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  1. When will the show have deep, complex characters, great worldbuilding and lore, and well-done drama? Or am I just gonna have to find another show if I want that?
  2. We all love the show MLP. But what cartoons running today would you say are better than our pony show?
  3. Is it just me, or is Spike amazing in this episode?
  4. Wow, Spike is out of shape.
  5. Do you think Thorax will get more character development this season? Maybe he has to learn how to be an effective leader.
  6. spoiler

    Like I said, I want some development for Thorax this season. Think we'll get it?
  7. What if in Gauntlet of Fire, Spike decided to stay Dragon Lord, so he could teach the dragons about friendship? Would he have made a good Dragon Lord, since he's nice and helpful? Or would he be too young and have too little experience with dragons to be an effective ruler?
  8. Can we just talk about how badly the writers have botched Diamond Tiara's redemption? She was barely seen at all last season, and she didn't even get any lines. How are we supposed to believe she's changed?
  9. Maud is getting another episode. It'll be the episode after this Saturday's. My question is, why does Maud keep getting episodes? She's so one-note. "HAHAHAHA SHE'S EMOTIONLESS AND LIKES ROCKS ISN'T THAT HILARIOUS?!". People say Applejack is one-dimensional, but Maud makes Applejack look like Tony Soprano.
  10. I want an episode about this. It'd make for some great development for Thorax. Spike could try to help him, but he doesn't know what to do, so he brings in Ember to give him advice on how to be a ruler.
  11. Would you say the fandom is smaller now than it used to be?
  12. Discovery Family showed a promo for next week's episode: What do you think?
  13. Why does Spike tend to steal the show in episodes where he's a supporting character?
  14. Off-topic, but I have a feeling next week's episode will be bad.
  15. Anyone else feel like the song sucked?