion, it turns into a post full of insult throwing and hate.
  6. 's just cuz scootaloo is a main character and the miserable scootaloo episodes r funny
  7. I think the badges are ok... but i call being called "Crazy Cat Lady"
  8. nope, but i wanna post anyways. My cat has a girlfriend (she's a stray) and i call her scruffy. so last night i go to give my cat his wet food. This is his favorite food. so scruffy walks up to him and starts eating his food. My cat just stands there next to her like nothing is wrong. Of course i felt guilty that he didn't get his wet food, so i gave him his own bowl of it, (but on purpose didnt wait and see who ate it) and walked away, but i was surprised because he has proven in the past he's not very welcoming to other cats. wow... he really loves scruffy... Has your pet ever shared something they love when you least expected it? OR does your pet seem to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
  9. TPAM must change their sig to MOSHIPIG IS AWESOME in big red letters for the rest of the week (evil laugh)