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  1. I could possibly give up steak, pork, beef, turkey, etc. But I could never become Vegan or give up Seafood. So I'd be a Pescetarian. I love cheese, I love milk, I love things that are made with these things- way too much. But it wasnt even on purpose - that i was eating nothing but vegetables and fruits and noodles and fish for several days. I didnt have any 'meat' (some people think seafood is meat, but still, I just call it seafood in this case just not to get it mixed up. I dont care what people think, I wont judge, but i dont want to get things all confused.) I love cheese way too muc
  2. WHATS UP FANS?! ARE YOU ALL READY FOR WEIRDMAGEDDON? IM KINDA NOT. Ive been sort of crying to myself these past couple of days wondering if my baby cornchip has the slightest chance of being okay - that and the human characters i actually like will be safe from his reign of terror. Dont get me wrong, I'm aware that Bill's supposed to be the bad guy, but I'm a sucker for villains regardless. MY THEORY - Bill and Dipper/Ford and Bill's relationship reminds me of Batman/Bruce Wayne and The Joker's relationship throughout like, almost the entire series of Gravity Falls. They just love to
  3. Are you planning on doing some sort of major project with your OC? I mean, if you are i can see why you'd need to add a backstory. If you just want to make a nonsensical ponysona or an OC that's there to be a website icon - something thats pretty, shiny and cool, you dont have to worry about adding a backstory. Also, heads up, its also your OC, stories are really whatever you want them to be. I dont see why people have to worry to impress others about their characters or worry they might offend someone if they arent even going to use them in some sort of major thing. I dont write with mi
  4. For anyone who's wondering: Equestria Girls 6 refers to the sixth Equestria Girls novel, not the sixth general installment. Number 1 was Through The Mirror, the adaption of the first movie. Number 2, Rainbow Rocks, was an adaption of the Rainbow Rocks shorts. Number 3, The Mane Event, was the novel to Rainbow Rocks. Number 4, Sunset Shimmer's Time to Shine, was an original story set before Friendship Games, Number 5 is the adaption of Friendship Games.
  5. Padlock-Keys

    Offering Critique Offering Character Feedback/Help

    Hmm. I looked at your DA and your art is pretty good! Can you give me some help on my OCS? They're sisters, one's a Pegasus and one's an Earth Pony (or Unicorn, I can't really decide but I'm not making her a Pegasus, either Unicorn or Earth Pony. This I'm certian.) And they own a little Soda Parlor either in Las Pegasus or Canterlot. I'm more leaning towards Las Pegasus or just making up my own place in Equestria. Maybe even Balitmare. I mean I have OCs that live in Canterlot, Ponyville and Manehatten. One of my OC's is even from Hollow Shades so I dont know - I want to expand more upon the ML
  6. We have a full voice cast and a few animators, right now we're searching for more animators, puppet-designers and story-board-artists/concept artists. I really hate advertising like this bout out of my 300 Skype contacts choosing all of them/contacting them all and pissing them ALL OFF was really a bad choice looking back on it >_<! ++++ I'm also apart of a smaller group called PonyDubs where we'll be dubbing/pardoying comics, scenes, clips, animations, & parodying songs & dubbing them. Right now we're working on a lot of Disney songs and trying to parody the lyrics over to
  7. So I have a full voice cast already for a production animation set, but my first idea is to make a parody of the song posted here: I've already re-written the lyrics to match this. I'll post them down below as they're mainly about my OC & Princess Twilight Sparkle set after a few years of the fourth season, but it's all AU so it's not really mega super important. It's really just a joke, really. Yes Heroic Tea turns into an alicorn in his own 'season finale' but it's mean for shiz and giggles. He's not really supposed to be taken seriously. Though this is for the fun of it, and I'm
  8. Thats great! I already have you on Skype so I can contact you anytime. I'll also message you on Skype for you and I to exchange emails. Dont worry about fundages and donations right now, anything you can do to contribute skillset-wise is great on your part and everyone's behalf for now. Every little bit helps! I'm looking for both as for people who are going to help on the film they can choose to donate if they want to - but as they are already donating their time and skills they arent expected to - they will be rewarded with having their OCs put in the background of the film and possibly m
  9. Don't worry about money-donations just yet as I hope to get something like a kickstarter going sometime in the future when its more well-known but not as of right now. .. Right now, I just want people to help out on things like animation, scripts, sound effects, backgrounds, concept art - etc. I need to build a team. I went to Eraf today but they need you to schedule an appointment to have you enter the permises - also, they DO have horsies there <3 ! I saw them at the place but it was thundering and lighting out so they were busy herding (lol, herding) them inside so mom and I left bu
  10. I don’t care for entitlement for ‘being the first ever fan-film on DVD’. I just want this to be a fan-film on DVD so that way it can be something physical-copied so we can sell it at conventions, or we can post it on iTunes and promote it at a convention – so that way it’ll sell. I’ll get permission from Hasbro of course, but I need a team to convince them even more. . .. So here are some details: Plot/Summary: Spellbound and Justice Might are two mischievous and rather rebellious unicorn colts who dream of yearning more for the history of Equestria. More importantly: they wish to l
  11. Takes place on the night of Celestia’s birth a war happened in Equestria against Sombra and his ‘shadow army’. A few participating co-associates of the Griffon Kingdom were also there to carry out messages to the pony soldiers and they fought in the war (except dragons as they weren’t on good terms with Equestria, they never were and still aren’t). An Earth Pony solider is dying on the battlefield as a Griffon Messenger comes up and says to him that Celestia has just been born and the war is over – but before he can fully announce it – he’s shot in the back by Sombra himself and all goes white
  12. THE COMPANION CUBBEEEEEEEE WHYYYY?!!!?!??!?!?!!?!?!? lol no. but seriously - no one's mentioned Drawn To Life? Saddest game ever. The second one is a mind-flipper. . .XD Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team was also a tear-jerker. The other Rescue series/Explorers are tearers as well. . . But I remember tearing up at the first one I beat - Blue Rescue Team. Also, I think I remember a little bit of hmm some Mario Games? Cant remember which but they had some tearjerkers. Like IDK but I was young then.
  14. Thanks so much for correcting it and the way you said it was so much better X3! I really appreciate this and I'll definatelly credit you when we post all of this! Thank you so much a million!
  15. The character I want you to voice is Apple Tea and here is a link to the script I have so would you also mind saying the lines more than once so that way I can have a couple to choose from? Like so that way I can get an idea of what tones to use or something? Thanks so much and give it your best shot! http://sta.sh/02c26y87m9s7
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