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  1. Lunalicious

    Gaming Your most epic moment in gaming?

    Playing Counterstrike Global Offensive. Last person on my team, P250 in hand and I had to defuse the bomb. 3 or 4 enemies left and I miraculously killed them all. A pistol vs. AK47's and P90's. Can you say CLUTCH?
  2. Lunalicious

    Technology The new iPad Mini, ideas and thoughts?

    I use my Nexus 7 tablet just to sit and watch videos on Youtube, surf MLPforums, etc when i'm doing homework, lying down. It's a more compact version of using a laptop. Only more easier to set up and etc.
  3. So the new iPad mini has just been announced recently. It's essentially an iPod Touch XL, and it comes with a hefty price tag of $349 wing wangs. That's quite a bit, and almost double the price of MY Nexus 7 tablet. I understand that Apple is trying to combat the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire. It would've worked, if it didn't have such an expensive price tag. So what are YOUR guys' thoughts and ideas on this "new innovation"?
  4. Lunalicious

    Gaming Best And Worst Final Fantasy You've Played?

    Final Fantasy XIII-2. It was really fun but that one dude in the desert totally kicked my ass. All my paradigms didn't do jack against him and I needed some other paradigm setup and I haven't upgraded Serah's defender thingy yet.
  5. Lunalicious

    Post your Desktop

    Octavia. So beautiful.
  6. Lunalicious

    I need some serious help with my computer

    Maybe you might've screwed the screws a little too tight? Have you made any modifications to the hard drive in any way ever since it started making those noises?
  7. Lunalicious

    Phone/Tablet OS Preferences?

    For people that think Apple is the best and such, Apple uses Foxconn to produce their products, they have poor working conditions, horrible pay and many Chinese suicide because of their job there. Plus Apple is desperate, they worry that they will soon fall out of the competition. With smartphone giants such as HTC, Samsung, etc, their phones are becoming much better than Apple's products. So, now Apple sues HTC and Samsung claims that they copied the iPhone. Do you know what the reason of their patent lawsuit was? It was because Samsung made phones that had a slide to unlock screen, rectangular shape, and ROUNDED EDGES. That's right, Apple sued Samsung because of those reasons plus many more OBVIOUS features that are present on thousands of phones. Apple now sues other companies because they are afraid they will lose in the competition.
  8. Lunalicious

    Phone/Tablet OS Preferences?

    Android. iPhone is pathetic compared to Android. Android can do everything an iPhone can do, plus more. With Android, you can choose various sized screens, hardware, carriers, etc. With iPhone, you are limited to one style of phone. A 3.5/4 inch screen. I own a Galaxy Nexus GSM btw.
  9. Lunalicious

    I "stole" an Xbox?

    You didn't do anything wrong, you just wanted what was your property. Since you are in college, I'm going to assume you are a legal adult, paid for everything yourself. So it's yours. Just remember to only play Xbox in your free time/break time and focus on your studies more than gaming. Just let it be a source of entertainment. I think that would be best for the situation.
  10. Lunalicious

    Phone/Tablet OS Preferences?

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus unlocked. One of the fastest phones out there. I paid $350 wing-wangs for the thing. It's a 4.65 inch phone, 1 gig of RAM, 1.2 GHZ dual core processor, 4.1 Jellybean software. I have unlimited texting, 2 GB's of data, and the basic 500 minutes or whatnot. Really happy that I saved up and bought it.
  11. Lunalicious

    What's your favorite fast food joint?

    Either In N' Out or Taco Bell. Five Guys' is also pretty good, they have really tasty burgers/hot dogs but it's too expensive and fat for me.
  12. Lunalicious

    My first ever attempt at pony drawing

    It's actually really good! Just smooth out the edges, and round out her chin a little more and it'll look even better! Other than that it looks amazing!
  13. Lunalicious

    Omegle and Princess Molestia. And I just facepalmed. I was bored, saw the "Suddenly... at Omegle" video on Youtube and decided to try it out myself. So, have any interesting/funny Omegle chats? If so! Comment and tell us about it!
  14. Lunalicious

    Technology Apple's Thermonuclear War

    With every growing minute, I hate Apple even more. Apple used to be a good, honest, and competitive company. Now they just want to be the top contender in the smartphone market. And when you say banishment, is it the banning of sales or people aren't allowed to have them anymore?
  15. Lunalicious

    Best fanfics for beginner

    A very interesting story is "Inner Demons" by SapphireLibre, it's a very good read and I enjoyed it! It's a little long about 26 chapters or so, but worth it!