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  1. Ahh... 2011.. The golden days of the fandom.. It's odd to say this but this song was a blast from the near past.. Back when everyone seemed to be a brony lol
  2. Thinking that How I Met Your Mother lasted like 9 years and FiM is only about 4 years, I'd say the show is alright, assuming they don't come short on life lessons..
  3. School is probably the worst place in this case for me. It is always ME who gets stuck behind somebody that decides to meet up with their friend smack dab in the middle of everything and spend their time in everybody's way. -_-
  4. Doesn't matter what age, 23 or 78, no matter where, school or the store, it seems like EVERYBODY decides to STOP IN FRONT OF ME!! It's always, "oh hey friend!", or "this is on sale!" in front of me coincedentally when I'm trying to do something. This has grown to be a huge pet peeve of mine, does anyone encounter this problem? Or am I just impacient?
  5. Kind of this. I grew up with more female friends than I have now, but once I moved I didn't know how to cope with the new school's personalities. Now most of my friends are male, only few females. However, now that I'm getting adjusted with the newer environment, I've been friends with all kinds of people
  6. Thank you for the support! I'm glad you like them. You're right about that. A majority of them are in my top five favorite ponies
  7. I hate to do this... But bump.. I hope someone will at least reply, I wanted to make this for the community of MLP Forums and for the enjoyment of others
  8. People are ignoring my wallpaper thread :(

  9. Ah, finally.. Finished the Mane 6 Wallpaper Pack... Took me 3 days!

  10. This is the official thread for AGigantorLlama's new wallpaper pack featuring stunning wallpapers of all the Mane 6 ponies, as well as some bonus wallpapers for fun. All wallpapers are 1920x1080 in excellent quality ready for your desktop. I've also made a new watermark, but nobody cares about that. Let's get to the wallpapers already! WALLPAPERS IN SPOILER BONUS WALLPAPERS AND GOODIES I hope you all enjoy this pack of several wallpapers. It took me 3 days and a few headaches to get through. Thank you DeviantArt for offering me the vectors and textures I used in this wallpaper pack. Enjoy!
  11. Thanks! I did add a drop shadow for Applejack just to the right of her. It's barely visible, but it's there. Thanks, I was thinking the same, perhaps I can just scale down the image to the right dimensions of a signature and add my username to it to give it personality. Thank you for the inspiration
  12. I really dunno, I just wanted to make something. The dimensions were cut down to a non-wallpaper size, but it would also work as a large banner. It's really bright, which is cool. I was just experimenting with shadows and lighting, curious what y'all think. Thank you Deviantart for the vector and google images for the grunge texture.
  13. Realistically, Pinkie Pie. She wouldn't flip out if a human were to enter her world. However, my bias says Applejack because 1 fav pone and 2 she has all the history and knowledge of Ponyville
  14. 1,000,000% this. The heartfelting endings to some episodes keep me coming back for more, and the beautiful, colorful world of Equestria too.