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  1. Looking forward to seeing Pacific Rim Uprising and Tomb Raider in March.

  2. KashihikoPal is one of my besties

  3. KashihikoPal is one of my besties

  4. I'm pretty confident that I am gonna die alone lol.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. CypherHoof


      sometimes you need to take a break for a while; you don't stop wanting or hoping though.

    3. Prospekt


      Same. Join the club. :(

    4. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Don't give up, everyone. Chin up, do what's right, and all else will fall into place. :D

  5. -picks up and holds close-

  6. Felt pretty sad’s been over a month now. I’m sorry mikey. I miss you and I’ll always love and hope you’re in a better place.

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    2. MiragetheChangeling


      I know what it’s like to, I know the pain, but if you remember them in your heart, they’ll always be with you

    3. Jade Fire
    4. That Guy with the Fries

      That Guy with the Fries

      Rest in Peace... ;n;

  7. Can't wait to see Ultra Instinct Bright Honor.

  8. Happy for an old school friend of mine who’s been on a fitness journey. She’s been gaining muscle and doing really good. :)

    1. MiragetheChangeling


      Well I’m glad for your friend to!

  9. Thanks for the follow!

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    2. Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      I see, will add...

      Can't find you...

    3. Glimmerlicious
    4. Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      Nightfallicious Gloamiscus

      There we go... I somehow forgot about the "add friend" button...

  10. What's The Weather Like Right Now Where You Live?

    Cold, cold, and well cold. With snow.
  11. Request Shop Free sketches [Closed]

    That’s fine. I can just pretend bright is displaying Ultra Instinct.
  12. Request Shop Free sketches [Closed]

    Hi is it possible to get a sketch of my oc bright honor battle damaged confronting Daybreaker with Ultra Instinct? Bright is a white earth pony stallion, blue eyes and blue energy ball cutie mark. Build like shining armor. Black RD like tail and black Soarin like mane. Thanks! (Though with ultra Instinct his eyes would be silver and has a blue intense aura)