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  1. Yes, I know Season 7 isn't officially over yet, but it is for me, since I watched the leaked episodes. When do you think we'll get a trailer for season 8? January?
  2. You mean Spike and Ember would be half-siblings? I think Spike's father should look like an adult version of G1 Spike.
  3. It's not just their movies. Disney cartoons had some great villains too, like David Xanatos (Gargoyles), Flintheart Glomgold (Ducktales), Negaduck (Darkwing Duck), and Don Karnage (Talespin).
  4. spoiler

    Do you think Spike would eat the pie Rainbow made? He liked Applejack’s baked bads.
  5. An upcoming book features Scootaloo living with her Aunt Holiday and Aunt Lofty, who are a lesbian couple. Vogel confirmed that they're a couple. What do you think about this? Do you think they could appear in the show?
  6. I really want to experience all four seasons someday. It's 90 degrees here in Texas. I want to move to a state where you get four distinct seasons. What are the best states to go?
  7. Spike is selfless. He declined a chance to be with Twilight and her family to take care of her princess duties while she's gone so she can relax.
  8. Is it confirmed that Twilight considers Spike part of her family?
  9. Spoiler

    Actually, Spike isn't useless. The show hints that he's good at just about anything he sets his mind to. He's good at playing instruments (piano and drums), ice skating, cooking and cleaning.
  10. Spoiler

    I mean, he's smart, but he'd rather eat gems and read comic books than do the work Twilight assigns him.
  11. Spoiler

    What do you think Spike will be like as a teenager? I imagine him as being really smart, but lazy. Why is that?
  12. Ever watch an older show or movie that had them use technology or make a reference to something that was current when it was made, but over time has become dated? What are some examples?
  13. Spoiler

    Maybe Spike didn't want to go all the way to Canterlot just to ask Celestia about where he came from. I mean, Celestia's pretty busy.
  14. As you know, it's fall. For those who actually get it, what are your favorite activities to do during this season?
  15. Some interesting news about DHX Media, the company that animates MLP, came up. How do you think this will affect the show?