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  1. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    But the leak said G5 will be in 2020.
  2. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    There are other consoles.
  3. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    Why would you drop out of video games?
  4. Spike in G5?

    He's served as a helper in all of his incarnations. He was Tirek's minion in G1, he helped Wysteria in G3, and he helped Twilight in G4. I think he might be a helper in G5.
  5. Spoiler Will you watch G5?

    Are you interested in G5? Will you watch it when it airs? I'm personally looking forward to the possibility of more worldbuilding and adventure.
  6. A question of future dates.

    Hope that means more worldbuilding and adventure.
  7. Spike in G5?

    How likely, or unlikely, is it that Spike will be in G5? He's been a part of the series since G1.
  8. Spoiler Spike's development (S8 spoilers)

    If you think about it, Spike's had a good bit of development.
  9. Caption that screenshot!

    Where will YOU be when diarrhea strikes?
  10. The show as a whole.

    How would you rate the show as a whole? What do you like about it? What are some flaws? What are some things the show could have done, but didn't do?
  11. Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Spike won’t get the development he deserves because he got wings in the 2nd to last season of the show.
  12. Movies/TV Obscure Films or T.V. Shows that you know of

    That was a really weird show.