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  1. I could possibly give up steak, pork, beef, turkey, etc. But I could never become Vegan or give up Seafood. So I'd be a Pescetarian. I love cheese, I love milk, I love things that are made with these things- way too much. But it wasnt even on purpose - that i was eating nothing but vegetables and fruits and noodles and fish for several days. I didnt have any 'meat' (some people think seafood is meat, but still, I just call it seafood in this case just not to get it mixed up. I dont care what people think, I wont judge, but i dont want to get things all confused.) I love cheese way too much. In the morning if i know my parents and I are going out to eat later but I'm not all that hungry, I eat a mozzeral/cheddar cheese stick instead of like, bacon or something. I dont cook that much. I ate a bowl of instant ramen with Creamy Chicken flavoring (again, I dont want to be 100% Pescetarian but I could sort of give it up). I added black pepper to it, sometimes I cook a boiled egg, but last night i was too tired and didnt want to go through that. One morning I had feta cheese, brown rice, boiled egg and hot sauce for breakfast. It tasted good. So really, its just all about being healthy and eating what I like. Today, I'm ordering a greek pizza from Papa Johns and Cheese Sticks, no meat there. -shrugs- say what you want, but sometimes I'm perferctly capeable of not adding any meat to my food. Veggies can be pleantly yummy - just as ribs or steak. So many ways to cook and create dishes, and pies, and desserts too. I just dont see myself eating a flower petal sandiwch anytime soon xD ! You dont have to go completely Vegan or Vegetarian, you could cook Vegan/Vegetarian-Style meals and still apperciate them all the same. Like what I'm doing. I appreciate food and cooking as an art and as a whole medium differently. Thats just - what I love about food, and cooking, in general when your in the kitchen the possblities are endless. You could experiment and so what if you mess up? Its your food, your the only one eating it. Its okay to appreciate something even if your not really following it 100%. As long as your healthy and happy thats what matters, right? ;u; Yolo.
  2. WHATS UP FANS?! ARE YOU ALL READY FOR WEIRDMAGEDDON? IM KINDA NOT. Ive been sort of crying to myself these past couple of days wondering if my baby cornchip has the slightest chance of being okay - that and the human characters i actually like will be safe from his reign of terror. Dont get me wrong, I'm aware that Bill's supposed to be the bad guy, but I'm a sucker for villains regardless. MY THEORY - Bill and Dipper/Ford and Bill's relationship reminds me of Batman/Bruce Wayne and The Joker's relationship throughout like, almost the entire series of Gravity Falls. They just love to mess with each other. Bill loves pissing people off, so does The Joker, and he loves getting under his enemies skin. He'll do anything to make a person's skin crawl, he'll do anything to make them crack - like, henceforth THE JOKER & BATMAN. But of course, Bruce/Batman is a big meathead adult and he never cracks. But finally, in this trailer seemingly is pushed over the edge and tries to PUNCH A DREAM DEMON IN THE FACE. (What the actuall hell, Dip-Dop? What makes you think that's a good idea?!) But in all honesty, lets trackback - Bill is responsible for invading not only Dippers mind, but both of his great-uncles, pretty much tearing his family apart, runing McGuket's life, (did I mention he possesed Dipper himself. Oh yeah. Bipper. Been there, done that.) and now, he's poessing his sister - MABEL. In the trailer we can clearly see that Bill is going to use Mabel for SOMETHING sinster and Dipper is going to be super pissed and do everything he can to stop Bill from acheving his ulitmate goal - because of - Mabel. Their bond is stronger than anything, it cant break not even when the world is ending. That's what I think Ford and Stan have to realize, possibly a fight breaks out between those two (i swear if it doesnt then these two will never have made up at this point. Seriously the last time they actually had a conversation that lasted more than five seconds with each other was during a Tale of Two Stans, and that's sad. They NEED TO HUG IT OUT)(before one of them dies) and then they realize they're being childish and they need to help the actual children in dange. Or SOMETHING. ANOTHER THEORY - Aside from everything I just said, not that I dont think it's going to happen, I think that Bill possibly has an elder sibling, twin, or some sort of family issues going on right now - as he said in Sock Opera to Mable "who go all out of their way just for a dumb sibling?" or something similar. Instating that, maybe he had trust issues with a sibling - not just turning him into the way he was (quite possibly he's always been an insane dream demon that he and his sibling where causing chaos for trillions of years that has never changed) but making him even more resentful than he was from day one. He possibly wants all this to come into place so he can call out his sibling and fight him tot he finish? (Sauske VS Itachi, much?) Maybe his sibling is sort of netural. Or maybe, his sibling acts like a total jerk like how Freiza's brother Cooler does (not that they're not both jerks already, but they dont really get along as my knowledge lead me to believe while watching the movies. They were both powerful, but they kinda hated each other. Cooler thought his brother was spoiled, and rightfully so. But they're both kind of spoiled.) So maybe that's it. I'm not saying that's what Alex is going to do, heck, if any sort of larger-power figure is introduced that Bill is actually intimidated by, it could end up in a double-crossing sistuation. Bill could side with/trick (or try to) the new guy, the new guy then double crosses Bill and maybe - almost - or actually kills him. Wether or not he's his sibling or family, we could just refer to the 'big bad new guy' or girl. Who knows. Lets not sterotype villianous roles here, people. It could even work out to be a triple-cross. Bill tricks the pines/main cast, convinces the new guy he's smart (cause that's how powerful he is) eventually the new guy lets Bill help him, and then its like, the new guy back-stabbs (if not literally) Bill or something. At the very end Bill comes back showing he's not afraid anymore or just at all, and helps the Pines Family defeat the bad guy... But... what about Bill now? Would he be good, bad, neuteral? Who knows. My head hurts now XD
  3. Are you planning on doing some sort of major project with your OC? I mean, if you are i can see why you'd need to add a backstory. If you just want to make a nonsensical ponysona or an OC that's there to be a website icon - something thats pretty, shiny and cool, you dont have to worry about adding a backstory. Also, heads up, its also your OC, stories are really whatever you want them to be. I dont see why people have to worry to impress others about their characters or worry they might offend someone if they arent even going to use them in some sort of major thing. I dont write with mine, yet, and no - they're not my ponysonas. But let me see if i can help improve yours some way? I guess. But remember - its also your OC so you shouldnt really care what people think about it. As long as your respectful to others and respect their dislikes/likes (aka being nice) then really, whats the point? But still, I'll be happy to help if you need/want it. A little comment though about what you've said so far. A programmar/musician. Probably makes music like dubstep, which I dont care if he does. Probably wouldnt get along with my Ponysona, Vocal Range for a number of reasons. Vocal runs a multi-billion bit cooperation throughout Equestria and would probably worry about him hacking into her servers. She's not really a programmer, but she's all about having the best toys for herself possible. She makes things from household applicances to things that can assist ponies in battle (imagine Ironman suits but for ponies - she's getting around to that. She's even making a JARVIS for the pony world. Woot.) The musician side interets me because Vocal Range came from a family of artists, writers, musicians, etc. Henceforth her name. She doesnt like it though, she's a builder/inventor which is why she left to start a company in the first place. She may be friendly with HackTune and sing with him in a bar or something (who knows? Maybe you can make it where HackTune sounds terrible while drunk cause mostly he autotunes his voice cause dubstep. nothing wrong with that, but still. that could be something.) Thats how they'll meet, and then that might give him an idea to hack into her company for WHATEVER REASON AND SHE'LL BE PISSED OFF. But see? Not that I'm using your OC. I'm just giving you ideas. Also, if you want to know what Vocal Range looks like - here I also have a musician/singer pony whose name is Ivory Excellence. She's currently not got anyone whose she's interested in romantiacally. But she's actually good family friends with Vocal Range. Imagine, Vocal Range and HackTune (or a pony like Hack) meeting in a bar, maybe getting into a fist fight outside (hoof fight should I say NEIGH) then eventually she meets up with Ivory and finds out they're dating. She'd be pissed. Also finds out Hack is literally hacking into her company. "Your name really does stand for something. Wow. Didnt see that coming. Maybe it was because I WAS DRUNK WHEN YOU SWIPED MY COMPANY'S PASSWORD FROM ME COME HERE YOU LITTLE PIECE OF -" Oh mai. Yeah. So. I'm probably never going to use anything like this ever. Because I know who Ivory Excellence is going to end up with actually, but I'm just giving you ideas. You can take the idea that HackTune is actually a programmar/dubstep musician or whatever. That there is actually a busisness pony somewhere in your uinverse/AU that he's trying to hack into and then he somehow befriends? Who knows. Writing is limitless. Do what you want. BTW here's Ivory (techincally she's already taken. I know who i want her to end up with. I'm just working out the tight spots still.)
  4. For anyone who's wondering: Equestria Girls 6 refers to the sixth Equestria Girls novel, not the sixth general installment. Number 1 was Through The Mirror, the adaption of the first movie. Number 2, Rainbow Rocks, was an adaption of the Rainbow Rocks shorts. Number 3, The Mane Event, was the novel to Rainbow Rocks. Number 4, Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine, was an original story set before Friendship Games, Number 5 is the adaption of Friendship Games.
  5. Hmm. I looked at your DA and your art is pretty good! Can you give me some help on my OCS? They're sisters, one's a Pegasus and one's an Earth Pony (or Unicorn, I can't really decide but I'm not making her a Pegasus, either Unicorn or Earth Pony. This I'm certian.) And they own a little Soda Parlor either in Las Pegasus or Canterlot. I'm more leaning towards Las Pegasus or just making up my own place in Equestria. Maybe even Balitmare. I mean I have OCs that live in Canterlot, Ponyville and Manehatten. One of my OC's is even from Hollow Shades so I dont know - I want to expand more upon the MLP-Universe Lore as a whole, but one of these sisters is eventually going to be paired up with my other OC, who Heroic Tea whose a unicorn. There is a Pegasus named Sarsaparilla and a Vanilla Cream Soda Pony-Themed who is, like i said before is either a Unicorn or an Earth Pony. I dont really want to name her Cream Soda or Vanilla Soda or Root Beer (that doesnt sound very feminie. Sass's little sister is very girly. Not shy, just girly and frilly. I want that to be in her design. Also apparently her favorite flavor is vanilla and she smells like it to most of the time.) I dont want either of these ponies (depending on who Heroic Tea is partnered up with) to date my OC forever. That's not how real life works, so why would it work like that in MLP? I dont like it when people just make it their soul-mates and not date or anythig. They'd date, and be friends and everything, but yeah. I have another pony in mind that I'm not really ready to design right now to be Hero's 'special somepony'. My only gripe is Sarsaparillia's sister. I dont know what she's going to be 1 - a unicorn or an Earth pony. 2 - if its going to be either her or Sass ending up with Hero. Or 3 - where they live. I'm kinda okay with Las Pegasus, if its styled like a retro-area and their store has retro vibes. Im cool with that. Also, I sorta want one of them to have either a pet ferret or sea otter named Dewy. That's what I got so far. I guess Cream Soda could be the default name and places like Las Pegasus could be the default name where they could live for now, as I need sorta like a placeholder area for things to call them. But really, I dont want that to be offical or premanet. Also, why they wont be tagging along with Heroic Tea forever is because I know who they may or may not end up with/marrying/settling down with/forming a family with etc. But that doesnt mean they wont meet up with and their kids wont eventually be friends with them (like Grown Ups but with MLP XD)
  6. We have a full voice cast and a few animators, right now we're searching for more animators, puppet-designers and story-board-artists/concept artists. I really hate advertising like this bout out of my 300 Skype contacts choosing all of them/contacting them all and pissing them ALL OFF was really a bad choice looking back on it >_<! ++++ I'm also apart of a smaller group called PonyDubs where we'll be dubbing/pardoying comics, scenes, clips, animations, & parodying songs & dubbing them. Right now we're working on a lot of Disney songs and trying to parody the lyrics over to make them 'ponified'. Poor Unfortunate Souls Reflection Somepony To Love Dig A Little Deeper This Is Nightmare Night Kiss De Mare I Just Can't Wait To Be Prince Luna's Reply + Lullaby For A Princess Luna's Let It Go Luna's Lament Those are a list of songs we have done so far, and yes I know Somepony To Love is from Bride of Discord - dont remind me but I hope to do a dub-over/redub of that series and then maybe animate a few scenes here and there, but that ones way off into the future. Here so far is what we have for animation project ideas - Chianti - Autumn Starlight - [Writers List] Quill N. Lead - Chiibii - Alex Gray - ???? [Composers, Lyricists] Chiibii - Skybolt - Marcato -
  7. So I have a full voice cast already for a production animation set, but my first idea is to make a parody of the song posted here: I've already re-written the lyrics to match this. I'll post them down below as they're mainly about my OC & Princess Twilight Sparkle set after a few years of the fourth season, but it's all AU so it's not really mega super important. It's really just a joke, really. Yes Heroic Tea turns into an alicorn in his own 'season finale' but it's mean for shiz and giggles. He's not really supposed to be taken seriously. Though this is for the fun of it, and I'm not holding any deadlines or rushing anypony for this project. Take your time with submissions, email me please or add me on Skype. I've got already my voice actresses/actors for this, now I just need animators. I dont need musicians or anything or of the sort - and while I'd prefer my animation to be topnotch like Jan's, it doesnt even have to be. It could be My Little Portal style and we can take our time on it. Pretty much its telling my OC's Heroic Tea's; epic story in parts and skits and segments and songs rather than a big movie which will just take up time. I have lyricsts, singers, voice actreses etc. I just need a few animators. Maybe 3 to 5 would be fine. I need vector artists/puppet artists. Either one would count if I could get at least 1-3 of those. So what I really need is puppeters or vectors 1 2 3 Slots open (random number, various it depends) Animators - (Though the more the merrier of course! & I have a few slots 'pending' for animators) 1 2 3 4 5 Here are the voices that I have so far for the cannon cast Applejack - Applebloom - Scootaloo - Fluttershy - Twilight - Discord - Celestia - Rarity, Sweetie Belle & Pinkie Pie - Here are the lyrics to the parody: Twilight: “I’m sorry Hero. But as future Prince of the land someday you just can’t be constantly slacking on your royal duties and training!” Heroic Tea: Well when I’m Prince that’ll be the first thing to go. Twilight: Not as long as I and the other Alicorns are around you’re not! Heroic Tea: Well when I’m a stallion someday I’ll just runaway and start a Democracy with Princess Luna! Twilight: How – di, bu – -Singing Starts.- Heroic Tea: I’m gonna be a MIGHTY PRINCE with wings beyond COMPARE! Twilight: Well I’ve never seen a ‘little prince’ with such boring ‘hair’. Heroic Tea: My magic will be the ‘mane’ event! Ten times the size of yours! My magic would be strong enough to sway a thousand MANTICORES! Twilight: Less than rather, uninspiring thing… Heroic Tea: Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE! Twilight: You’ve got a LOOONG way to go my student, if you think YOU’RE good enough for – Heroic Tea: Nopony says stop that! Twilight: Now stop that! Heroic Tea: Nopony says be hereeeee! Twilight: NOW SEE HERE! Heroic Tea: I won’t listen to what you SAY! Twilight: Oh Sweet Celestia… Heroic Tea: I’ll be going on my own wayyyyyy! Twilight: I think it’s time your parents came in for a little talk! Heroic Tea: I outgrew those parent-teacher meetings a way long time ago! Twilight: If this is where the monarchy is headed COUNT ME IN! For an aspirin? For a stiff CIDER! Before the headaches wiiiiin! Oh this colt is getting wildly out of wiiiing! Heroic Tea: Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE! Everypony look East! Everypony look West! Everywhere you look there’s – I’m the greatest! Twilight: NOT YET! CHORUS: Let everypony go party and siiiing. [Pinkie Pie: PARTAAAYYY!!!] Let’s proclaim it so loud across the landdddddd! Prince Heroic Tea is the one and only of them allll!!!! Heroic Tea: Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE! Oh just can’t WAIT, to be PRINCEEEEEE! Oh just can’t WAIT… To be PRINCEEEEEE! My Skype is TheBigAnimation & My Email is please spread the word and lemme know if your interested!
  8. Thats great! I already have you on Skype so I can contact you anytime. I'll also message you on Skype for you and I to exchange emails. Dont worry about fundages and donations right now, anything you can do to contribute skillset-wise is great on your part and everyone's behalf for now. Every little bit helps! I'm looking for both as for people who are going to help on the film they can choose to donate if they want to - but as they are already donating their time and skills they arent expected to - they will be rewarded with having their OCs put in the background of the film and possibly more tid-bits added in later like plushies and buttons and art-book features if we can make that work, but not much depending because I want to make it fair for everyone working on it + everyone viewing it. It'd be great if you could PM me your contact info [skype and/or email] !
  9. Don't worry about money-donations just yet as I hope to get something like a kickstarter going sometime in the future when its more well-known but not as of right now. .. Right now, I just want people to help out on things like animation, scripts, sound effects, backgrounds, concept art - etc. I need to build a team. I went to Eraf today but they need you to schedule an appointment to have you enter the permises - also, they DO have horsies there <3 ! I saw them at the place but it was thundering and lighting out so they were busy herding (lol, herding) them inside so mom and I left but we called later and scheduled an appointment to see them on Saturday. I'mma tell them about my project idea and hopefully show them if we made any progress since then - and what they think. Hopefully I can visit/get in contact with Nala and Dominos (Nala doesnt have a specific facility or location, but I could visit Barbie - [the woman who runs Nala(s) Rescue's home] - I just would have to call her and ask beforehand.) [i always feel comfortable talking face-to-face when its coming to money issues or things like this.] Okay! Thats super great! I could really use your help. Do you have Skype and/or email? I would prefer it if you exchanged both because I would really like it if you could stay in contact with me both ways hun! - I'll PM you my email and my Skype is on my profile.
  10. I don’t care for entitlement for ‘being the first ever fan-film on DVD’. I just want this to be a fan-film on DVD so that way it can be something physical-copied so we can sell it at conventions, or we can post it on iTunes and promote it at a convention – so that way it’ll sell. I’ll get permission from Hasbro of course, but I need a team to convince them even more. . .. So here are some details: Plot/Summary: Spellbound and Justice Might are two mischievous and rather rebellious unicorn colts who dream of yearning more for the history of Equestria. More importantly: they wish to learn more about why the only Alicorn Stallion died if he was immortal. The terrible twosome set out on a journey across the region to find out these unanswered questions, and possibly cause a split in their friendship but evolve as characters themselves and make new friends. The developmental lore of Equestria (Luna and Celestia’ parents [a briefing of how they met.]) Two lyrical tracks (one being 1.30 minutes and the other being 2.30 minutes.. (The first one being titled ‘Find My Way’ [developmental name for now] sung by Spellbound. The second one being an untitled Flim Flam Duet song. . .) (Other’s OC’s will be added in the background or as side characters, some special occasions will be given a voice or a one-liner depending if they’ve contributed, or if not and we feel eh, just to want to we can add them in the crowd somewhere so everyone wins in this project!) A duration of 35 minutes. Not exceeding 45. 100% Completely Original Orchestral Track, Original Animated Scenes, Original SFX(s). . . I would like some of the themes to be 8-Bit though like a video game. .. Have some originality. An art book will be sold of developmental art, schemes, etc. This will be at conventions and whatnot, so that way we can have proceeds donated to several organizations I have in mind. . . The goal for money is 3,000 USD. We will split that into 1,000 each and put it amongst three different rescues. If we get a larger amount we will buy supplies that are needed on the wish-lists of those organizations/rescues. Those rescues/organizations are: Eraf of Palm City, Florida USA. Nala’s New Life Rescue of Hobe Sound, Florida, USA. Dominos House For Cats of Palm City Florida/Stuart Florida, USA. Of course every organization needs help, but these are the ones I’d really like to donate to as not just because I have special connections to but I’ve personally seen these places and they really need help. (LOL what makes this even more awesome is that Eraf is an Equine Rescue!) (I also would like the art-book to have stickers and for some people to make buttons and plushies at the con, so that way we can have extra stuff to sell. . .)
  11. Takes place on the night of Celestia’s birth a war happened in Equestria against Sombra and his ‘shadow army’. A few participating co-associates of the Griffon Kingdom were also there to carry out messages to the pony soldiers and they fought in the war (except dragons as they weren’t on good terms with Equestria, they never were and still aren’t). An Earth Pony solider is dying on the battlefield as a Griffon Messenger comes up and says to him that Celestia has just been born and the war is over – but before he can fully announce it – he’s shot in the back by Sombra himself and all goes white. Celestia appears before the Earth Pony, showing that he was beforehand dreaming and now he’s going to be awakening and entering a new life as a new being. The solider wakes up as a Alicorn colt in the Everfree Forest and is discovered by a panic-stricken CMC running about the area (this Alicorn Colt has no cutie mark btw) – Twilight shows up and takes him to the Ponyville Clinic. And at the very end of the film, the earth pony-turned-alicorn would turn back into an Earth Pony but go BACK in TIME into an ALTERNATE timeline as Dusk Kinght and Aurora Dawn are ruling over a still medieval Equestria, where Luna isn’t born yet but Celestia is a couple hundred years old, yet the mane 6 dont exist and most likely won’t ever. The film would be an hour to an hour and a half long, and I understand that it takes a lot to produce a film like that - but who likes that idea? The character himself might not even have a name so he's not even that important. I'm not trying to make him the center of attention, the main point of this is to outline the history of Equestria and Luna and Celestia's parent's past and possibly show how a Male Alicorn aside from Celestia and Luna's father ('Dusk Knight') would work. Anyone interested? Also the note about him having no Cutie Mark I want some interaction with the CMC but not a lot - not where it gets overboard and drives away from the main plot and gets annoying. But I want some or maybe none at all, just that bit in the beginning where they find him. . .
  12. THE COMPANION CUBBEEEEEEEE WHYYYY?!!!?!??!?!?!!?!?!? lol no. but seriously - no one's mentioned Drawn To Life? Saddest game ever. The second one is a mind-flipper. . .XD Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team was also a tear-jerker. The other Rescue series/Explorers are tearers as well. . . But I remember tearing up at the first one I beat - Blue Rescue Team. Also, I think I remember a little bit of hmm some Mario Games? Cant remember which but they had some tearjerkers. Like IDK but I was young then.
  14. Thanks so much for correcting it and the way you said it was so much better X3! I really appreciate this and I'll definatelly credit you when we post all of this! Thank you so much a million!
  15. The character I want you to voice is Apple Tea and here is a link to the script I have so would you also mind saying the lines more than once so that way I can have a couple to choose from? Like so that way I can get an idea of what tones to use or something? Thanks so much and give it your best shot!