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  1. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Really? Thank youuu Oh cool !! Naaah don't say that
  2. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Thanks @Sherbie-kun ⚡⚡ @Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡ and @Kevin Tang Aww, thank you!! It's super cute and nice of you but, as I said, I really need to improve my poor english... But if you want to practice your french, , I'm here! I forgot my Latin and my Spanish as soon as I finished school ;w; Thank you again!! I'm good, and you? Also yes, everyone is kind here! I'm too happy to be in the herd again!
  3. *Boop* @Le Trotteur Sauvage @Super Splashee @Rikifive @Will Guide @Bas @Bastian Bolts⚡ @Princess of Bolts ⚡🔥⚡
  4. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Aww, thank you @Bas Hug time for everypony! Really? Cool! I think we will be a lot to join the herd.
  5. Deleted Accountokie


    Welcome to the herd Kit! I can't wait to see your art ! Oh and... Nice to see another Applejack fan too, she's the best!
  6. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Thanks @TheRockARooster, nice to meet you too
  7. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Aww, thanks @Bastian Bolts⚡!! French people speaking english? Wow, it's impressive isn't it? We all learn english at school but honestly, I mainly learned on the internet (thanks to YouTube, cartoons which are only in english, forums etc). I can't wait to show you my drawings!
  8. Hey Atomisk!! Welcome to the herd Oh and... Your drawings are very cute
  9. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Thaaaaank youuuuuu!!
  10. As far back as I can remember, I've always seen Applejack as the big sister I never had so... She is kind, attentive, honest and her protective side makes her the best pony to comfort me. Especially since she knows how to make apple pie, what more could you ask for? Or maybe Rarity? She could reassure me and cheer me up by telling me how beautiful I am aaand after that, I can clearly see her taking me to the spa...
  11. When? As I said in my introduction: "Since childhood, I love MLP. I had the VHS tapes, the toys, pretty much everything that could be linked directly or indirectly to our ponies!" I grew up and I detached myself from the old gens during a while... But one day, when I was just watching TV, the "10 years old me" saw a sort of trailer about the arrival of the gen4. I was simply absorbed again, exactly like when I was little. How? I discovered the fandom very late (exactly 7 years after the beginning of the show!) and I joined the herd, the French one. I was going through a
  12. Pear Butter & Bright Mac are without a doubt the best couple in MLP: FiM!! Their episode is simply great and their love story is both touching and inspiring (I remember seeing it with my boyfriend, we were both very touched!) Pear Butter and Bright Mac Beanie Plushies (by ButtercupBabyPPG on DeviantArt) Perfect Pear Beanies (by KazzysPlushEmporium on DeviantArt) Perfect Pear Beanies 2 (by KazzysPlushEmporium on DeviantArt)
  13. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    @Will Guide Your signature and your OCs @ExplosionMare Aww, thank youuu
  14. Deleted Accountokie

    deleted account.

    Wow, thanks everyone!! @Le Trotteur Sauvage Hey !! Oui, la coïncidence est très amusante, je ne m'attendais pas à ce qu'on arrive tous en même temps xD Ensuite, des questions... J'en aurais sûrement, ça fait longtemps que je n'ai pas été sur un forum ! Si tu as de bonnes "adresses" pour une newbie comme moi, je suis preneuse ! Et si tu souhaites me parler, n'hésites pas à me DM! @Will Guide Oh I see you're a Disney fan? Me toooo @ShadOBolt ⚡️ Thanks!! I can't wait to drown xD
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