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    No but seriously, I am a college student who enjoys playing videogames, watching movies, reading books, watching Youtube videos, and listening to music. I am a media whore, basically.

    I'd like to think that I'm a pretty nice guy, so if you want to PM me or what-not, go right ahead. I like to talk about most things.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. If so, do you care? Does it bother you to know that brony cringe compilations on Youtube are a thing? Are you bothered by the fact that the average person would think you are weird, and write you off in their mind if you showed them how much you were interested in the fandom and the tv show? Do you see their dissaproval as immaturity and ignorance, or do you think they have valid reasoning behind their judgement? Even though liking a kids show doesn't hurt anyone, or affect them negatively, why do you think it still makes the general public uncomfortable? Do you think fandoms in general are deserving of recognition or respect?
  3. With election day in America almost upon us, I'm curious as to how many people are actually going to be casting votes this year. Are you a registered voter? Are you too young to vote? Are you disillusioned about American politics in general and couldn't care less about who wins? Let us know in the comments below.
  4. People are extremely opinionated this election season, and there's a very strong "You're either with us, or against us!" vibe going on. There is a very tense silence that precedes every political conversation in the breakroom at my work, because whether somebody considers themselves to be a Trump or Hilary supporter, you can bet that they are firmly entrenched in their support for either candidate, and they are ready to bite your head off if you disagree with them. I normally love discussing politics, but I've been keeping my mouth shut for fear of sparking some heated arguments.
  5. Tension is so thick in this house I could cut it with a knife. Every keystroke I'm making right now is breaking a painful silence, holy crap. Never get into a roommate situation with somebody who can't pay rent. I cannot believe that it's come to this.

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    2. jackleapp81
    3. Midnight Scribbler

      Midnight Scribbler

      Yeah, sounds like he's not much of a friend if he's willing to just let you deal with that kind of problem. Clearly he doesn't care, so why should you? I'd honestly get out of there asap if I were you.

    4. jackleapp81


      He tried to make me feel guilty tonight, saying I was "treating him like shit", but that is a natural response to him not having paid his bills...I do not intend to room with him anymore after our lease is up.

  6. I was kind of excited to upgrade. My roommate and I downloaded it as soon as we possibly could. I don't have too many issues with it, aside from certain older games not running well with the OS, but I had those same issues with Windows 8. Aside from that, I can't complain about Windows 10, but since I mainly use my computer for gaming, I don't utilize 90% of the new things they did to improve the 'user experience'.
  7. Your post reminds me of a book that my Mom used to read when I was a kid called "Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch". I haven't read it in a really long time, but it went something like this: Mr. Hatch was a very lonely man, and he believed that nobody loved him. He gets a Valentine in the mail that says "Somebody Loves You" on it, and it has such a positive effect on him. He starts talking to people, being friendly, and making a difference in everyone's lives. When Mr. Hatch finds out that the original note wasn't meant for him, he gets depressed and thinks to himself: "I guess I was right. Nobody loves me." But that one day in his life, when he was open and outwardly kind to his coworkers and friends made all the difference in the world. Everybody loved Mr. Hatch now, and he wasn't lonely anymore. It's a pretty simple message, and it doesn't always work out like that in real life, but the general message resonates with me on this topic. If people reminded each other every once in awhile that they are loved and appreciated, it can completely change their outward attitude towards the world. It is sad that some people don't get this kind of recognition or appreciation in their daily lives. Unfortunately, most people are too concerned with themselves to make a difference.
  8. Red Dead Redemption, Okami, and Yoshi's Island (the original) come to mind. The original Pokémon games on the Gameboy will always have a place on my top 10 games as well. I would also put Dark Souls on that list after playing through it for the first time recently.
  9. If you don't mind me asking: What's the purpose of fasting? Like, what benefits do you get from doing it?
  10. That was a rough approximation of the conversation. I tried to spice it up with imagery and substance so that people could get a clearer idea of what Brad is like, and how he approached me, but no, this isn't an exact word-for-word breakdown of the conversation, and more of a general approximation of what it was. Good to know. In the back of my mind, I guess I am sort of paranoid that other guys or girls have a "sixth sense" when it comes to these things. Yeah, I definitely feel that way. I wish Brad had the common sense not to bring it up, but he's around my age, so maybe he thought it would be an appropriate subject? Or he could've been messing with me just to entertain himself, as much as that bothers me to admit.
  11. I work at a hardware store, and they recently hired a new coworker (we'll call him Brad). One day, I'm eating my lunch in the break room when Brad walks in. "Hi Brad!" I say politely. Brad stares at me for a second, and then begins to shift his eyes across my body, as if he's inspecting me. A smile creeps across his face. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" he says plainly. "...what kind of a question is that?" I reply. "You don't have to be embarrassed." he says, still grinning from ear to ear. "Even if I was, how could you even tell?" I replied, shifting uncomfortably in my chair. "Eh...you just have a way about you." he says. "I can almost guarantee you that Ryan is virgin, too." "You barely even know Ryan." "I know enough." Brad says decisively. "I know that he doesn't make eye contact when he talks to me." "So?" "So, he's f*cking whipped. He's got absolutely no game. Trust me, I know the type. Goes home, eats dinner, watches TV, goes to bed. Nothing goin' on in his pants. Unless..." Brad motions towards his left hand, wiggling his fingers back and forth. "Unless little lefty here is putting out." "Whatever." I reply. At this point, I'm feeling ridiculously self-conscious. I mean, everybody masturbates...not just me and Ryan. I'm normal, right? There's nothing wrong with me. I make eye contact with people (mostly). I've had a couple girlfriends. Never really got sexual ever, but--- "You don't believe me, do you?" he says, still grinning. "Trust me, once you get a little pussy...you'll know what I'm talking about." Brad winks at me, then leaves the break room. My head is spinning. I know that most of you are thinking that Brad is just a gross pervert who's trying to get under my skin, but...is it true that some men are able to identify whether somebody has had sex or not? Is he taking a wild guess, or did he prematurely come to that conclusion based on how friendly I was to him? Does he perceive friendliness as a sign of weakness? Is this some sort of "wolf pack" male initiation ritual that I'm unaware of? Do guys regularly size each other up by suggesting that one of them gets less sex than the other? I've never had somebody talk to me that way, not even in school.
  12. Happy birthday, Jackle! :)

  13. Happy Birthday! c: