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  1. Do you think the show would ever have an openly gay/lesbian character? I mean, cartoons like Clarence and The Loud House have had same-sex couples, so why not MLP?
  2. I know. And to answer your question, I think Prince of Space was one of the first episodes of MST3K I ever watched.
  3. I was thinking more along the lines of Season 3 MST3K, because it had a lot of Japanese movies/shows. Time of the Apes, the Gamera movies, and Fugitive Alien. It could also have fit in Season 2, because that season had the 2 Godzilla movies.
  4. Looks like the kind of thing that would be on MST3K. Funny, because both MST3K and this show are handled by Shout! Factory.
  5. For those who don't know, "Hiding your powerlevel" means hiding the fact that you're a fan of something in public, such as anime. Anyway, have you ever tried to hide the fact that you're a brony in public, or come close to people finding out? A couple of weeks ago, I was at Gamestop and I saw MLP plushies on clearance. I was really tempted to ask the guy behind the counter how much they were, but I didn't want people to know I was into MLP. What has your experience been?
  6. Or bonding over hoofball.
  7. Here's a Rainbow Dash episode idea: Rainbow gets an endorsement deal for sportswear, and Spike becomes her agent. The show needs more interaction between Spike and Rainbow.
  8. I think this season has been pretty good so far. But, there have been a couple of bumps along the way. What were the worst episodes of the season so far, in your opinion?
  9. I feel like the show is going to end with Season 8. I think the writers are tying up the show's remaining loose ends (Apple Parents, Rainbow Dash parents). What do you think?
  10. Do you think we'll ever get an episode where we see Starswirl the Bearded?
  11. episode discussion

    Kinda worried that with an episode as good as Perfect Pear, the upcoming episodes will be bad by comparison. Can’t believe we’ve had 2 great episodes like Perfect Pear and Discordant Harmony in a row. Fame and Misfortune is probably gonna look meh after them.
  12. Shining Armor is kind of a flat character. He doesn't have much depth other than being Twilight's older brother. Sure, he's kind of a nerd, but that's about it as far as depth. So, how would you fix this? How would you give him more development? Personally, I would have an episode about what made him decide to join the Royal Guard.
  13. spoiler

    But Triple Threat sounds like Spike might regress as a character.
  14. But they befriended Discord.