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    Lyra Heartstrings
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    No Preference
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    Luna (besides Twilight)
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    Sweetie Belle
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    Lyra Heartstrings
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    Slice of Life
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  1. Β 

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    2. RDDash


      He speaks the truth when everyone thinks he is funny and laughs at himΒ :toldya:

    3. Sherbie-kun ⚑⚑

      Sherbie-kun ⚑⚑

      not really for me, honestly I got a headache half way through and wish I could get some paracetamol but it's too late

    4. Pastel Heart

      Pastel Heart

      Love George Carlin!!

  2. Good afternoon, everypony! How are we on this fine sunny Saturday?Β :arethosehands:

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    2. LyraLover πŸ’š

      LyraLover πŸ’š

      @Stone Cold Steve TunaΒ I'm doing pretty well. It's a humid day, but it's nice and cool indoors with the AC cranked up.

    3. Rikifive


      Good afternoon! :mlp_yeehaa:

      I'm doing fine, been shopping online most ot the day. :mlp_icwudt:

      actually it's 1am for me now, so I'm going to sleep, goodnight!Β mTzMRGZ.png

    4. Twilight Luna
  3. My favorites are apple juice and white grape juice.
  4. Over the last few days, I've probably killed over a hundred tiny baby spiders.

    1. Cash In

      Cash In

      And not just the men, but the women and children too.

  5. No. I'll never do that. It looks painful and inconvenient.
  6. Wallflower actually looks pretty cute with shorter hair!Β ^_^


    1. Sparklefan1234


      Wallflower is communicating with her friend Daisy.Β :twismile:

    2. Tacodidra


      I agree completely! ^_^

  7. On my computer, I usually keep it at 22% or 24%. I keep my phone set to vibrate.
  8. I spent an hour and a half dusting and cleaning my room today. Everything looks so much shinier now!Β :yay:

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    2. DivineKnight1000


      @LyraLover πŸ’šΒ Celestia and Luna do help me clean my refrigerator... of all its food!Β :P

    3. LyraLover πŸ’š

      LyraLover πŸ’š

      @DivineKnight1000Β That's what happens when you leave too much cake in there!Β :orly:

    4. DivineKnight1000


      @LyraLover πŸ’šΒ They share the cake with me and we snuggle together on the bed!

  9. I got my favorite color, blue! The description definitely fits me very well.