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  1. I did not know any of that, thanks for enlightening me. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out for a cheaper than normal one. If I had been paying attention back when released, I'd be sitting here with two. Stupid depression... Ah well, looking forward to that Chrysalis one! Hey, thanks! I'll have to keep my eye on that and see if it's still there after Xmas!
  2. Already saw those, very limited and honestly can't say I trust the listings much without a real pic. Too many people have reported getting the POP! versions. Am I missing something here with Sun Butt? Were there only like 400 made or something? Because I can buy basically any other pony for $20 or less, but Celestia is stupid amounts. Oh and yes, full size figure, not a mini.
  3. I'm cleaning out my collection some since I've mostly moved on from the fandom, only keeping a select few items, and one I want is one I missed the release of. I want the Funko Celestia. I'm willing to pay a reasonable price, make a trade, or partial trade. Just send me a PM! I have a couple other Funko figures, brushables, talking NMM with light up wings, a whole box of McDonald's Pinkie Pie and Cherrilee brushable keychains (never opened), a custom Trixie plush that I might be willing to part with... except it's worth more than Tia so idk None of the stuff I have seems to go for as much as Sun Butt here, except for the talking NMM toy and Trixie plush. But eh, it's what I got. ~ Mane-iac
  4. Stuck in the hospital with pancreatitis. Hurts like nothing I've felt before. OMG

  5. Since the friends have returned to the game, I suppose I can hop back on here and post my code. Feel free to add me and I'll send gifts your way. c777
  6. S5 is off to a great start, can't wait for the next episode.

  7. Yea, I guess I'll have to use Helium again. Was just hoping to do it easier this time. They didn't seem to have an issue with it being two different devices though. They asked for the MAC address of both my old device and the new one, and then sent the save file no problem. Other then it not loading of course.
  8. I've decided I don't use my tablet enough so I'm giving it to my grandma to replace her worn out Kindle Fire, but I want to keep my game progress of course. While the save backup feature Gameloft implemented isn't the greatest (it should just auto save to the cloud, and auto restore IMO when you log in with an account and just be synced across all devices), they at least have one now so I figured the transfer from my tablet to my phone wouldn't be too painful. WRONG! I have had Gameloft send the save file to my phone now twice, and both times it will not work. The popup comes up saying they are "happy to send a backup save to restore progress" and I tap load, but then it just tosses up an error saying to try again. I've tried to restore it on the wifi at college, the wifi here at home, and my 4G. Has anyone else ran into this issue and if so were you able to resolve it? Like I said, I've had them send it twice now. I've even cleared the cache and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. The error is still as far as I can get.
  9. Lady luck must have a vendetta against me...

  10. The background music from "The Show Stoppers". The one by William Anderson, "Cutie Mark Crusaders Go Crusading" or whatever it's official name is. I wish I could find a download for it, a clean download without any effects because it's just an adjusted rip from the show...
  11. I don't know the fastest I've gone. My speedometer only went to 85mph and that thing was topped out. Was just keeping up with traffic on the highway one day in my old, lifted, 4wd, 1991 Jeep Comanche I had, it had no problem maxing that speedo out. lol Squirrel Powered FTW!
  12. Kind of funny, but it's my 2000 Ford Explorer. It's an XLT Sport. Just try and find that on Google. Mine is the only one in existence. Sports were only 2 door models. 2 door models were not offered in XLT, only 4 doors. Mine is a 4 door XLT with all options except leather seats and V8. But it's also badged as a Sport, came with badges from the factory. So it's a 2000 Ford Explorer XLT Sport, but since that doesn't exist I have to always just claim it as an XLT on insurance and stuff. Sadly the Ohio winters have taken a toll on it, and the underside is pretty rusty. So it might be rare, but not for much longer. I'd give it 5 more years before it falls apart. Which is a shame since the interior is mint and it runs like a top, have never had any drive-train issues with it. Only thing that has been replaced on it is the alternator and normal maintenance stuff. I have a bunch of other stuff, like a Nintendo Time Out Fireman Fireman game and stuff. The Exploder has to be the rarest though I guess.
  13. Last week of X-Mas break. Back to college next week. >.<

  14. At first I thought I was reading a post from my future self, seeing as my name is Alex and my dream job would be character or background artist at Bioware... Weirdness aside, I'm not much of a fan of Tirek, but that sculpt is awesome! Can't wait to see the Timberwolves though, and I do hope you have plans for a Chrysalis in your style.