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  1. Thank you for the kind words, I appreciate it a lot (: Glad the risk you took paid off as well. Congratulations again on winning!
  2. Thank you for the support! And I do have the Photoshop files for all my artwork, so if that’s what you’re looking for I can send you some of them. Just let me know which ones you want ^^
  3. Greetings, MLPForums! Hope you are all doing well today. My name is VanillaGhosties, and I'll be your guest judge for December's art contest! I'll also be selecting a winner from the previous months as well, so stay tuned (through like one paragraph) for that (: For those of you who don't know me, here's a quick introduction: I make pony art over on DeviantArt. I like to draw. I like to paint. I like ponies. I like Sunset Shimmer. And that's about all there is to me, so let's jump right into this! WINNERS I greatly enjoyed looking through all the artwork that was submitted for last month's contest. I appreciate all the effort and time that were clearly put into all of these, so you should all give yourselves a pat on the back. It wasn't easy picking a single winner because there were multiple submissions that stood out, but I have to give it to @KH7672's animated gif, "The Snowpony Six"! I personally love moments in the show that simply display friends enjoying each others company and having a good time together, and I think this submission perfectly encapsulates that. Alongside that, it's adorable, funny, and an all-around enjoyable scene to watch. Even animating something small takes a sizeable amount of patience and persistence, so I have to admire the clear effort put into this on top of everything. Congratulations on being December's winner! Now, onto deciding a winner for the combined previous months: once again, it wasn't easy, as there were a lot of great submissions. I had to do a makeshift tournament-style elimination sequence pitting submissions against each other one by one to come to a decisive winner. In the end, I decided on @Pucksterv's digital painting, "Warrior". Lovely usage of color in this one, with Rainbow Dash light colors contrasting really well with the deep red of the sky and helping her stand out. I love the expression and pose, and those wings are very impressive too. Just an all around beautiful piece of artwork. Congratulations on being the winner for the previous months! PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T TECHNICALLY WIN BUT WHO I APPRECIATE AND ARE ALL WINNERS IN MY BOOK While there can only be one declared winner for the month, you all did a fantastic job on your submissions and should all feel proud of the work you've done. Not every piece of artwork can be a featured image, or a header on EQD, or a contest winner like today. But the fact that you're taking the time to participate and create something for the community is admirable in itself. You all deserve to be encouraged for helping the pony fanbase to stay afloat, so a huge thanks to all of you for that <3 I do have some feedback for the rest of December's submitters, so let me get on with that. And I would write something for the previous months too, but there are a little too many to get to, so I'll just have to limit myself to the most recent month's contest (Sorry!) @Script Chime's "The Hearth's Warming Mare: Very cute! I appreciate all the work you put into drawing so many characters into this one picture. Really digging the variety of poses and expressions too- great job on this! (: @Laina Charm's "Laina Charm": Laina Charm, you did some really cool work on the magic effects and the mystical look of your OC! The blue colors are quite appealing, and the wings look great too~ @Ganaram Inukshuk's "I wonder where Silverstream and the others are, though...": This is a very sweet scene and I like the composition of it overall. I'm a fan of the art style, and I also noticed some of your other works from previous months which I also liked quite a bit too. Keep up the awesome work! @Lord Valtasar's "Couch Changeling": Love the art style on this picture- it's very smooth and enjoyable to look at. The colors and environment are quite remarkable also, and it's a very well done piece overall! @Pucksterv's "Twideer": So adorable! I believe I commented on this one on your DA back when you first released it, but I really do love this piece. You captured Twilight's adorableness perfectly with that expression, and your rendering looks awesome. So good. @ShadOBabe's "Nutcracker": I was very close to picking this one as December's winner. I super love the concept you went for, based on that classic ballet. Both pieces of art are amazing- the poses and outfits stand out to me especially. Lovely work~ I think that about wraps this up. Thanks again to all the participants who submitted their work- you all did an incredible job! Keep being amazing, and hope you all have a Happy New Year (: