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  1. Would you rather the EQG series be mostly action, where the girls are using their powers to fight monsters, or make it slice of life, like FiM?
  2. What would your personal list of the top 10 cartoons of the 2010s look like?
  3. I think Steven Universe is a better show than MLP.
  4. What do you think his new duties and role will be?
  5. Twilight's arc has been done since she became a princess. What else is really there for her in terms of development?
  6. I personally feel that the show has too many slice of life episodes. I think there should be more adventure episodes.The world the show takes place in is oozing with potential for lore and worldbuilding, and I feel it's going to waste.
  7. I feel like Season 6 got rid of a lot of the negative connotations associated with Spike episodes. Some people are even looking forward to Triple Threat. Maybe Spike meets his parents, but they reject him, calling him "weak" for being with ponies. Spike then decides that Twilight's family and the Mane Six are all the family he needs.
  8. I think Thorax and Ember will be good for his character development.
  9. I think it’d be a nice role reversal if Twilight/Starlight were the voices of reason in Triple Threat while Spike was the one worrying.
  10. So, Spike wasn't in yesterday's episode, even though he would have been perfect in it, and he won't be in To Change a Changeling, even though he's Thorax's friend. What happened? Why is Spike back to being an afterthought after Season 6?
  11. In a good way or bad way?
  12. Think this episode will be good?
  13. He's too nice to actually do it, but maybe he'd think about it.
  14. I think Spike would have killed those ponies who insulted Rarity.
  15. So, what do you think of the episode now that you've looked at a promo for it?