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  1. Seaweed soup! The kinda they serve in a Japanese restaurant I forgot what it is called...
  2. "Be prepared" your life is about to get interesting.
  3. Alto Legato


    Hi everyone. Yeah, not a talktative person on the internet or in real life. Fav mane 6 is Twilight, each of them is pretty unique, Twi is the cute one, and she is relatable during earlier season, in the sense that, we both are book worms, and now she is a legit princess and I am still a book worm.
  4. Before: Dubstep from : AU5, Fractal; House from: Tobu. After: MLP songs from the show, especially remixes; Bach's fugues and Mozart's classics works, Lizts etudes and Rasphady; Dubstep from: Au5, L.M, AjYoung, Susiki, Mentlegen, Exiark, Einarx.... etc...
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