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    I enjoy racing in any form, straight line or circle, dirt or asphalt, and especially NASCAR, demolition derby, and tractor pulling. I also like hockey, my 2 favorite teams are the Arizona Coyotes and the Nashville Predators.

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  1. Um, abort mission!

    I went back home a couple weekends ago and it's the first time I've seen my mom's side of the family all together since they found out about @Lucky Bolt and me and apparently my cousin Will has put a lot of thought into her and I's future together. He's 12 mind you and he says to me as we're sitting at my uncle's bar in his garage, "How's the old lady?" And I'm like "What?" 

    "You're woman! How is she?"

    "She's doin' good, probably misses me but I miss her too."

    "Yeah. That long distance stuff will chew you up if you aren't ready for it." (At this point I looked at him like he was crazy cause the only "girlfriend" he's had is the neighbor girl)

    "Yeah, but she's worth it."

    "What she look like?" (Showed him my phone wallpaper) "Dang! She sure is a looker!"

    "Yeah, I didn't even know what she looked like when we first started talking."

    "So you fell in love with her personality. You don't see that much these days."

    (My uncle walks in to get a beer from the tap) "What are you two talking about?"

    Will: (motions to me) "His old lady." (My uncle does a cartoon spit take and walks out laughing his ass off)"So she lives in Florida huh?"


    "Well if she's down there and you're in Ohio, where you two gonna get married?" (My turn to do a spit take)


    "Where you gonna get hitched ya know?"

    "I have no clue."

    "You oughta do it at a race track."

    "How 'bout you just wait and see Will?"

    "Yeah. I'll text you some ideas if I come up with any."

    "You do that."

    He hasn't texted any ideas for location yet but he's concerned on who the ring bearer and flower girl are gonna be since me and her are both the oldest in our generations so who's gonna have a kid young enough to do it. Then he's like, "Well, you two could have a kid before you get married and have them be the ring bearer or whatever." and I told him, "Maybe you could let us worry about that IN THE FUTURE!":laugh:

    I think he approves @Lucky Bolt.

    sorry for the novel if anyone made it this far.😅

    1. Lucky Bolt

      Lucky Bolt

      Ummm....that's, hahahahaha.....:wacko:

    2. Cyclone


      Kid was talking to me like he was 40