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  1. either or really ^w^ i dont mind either way
  2. I'm not sure XD something really dark tho! (Sorry for the wait I just got off work!)
  3. This is art I made last night of Pinkie Pie and my OC MoonPetal!
  4. Hey I'm willing to rp with you if you like!
  5. Thank you so much! oo I hope so! I'll try to improve
  6. This is my ponysona! Its my first art piece of her that I made myself. It didn't take very long to make (her back legs took the longest) and I know I can improve so any criticism is welcomed! I hope you all enjoy!!
  7. :c I forgot to register to vote, my work got in the way but I would have voted democratically
  8. This is my ponysona MoonPetal! I had the idea of her from reading a lot of creepypastas but shes not solely a creepypasta pony. I'll use her for anything! She just started up her own restaurant where shes always trying out new recipes and ingredients! Oops forgot to post her pic
  9. Hello! My names raven too! ^w^ welcome it's a pleasure to meet you!
  10. So yes I'm now a brony or pegasister! And I hope to make some new friends!! Im a 22 year old girl from texas! I love gaming, horror, music, plants, cooking, art and just having fun! I like rp and I'm always down to chat!