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  1. Here's mine for Cloud Watcher, Admiral Bridge Burner and Pencil Pusher what did you think? send me back a PM.
  2. I'd be up for it too , if you have a skype add me - will.diana1
  3. hello people of the internet! i am currently looking for work as a VA, please contact me and say that your from the fourms and want me to audition for something, my skype is "will.diana1" and my email is "". thanks for the time for looking at this, hope to see something soon
  4. hello there everyone , im decided to host a skype group, add me "will.diana1" and tell me that your from the MLP Fourms. anyone can join my group. fans, VA's, anyone, hope to see you soon
  5. Why hello everypony, as you can see, i have have nothing to do, i need a couple of VA roles. Im in a couple of roles, but none of them haven't got released (YET). i can do a low/high voice, i prefer myself as a antagonist, and finally, where you can hear myself. SKYPE: will.diana1 EMAIL:
  6. my skype is will.diana1 im looking for people to call, chat and maybe become good friends with and i like to voice act. add me, if you dare :3