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  1. Zhooves

    Which languages do you speak?

    Norwegian and English, as well as a good chunk of Swedish and Danish I guess (very similar to Norwegian). I also speak a wee bit of Spanish and German, though not enough to get around, so to speak, mayhaps the bare minimum for simple communication.
  2. Zhooves

    Favorite abridged series?

    I've really enjoyed Helsing Abridged, as well as Project Voicebend~
  3. Zhooves


    I'm a drummer meself, been playing for like 5 years now, and I'll just say keep on playing! Anyways, Id' recommend trying to record (if possible) some stuff for reference - if you're as good as you say, then I think you'll find someone to play with in no time!
  4. Zhooves

    What's the last thing you ate? :)

    I was a bit lazy, so I had a banana just now for breakfast~
  5. Zhooves

    Technology What phone do you have?

    I have a Huawei Honor 6; great phone value for the money!
  6. Zhooves

    General How old are you?

    I recently turned 22 on the 25th of August~
  7. Zhooves

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    A bit more down than usual, dealing with a breakup and all... Talked to someone nice today about it, and feeling a bit better; gonna play games, guitar and drums till I feel better~
  8. Looks alright, but I, like the other commenters here, recommend you get a drawing software that takes full use of a proper tablet!
  9. Zhooves

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    I don't drink because it just doesn't seem rational in general. It costs a lot (at least here with the local tax), dominantly appear to taste like crap, and it's apparent key feature for drinking is to make you a bit woozy or however you'd like to call it. I'd rather have a big bottle of cheap soda every now and then! Music and games are the alcohol for me!
  10. @@Hypn0ticD, Hoy, sorry for being quiet again, but some real life issues have come up, and I don't think I'll be capable of keeping up with the RP anymore... Sorry again! Pretend North just blended in with the crowd or something!
  11. @,@@Hypn0ticD, @@Taialin @@Pripyat Pony North watched as things played out around them. He appeared a bit confused at all the things that went on, the sudden appearance of royalty and other well known faces. As the sound of the music died out and things seemed calmer, he took out the earplugs that had been generously placed in his ears. "This is indeed interesting. New kinds of music, chaos and the sudden appearance of order." He then took note of what the princess of the night said, about the event, and the help they'd need with the gifts. "It also seems our ticket to the main event is just to carry some packages for the pink one. I bet you can carry quite a few with ye magic, Clover." he spoke, before scooping up a bunch of gifts with his wings, and started to slowly follow the others to where they were to be placed. "And mayhap dress formally..." he continued, almost shuddering at the thought. "Ye coming, or have plans changed?"
  12. @@Hypn0ticD, Been busy with exams and a recently acquired summer job, but I will do me best to catch up now!
  13. Still around and still in, though also closing in on the end of the semester, so exams will start in just a little over a week now~
  14. @,@@Yoshi89,@@Hypn0ticD,@@Randimaxis,@, North took note of the changes happening around him; More lights and effects, Discord, more music, more royalty, Discords, another musician entering and playing, someone yelling, more Discords... His ears almost popped up right before he looked to Clover. "Clover? Ye are fairly silent... Are ye faring well?" he spoke with a higher-than-usual voice so that she may hear him. He waved a wing in front of her face, getting little to no reaction. "Hang on, I will lead ye out a bit..." he continued before holding a wing over her back, leading her through towards the back of the crowd. "Here... A slightly calmer spot.". He turned to look around, his height allowing him to watch over most heads, though his vision was obscured by the tall figures of the Discords in the front.
  15. Sorry if I've been quiet the past week or so; had a big thingy at school to work at, on top of MLPforums logging me out so I didn't get any notifications in me tabs as I usually do!