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  1. So, there have been three episodes this season that I thought would be bad, but turned out to be good: Flurry of Emotions, Parental Glideance, and Royal Problem. What do you think? Have you been surprised at how good these episode were?
  2. Well, we finally get to learn about Applejack's parents this season, and we'll get to see the episode next Sunday. What do you think will happen? Will they reveal what happened to the parents, and whether they're dead or alive?
  3. spoiler

    None of those episodes were what I'd call bad, just meh.
  4. spoiler

    I think this season has had a lot of meh episodes, like Not Asking For Trouble, Fluttershy Leans In, Honest Apple, and Forever Filly.
  5. spoiler

    I get the feeling yaks aren't very bright.
  6. spoiler

    All that ice/snow would melt into water, which could flood Yakyakistan.
  7. spoiler

    Now I'm not so worried about Triple Threat. This is the third time now that an episode I thought would be bad turned out to be good (The first 2 were Flurry of Emotions and Parental Glideance).
  8. How do you feel about getting episodes before their US airdate, and getting 2 episodes a week? Personally, I'm not a fan of it. It kind of messes with the discussion around here. There has to be one thread for the episode released in Canada, and one for the episode released in the US. Also, I like having new MLP episodes on Saturday. I don't like watching one new episode on Saturday, and then missing Sunday's episode because I'm at church.
  9. Isn't there supposed to be a Luna song this season?
  10. spoiler

    I predict this episode will be one of the most controversial episodes of the season, if not the series.
  11. spoiler

    This episode is gonna be fun. Not because of the episode itself, but because of the reactions from fans.
  12. Do you think Spike will have a big role in the Rarity mane episode?
  13. This better not be a screamer.
  14. But even Discord is more developed than Spike.
  15. It's more that this season isn't building on the potential left for Spike from the last season.