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  1. Hippogriffs using the "-griff" suffix for certain words (everygriff, anygriff, etc.) always sounds really forced and unnatural to me. I can tolerate the "-pony" suffix despite it not making that much sense when you think about it, but hippogriff speak is corny as hell. Also, the fact that there's far too many place names that are just horse puns on real-life places. It makes Equestria feel more like a theme park than an actual fictional country.
  2. That Lauren Faust tweet was a joke and shouldn't be taken as canon. I'm really surprised people still bring it up as if it were anything more than a bit of crude humor.
  3. My headcanon was always that it's a magic-driven ability that all ponies have (as it's canon that all ponies have some kind of inherent magic). Magic flows through the body similarly to electrical current, so the bottom of the hoof has a higher concentration of magic than the rest of the body. The magic concentrated around the hoof allows a pony to hold things in a weak telekinetic grip (relative to unicorn magic, of course). To put it simply, this is functionally identical to fingers. This "hoof-grip" can also be used to apply pressure to finer points on a surface. This is how ponies are able to play musical instruments that would normally require fingers, like guitars and pianos. Going from this, each pony race has their own magical "focus point" where they can direct extra magic to perform unique abilities. For pegasi, it's their wings, which lets them fly and pull of extraordinary stunts (hence Sonic Rainboom). For unicorns, their horn lets them focus huge concentrations of magic and do all sorts of wild and wonderful things. Earth ponies don't have a secondary focus, so their hooves fill that role. This is why they tend to be better with the earth than the other two types.
  4. Just pointing this out because no one seems to be: the sapiens part of homo sapiens means "wise." Word order in Latin languages is different than English. I personally like equus sapiens, which I've seen used in a couple of fanfics.
  5. Wow...I can only imagine how awkward the fallout from that was.
  6. Have you ever had a moment where you accidentally posted something pony-related where you didn't want to? I recently had one; I linked a thread from this forum to what I thought was a friend's DM on Discord to discuss it, but was actually my friend server. Most of the people in that server aren't aware of the FiM fandom or that I'm involved in it, and the thread was of a slightly weird nature from an outsider perspective. The only thing I could do was promptly delete the message and hope no one noticed.
  7. This just crossed my mind. A lot of bands name themselves after something in a book, movie, song, etc. Sometimes, they go full-on obvious or for subtle references (e.g.: Duran Duran, My Chemical Romance). So, I've always wondered: what are some good MLP-inspired names for a band? EDIT: You can also make references to fanon if you'd like to.
  8. Mine was originally Oleander, but I'm really starting to like Paprika. I still can't decide for sure who I like better!
  9. That's because it is Titanium, just with ponified lyrics and a different arrangement.
  10. Student of the Night is kinda cool.

  11. I really want Rainbow Dash's guitar.

  12. "The Real World" by Owl City. For some reason, I could imagine it being the show's theme song, and the lyrics help a lot with that idea.
  13. Officially in the Kirby fandom again.

  14. (Note: I'm not sure where to put this, so I'm putting it here, since it's MLP-related.) Thinking up fake SSB movesets has always been something I do when I'm bored. So, I decided to let you guys do it as well. If you can't think of a full moveset, just Special moves and Final Smashes will do. Here's mine, to start. This moveset takes a lot of inspiration from "Daring Don't," and I've provided screenshots for some of the moves. However, since this wasn't enough to fill the whole moveset, I had to make up some of the moves (they don't have pictures). Daring-Do Standard moves A (neutral) - left hook A combo - punch barrage (Daring gets on her hind legs for this one) A + forward/back (tilt) - kick A + up (tilt) - helmet flip (Daring tosses her pith helmet upwards a short distance, then catches it) A + down (tilt) - drop kick A + forward/back (smash) - buck A + up (smash) - uppercut A + down (smash) - circular sweep kick Dash + A = flying kick Aerial moves A (neutral) - air kick A + forward - roundhouse kick A + back - air buck (not as powerful as ground version) A + up - air uppercut A + down - falling kick Special moves B (neutral) - Twister (Like Mach Tornado, but Daring can't move while performing it) B + forward/back - Helmet Toss (Daring throws her pith helmet like a boomerang; the brim becomes razor-sharp) B + up - Wing Rush (Daring flies diagonally upwards quickly, holding out her hoof) B + down - Helmet Guard (Daring holds up her pith helmet; It blocks projectiles) Grab/Throw Z - Whip (can grab opponents or latch onto the edge of the stage) Grab + forward - (Daring simply tosses the opponent overhoof) Grab + back - (Daring tosses the opponent over her head with the whip and slams them to the ground behind her) Grab + up - (Daring throws the opponent up a short distance, flies directly upwards and strikes them, then lands) Grab + down - (Daring jumps vertically a little, spins, then slams the opponent to the ground directly below her) Dodges/Misc Standard dodge Dodge roll (Think this, but on the ground) Air dodge (Looks exactly like this) Crouch Jump Double-jump (Daring flaps her wings, giving her several extra jumps) Final Smash Helmet Barrage (Daring warps around the stage at insane speeds while throwing her pith helmet [it has a razor brim like in her forward special], then lands, shaking the whole stage.)