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  1. @Iris Flower @Will Guide There's my breakdowns and interpretations of your marks! tell me how I did! @Senko I think my method has a bit of an advantage in the same way that horoscopes can be seemingly accurate to just about anybody. That's something I'm trying to address but it's all rather difficult to work out in a way that applies. I'm comparing my method to the cannon ponies and making sure that it still always works for them.
  2. I bet you ponies thought this was dead. No such luck! Just added color as a criteria for consideration. Anypony else want to give this a whirl?
  3. A Few years ago, I had a template sheet for Rpg Maker XP. I've looked all over and can't find it again. if anyone has some MLP sprite templates I would be forever in your debt! EDIT: Got frustrated and tried making my own. Didn't do half bad I think
  4. Arguably the most important part of a Cutie Mark is the Glyph, here meant to refer to the image depicted. It is from this that we gain the most significant indication of a pony's talent. That said, there is a fair amount of interpretation involved in reading Cutie marks. For example, Cheerilee's Cutie Mark, a Triune of Smiling Daisies is meant to represent her skill and passion for teaching. She described the mark in the episode "Call of the Cutie" What this tells us is that apart from the pure symbolism inherent in the Cutie Mark, a pony's personal understanding of it can play a significant role as well. This presents us with a bit of a Dilema. Using the system that I have devised would not give us the best understanding of a mark like Cheerilee's. The question then is this; How do we handle the subjective meanings of Cutie Marks? One possibility would be to simply disregard this aspect of Cutie Mark Interpretation as it makes the entire exercise a foregone conclusion if you already have an idea of what a Cutie Mark means. In it's capacity as a tool for character creation, this would be a perfectly tenable solution, but in it's secondary purpose of reading meaning from existing marks, this falls short. I recognize that it would be impossible to systematically derive the subjective meaning from a mark so I'm still left with the question of how to do it. As always, your input is welcome and encouraged.
  5. Banned for espousing positive opinions of the Devil's Caltrop!
  6. I'm not sure, but I think we get her name in the MLP CCG or the IDW Comics. Cheerilee actually gives the rationale behind her Cutie mark in an episode as equating the growing children to the growing flowers. As for snips, he's probably gonna be a hairdresser but snails is apparently very interested in entomology and collects insects. There is the obvious double meaning for him being slow but the mark still matches up well.
  7. Banned because, not me sadly. My party is currently failing to save a city being sacrificed to seal away a dark god that we are also trying to seal away... (Long story)
  8. Banned because, Not impossible, but highly unlikely
  9. Banned for baseless slander! How dare you sir!