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  1. I have a VCR, don't use it all that much though
  2. during quarintine I have lots of free time after quarintine I will be seeking part time work (hopefully will be starting college in the Summer)
  3. I love coffee, I drink probably around 4 or 5 pints a day (school day only around 2 pints)
  4. the consept of feminism is inherently sexist, equaltarianism is saying everyone should be equal in rights feminism is giving as many rights and privelages to women because feminist groups made the guys guilty for something they might not even had a part in
  5. Thanks for the follow there. Unexpected but welcome. I like surprises. :squee:

    1. Sherbie


      you're very welcome

  6. diamond, as I'm born in April
  7. Thanks Duolingo for these gems


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    2. Cinnamon-Bun


      @Sherbie oh awesome :3 <3  I live in Noord Brabant but close to Limburg 

    3. Mellow Mane

      Mellow Mane

      @Cinnamon-Bun That's cool, I'm from Noord Brabant too, but then the other end right next to Zeeland! But I moved to Gelderland for my university about 1,5 years ago. I miss Brabant!

    4. Sherbie


      @Cinnamon-Bun cool,

      @Mellow Mane I sense a meet up

  8. you could make videos now and just see how it goes, you dont even need yo show your face if you dont want to as for me, hopefully I've started transitioning to female gender, hopefully I've immigrated to Mainland Europe (Possibly Netherlands) and hopefully work as air cabin crew
  9. cute PFP ^^

    1. Cinnamon-Bun


      Thank you :3 she’s my bunny pony oc

    2. Sherbie


      you're welcome!

      and cool

  10. this song has been stuck in my head for days now (thanks a lot 100% NL)
  11. I use a VPN because Scottish government block many many sites constantly
  12. generations are around 25yrs long, and millenial definition (years wise) is 1980-2005