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  1. "Okay then" he says as he makes his way towards one of the other plates near the back wall of the cell. "Let's give this a try and see what happens, very unlikely it's a trap since nothing appears to happen when you interact with the door directly. That would have been the best way to set a trap, taking out the first to fiddle with the bars and leaving the rest too nervous to try anything more." He steps on the plate with an audible click as well as a green flash of magic, changing back to his real form.
  2. "Don't plan on it, unless I'm given good reason to. Without orders from the Queen, I'm on my own, and I prefer to keep to myself and the shadows." 8472 shakes briefly like a dog and poofs up his feathers. "First time encountering a gryphon, kind of... fluffy aren't you?" he says lightheartedly, trying to break the tension. "I'm Drone 8472, most just call me Cricket though." He shifts his gaze towards to door. "So, shall I take a look at that or did we already figure it out?"
  3. @ 8472 eyes the dagger before shifting his attention to the gryphon. "Well, I'm going to assume no one else here is any good at cracking locks... that tends to be one of my specialties actually. So if you possibly want an easier time getting out of this room, I could take a look at it. Otherwise..." 8472 shifts into a duplicate of the gryphon "let's see what you're made of, featherbrain."
  4. Drone 8472 begins to wake, and upon doing so notices that he is in the presence of several others, a couple of ponies and oddly enough a gryphon. It also appears he is no longer in town, and it would seem that his hood has decided to take rest on his shoulders rather than do it's duty and keep him covered. As he sits up he looks towards the pony lying on the ground next to him, then to the ones who are already awake. "So, I take it there's no hiding the fact I'm a Changeling?" "Stupid hood" he says under his breath. "Since I'm not dead, I guess neither of you are of the kill on sight mentality. So, where are we and did anyone else see that figure in the sky back in town?"
  5. Reticulating Splines... Loading Llamas... Frog Convention Starting... Welcome Drone 8472... Drone 8472 is standing in front of the banner vendor stall in the market, selling a bunch of junk that was recently acquired and has been slowing him down considerably. Most of the locals have darted indoors that were in the general vicinity when he approached, and the vendor is clearly on edge while taking part in the transaction.