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  1. Fluttershy or Rainbow Dash, love pegasus ponies. :')
  2. Purrtergeist

    FIM to be removed from Netflix August 16

    I hope it is just renewed since Netflix is the easiest place for me to watch all my stuff, agh. Its been on there for as long as I can remember and I'm slow at catching up on shows!
  3. Purrtergeist

    General What things freak you out the most?

    I love bees, but for some reason wasps are always super aggressive at me so I kind of live in fear of them when I go outside.
  4. Purrtergeist

    General What things freak you out the most?

    For some reason I've been afraid of pretty much every type of drain/sewer since I was little...I just don't like the way they look. Oh and also pool skimmers freak me out. I can't be the only one that wouldn't go near them as a kid, right?
  5. Purrtergeist

    digital Gryph's Art

    Ooh, she's really cute! And I love the pastel reds you used!
  6. Thanks for the follow, my new friend! :squee:

  7. Thank you very much for the follow! :squee: Have one back! ^_^ I hope to see you around more often here, and get to know you a bit more! :)

  8. Purrtergeist

    What fast food resturant is the worst

    McDonalds... their food tastes good but its so unhealthy. But because its the closest to my work and I only have 30 minute breaks I thought it'd be healthier getting a salad there. Nope, now there's reports of even that being contaminated.
  9. Purrtergeist


    Ahh I didn't expect this many people to welcome me! Thanks guys, I feel at home already!
  10. Purrtergeist


    Hi everyone! The name I'm called by is Ghostie because of my interest in the paranormal! I'm 19 years old and going to college for a degree in Criminal Justice. I'm not so good with introductions, but I've been a fan of the MLP franchise since I was waaay younger, like toddler age! I had a whole giant bucket of the old toys, not sure where they are now....but anyway, I really love the new show and what they've done with MLP. I love all the ponies but I'd have to say my favorite is Fluttershy, because I heavily relate to her! I struggle with shyness and an anxiety disorder in my life, and I love animals. MLP and the community is kind of almost a safe space for me, because the show's lightheartedness makes me happy and because I feel at home with people who share the same interest. Some of the other things I like are the paranormal (hence my nickname), Jurassic Park/World, art, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and many other animated movies/shows! Anyway, I've probably rambled on enough, I look forward to having some fun on this site!