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  1. Oh boy,Seanut Brittle!

  2. pewdiepie DSP sammyclassicsonicfan
  3. yeah the us should switch over as for me, i cant understand the metric system because i wasnt born into it. given the choice. i wouldve chosen metric
  4. finally home

  5. going home tomarrow

  6. going to my friends house for the week. see you guys later

  7. welcome to the forums! please keep your hands and feet inside the forums at all times
  8. welcome to the forums! my internet keeps crashing
  9. i heard some guy named volt or something got banned

  10. sorry i havent been active in a while. been places, forgot to check in, leaving again next week

  11. Steve


    welcome to the forums! theres so many try hards on the other team