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  1. Your favourite...

    Hasbro, because of ponies! Favourite toy store?
  2. Your favourite...

    @Recherche Yeah, I've been super busy recently! Night, especially when it's really dark! Favourite farm animal?
  3. Your favourite...

    Cookies! Favourite type of meat?
  4. movies/tv Best Anime

    Yay, another Hetalian!
  5. General Do you want children?

    I've decided long ago that I'm never having any kids, one reason is because I don't want annoying screams and cries and also because I want my freedom, the list goes on!
  6. Your favourite...

    Flynne from Puffin Rock Favourite Disney movie?
  7. The Vending Machine.

    You get a prison sentence! *inserts flight tickets*
  8. The Vending Machine.

    You get a CD! *inserts a train*
  9. Your favourite...

    Christmas, because of the presents! Favourite book?
  10. The Vending Machine.

    You get headphones! *inserts eyeshadow*
  11. Ask Scootaloo!

    What do you wanna work with when you grow up?
  12. The Vending Machine.

    You get a saddle! *inserts lipstick*
  13. What is your fav. clothing brand?

    Nearly my entire wardrobe is H&M! They're so affordable, yet they're fashionable, what could be better?
  14. least favorite thing about your sex/gender

    Periods, without a doubt!
  15. Movies/TV What did you guys think of Coco?

    I'd say it's the best film Pixar has ever made!