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  1. Happy birthday to you :/ probably won't see this....

  2. That amazing moment when I am not the only one who absolutely despises Rainbow Dash on this site. I thought it was just my boyfriend and I who did.
  3. Favourite singer would have to be Lonesome Wyatt, which kicked Dax Riggs out of that spot. Favourite band would still have to be a toss up between Those Poor Bastards, and Acid Bath.
  4. Gonna' raise my daddy from the dead I'm gonna' to drive the country in my Cadillac to the Lonesome family graveyard. Because I've got a quart of whiskey, and I've got a quart of blood And those are the ingredients of resurrection
  5. Acid Bath Those Poor Bastards Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks Demented Are Go! Koffin Kats In a particular order.
  6. I'm an Atheist, and I can't wait to be maggot food when I die. I was raised to be an Atheist, and I will live as such.
  7. I don't catch hell for being a brony, I catch hell for not having eyebrows, a face full of metal, and dreadlocks though!
  8. http-~~-// Toubabo Koomi means land of the white cannibals Lyrics: We wanna see some blood We need a new whore We don't give a fuck We just want more Blood, we want blood I'm gonna fuck the hole in Kennedy's head Revolt, deface, resist Push the button Legalise freedom Let's shoot the president Rape the queen And feel the flowers breathe again Inside this dead machine Swimming into nowhere Thrill kill avenue, Cutting her slowly Liberty, she crawls to me I slept the last mile on our way to endsville Shove it inside her, spectro-trippin on I slept the last mile on our way to endsville Spread your legs, don't look at me Cut me, rape me, make me free Breeders screaming, dreaming bloodless For the loveless White sound, oceans of dreams I won't be another number on the screen Shhh, I wanna hear you scream I won't be another number White sound, jet black scream Vomiting this cold mass of hate I'm gonna push my love Through her skull (x4) Through her I have heard abortion stories from the leather nun Holding hands with dead girls, hiding from the sun I did a line (x4) The lines that define begin to gray and fade now We shoot out the lights and swallow razor blades I feel nothing for the meat that came before Liberty, she crawled to me playing the whore
  9. Get your goff boots on, sway, stomp and brood. Alien Sex Fiend's, Oops, Wrong Planet! It's probably a good idea, or a horrible one to listen to this band while your mind is altered.
  10. Void- Who are you? From the Void/Faith split
  11. This song always hits me hard and fast. I love this band so much though, and I can't stop listening to them.
  12. I don't know what your home life was like while your parents were together, but divorce may seem hard at first but in the end it is always the best. When my parents split, I knew it was for the best, because they had a toxic relationship together. They were always fighting, and the cops probably frequented my home a couple times a week. One of them was always getting dragged off to jail for the night. You have to realize that it can be very hard to stay together for the kids, and it can end up damaging your sister and you more than any divorce ever could. I know it's hard, but you need to respect your parents decision and realize it will be for the better in the end. My parents came into my room when I was 13 and had said "We're splitting up." Before they could even get another word out I had told them "Fucking good, you two should have never been together in the first place." They had a everything went better than expected moment and left my bedroom. Now I realize that your situation may not have been like mine, but they have reasons they want to get divorced, and you may not need to know why until you're older. Your parents may have done an amazing job at keeping their issues to themselves, and all the power to them for doing so, but that probably wouldn't have lasted for much longer. Just keep your head up and know it will be better in the end.