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  1. I saw this years ago, just saw it again for the first time in awhile. If anyone needs a good laugh and has low standards for quality, follow the link.

  2. Someone had the idea to bring the American Ebola patients back to the US, to undergo treatment in Atlanta at Emory University. Great care is being taken in transporting and isolating the patients. I find this to be a very bad idea. Yes, the personnel working with Ebola patients had a higher risk of contracting Ebola, even with the stringent sterilization procedures they go through and the use of protective equipment. But bringing the patients here creates a greater risk of infecting others in the US, even if it's extremely minimal. Maybe containment protocols will be the most stringent they can be, and there will be no cause for concern. Let's hope that'll be the case. Looking at the last link Det. Butler posted, a sample of Ebola arrived at the CDC in 1976, the glass tubes were broken in transit. That was when Ebola was first photographed, as what the article said. There was no outbreak, and they had not even known it was Ebola at that time. Still, the situation makes me uneasy, I'm not running around and rioting in the streets with my pants off, but just uneasy.
  3. I loved DS9, Voyager got better as the series progressed, watching Enterprise right now. Renegades is coming off as rather a try-hard project by a few old, typecast actors with other actors desperate for money. It kinda beats watching JJ Abrams have his way with Trek, but it really isn't that good. I'd rather just see a new generation series be made with a new Enterprise, something similar to the gap between TOS and TNG.
  4. Sticking with Raspbian since I'm new to Linux, pretty simple for what it's worth. Didn't even need to install any drivers when I plugged in a USB WiFi dongle. Just need power and a SD card and I can SSH in, that is perhaps the most advanced thing I can do at this point. It's helpful too. I can make an LED blink with some Python code I got from an article, but I can't even make out any idea to do on my own since the coding with the GPIO pins confuses me. The fact I don't even know a lick of Python doesn't make it any better. But it's a start.
  5. For me, if it's country, it's gotta be Johnny Cash. Love his music. Ring of Fire, Man in Black, Hey Porter, are just a few favorites.
  6. My main gripe about it is having a Micro SD card port, rather just stick with the standard SD cards, only micro SD card I have is only 2GB. The extra USB ports do make up for this though.
  7. Seeing in previous threads how you were a Linux person, I was hoping you would jump in this topic. I have two B models with a B+ on the way.
  8. Just fiddle with it, try making the Raspberry Pirate Radio, even without an antenna hooked up to the GPIO pin, it'll broadcast a signal out to a few inches. It was my first project, and the main reason I bought an RPi.
  9. I've had on my mind the idea of making a discussion and support thread for Raspberry Pi users, so here it is. If you don't know what a Raspberry Pi is, it is a small, single board computer from the UK that's around the size of a credit card. It was mainly made for educational uses, but has evolved into many more applications, hobbies, and projects. Look up some RPi projects, people have made arcade cabinets, FM transmitters, robots, and more. The small computer primarily uses Linux distributions adapted for the RPi, such as Raspbian and Arch Linux ARM. Other OSes can also be used. I have only less than a month of experience messing with a Raspberry Pi, but I've learned alot more about computers (and Linux for that matter) than I have since I was in grade school. Discuss the Raspberry Pi, projects, and more.
  10. I hate nothing about my gender. But I can name an inconvenience. >Have morning wood. >It feels great in bed as you wake up. >Go to bathroom to take leak. >Wood won't go away. >Try to achieve position that works. >Feel like you're going to snap it off. >Finish, very uncomfortable. >Wood still there. >Hide it in waistband, leave bathroom. >Wood goes away minutes later.
  11. Well, guess that just about settles it. Applejack is Applejacked.
  12. Khan, from the Star Trek: Into Darkness. I was expecting a battle similar to what was in Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn. An epic space battle and all, minus the William Shatnerisms. Instead, they just had Khan Spock punch him in the face repeatedly on a hover-thing, hover-truck or something. Could have been more. Luckily he got out of the Sarlacc, at least in the expanded universe books. Not that Disney is turning Star Wars upside down, I don't know if they'll have him back in the series.
  13. If each character had access to their respective powers, such as the Chaos Emeralds and the Elements of Harmony, I'd say Sonic. The things he's done with the Emerald's power always seemed more powerful than friendship. Not to mention he runs fast, faster than a Kenyan. I mean, he could just repeatedly homing attack Applejack to death in a minute, given that he has plenty of rings on him. But after seeing what the Elements could do at the end of Season 4, I may be mistaken.
  14. If there's going to be a serious episode, it's gotta be about Applejack's parents. We never see them, they're never mentioned. You know something's happened to them, something grim. It's just another one of those unexplained things. It's similar to Chuckie's mother in Rugrats and Andy's father in Toy Story, albeit the former situation was explained. There's tons of theories about Andy's father, the most popular one is that he walked out on his family. That's the theory I believe. I hope they'll cover Applejack's parents in this episode, if there ever is one. Gonna have alot of emotion in it. It's either what I described above, or Pinkie Pie dies... Or nothing, it's your pick.